Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


29. Prep(:

The next day we could barely get away from the house without the Paparazzi following right behind us. We had to leave to go to rehersals for the concert tonight. Right when we were getting to the Arena I got a call from my old childhood friend Shayna, her sister and her were going to be in Arkansas tonight, Shawna was bringing her boyfried Dillon with her. Justin was telling me something about a surprise opener. I wasnt listening though cause I was on the phone with Shayna, Shayna had apparently got tickets for the concert tonight.

Justin: Baby can you hang up?

Becca: Yea um, Shayna I gotta go, ill text you later.

I hung up the phone.

Becca: Okay what do you want me to help out with?

Justin: What do you mean?

Becca: You made me hang up the phone for a reason.

Justin: Oh yea...

He pulled me closer then gave me a kiss. I held on to the back  on his neck, I bend my back and he leaned me backwards.

Scooter: Ahem

Justin moved one hand from behind my back and put up his pointer finger to tell him to wait a second. I giggled as we kissed because of his action. Justin and I ulled out of the kiss.

Justin: Okay what do you want?

Scooter: Time to practice pretty boy.

Justin: ey cool it Scooter, I still need time to hang out with my girl.

Scooter: Hang out with her later.

Justin took my hand and he pulled me back to the dressing room with him. He started stripping down until he got into his boxers.

Becca: Hopefully thats all your stripping down to

I started giggling and he walked over to me. He pressed his lips against mine. Ever since the issue about the beleibers hating Justin has been near me more that usually ( Even though he was always around me before). He walked back over and changed into sweats. I went out into the audience and sat in the chair with the perfect view. As Justin practiced he always would glace at me just to make sure i hadnt disappeared or anything.

Scooter: Wow, you gave that everything you could. You can go back to the bus and relax for an hour then you'll need to be back over here.

Justin ran over to me and sat next to me.

Justin: I think I should get a hug since I just worked my ass off for you.

I gave him a hug and a kiss. A minute later Corey and Dakota arrived.

Dakota pulled me away from Justin, but Justin wasnt letting go of my arm.

Justin: Dakota, she is MINE!

Dakota: Well you get her for a year and a half to yourself! Its only fair that i have her for a few minutes.

Justin still wasnt convinced that He should let go. Eventually Dakota won.

Dakota: Oh My God!! Justin is singing an extra song! And its supposed to be for you! You know how on Believe Acoustic he sanf 'Fall' acousticly, he doesnt usually preform that acoustic because it wares him out, but he is tonight for you!

I looked over Dakotas shoulder and Justin was staring at me. When he saw me look at him he started walking towards me.

Becca: Justin alert.

Dakota: Justin! Go get ready for the concert!

Justin: No.

They argued for about half an hour.

Becca: Justin you have to go get ready the doors open in a lil bit.

Justin: That means all of us do too.

We all followed Justin backstage, I walked into Justins dressing room while Kota and Corey went into another room. Aparently this concert was going to be huge. And I couldnt wait to see Justin do what he loves the most again. Sing, for his beliebers, and be himself. I was excited until I saw Selena walk in the arena. Stalker maybe?


*A/N I knoww its short. Its really late here but i'll update when I wake up, Thank you all for all the positive comments <3 I read all the comments too <3 I'll update a lot more now that it's the weekend but until next chapter, Have fun reading;)*

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