Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


84. Party (Part TWO)

I looked back and Selena was walking along the beach as she looked at Justin. He pulled me into a hug and I held on to him.

Some of the beliebers just stared at Selena, others walked up to her.

Justin: Selena's coming, please dont let her mess with 'us'

Becca: I wont, Im not going anywhere.

I hugged him tighter and he kissed the top of my head.

Selena: Oh Hey... I didnt know it was you... I thought Becca would be gone by now...

Becca: I'm not going anywhere soon, so just leave us alone.

Selena: Well im not going anywhere either so-

Justin: Selena, I dont care if you're not leaving, but Becca isnt going anywhere anytime soon, or ever. Even if we do break up, which we arent going to, BUT IF we do, we're still going to be best friends, and you arent going to change that.

Selena: We'll see Justy.

Justin: My name is Justin, not Justy.

Selena: Well, you have to remember all my nicknames for you. Justy, Jay, Juju-

Justin: Stop, thats the past. Ex means Example of what you never want again.

Selena: Well, we all know you want me again..

She brushed her hand across Justin's cheek. She walked away and the beliebrs started to loosen up again.

Justin: Slut...

Becca: Justy,

He looked at me with a smirk.

Becca(continued): She's not a slut, she just loves love.

Justin started laughing hard.

Becca: Thats the most i've seen you laugh around Selena..

Justin: Im not around her, im around the person I love the most.

Becca: I know! I love the beliebrs too!

Justin: Them too.. but YOU. Im laughing because Im with you.

Becca: Okay, I know I look funny, but I didnt know I was that funny looking...

Justin: Thats not what I meant...

He winked at me and I smiled at him. I stood on my toes and brought my lips to his.

Justin: I'll never get tired of those kisses..

Becca: You mean there?

I started kisssing his whole face.

Justin: Yes, those.

He was about to kiss me again and I stopped him when I saw a belieber fall and hit her nose off a table.

Becca: Shit!

I let go of Justin and ran over to her.

Becca: Are you okay?

Girl: Yea, just a bloody nose I think.

Becca: Here sit down.

I took her over to a bench that was set by the DJ set.

Becca: Whats your name?

I handed her paper towels and she held her nose.

Girl: Oh, My name's Makenzee.

Becca: Well, Im Becca. Do you wanna hang out with me and Justin?

Makenzee: Seriously?

Becca: Yea, here's my number.

I put it in her phone and she smiled at me.

Becca: Now, we'll be here for two more days, If you want to hang out for any of that time, just call, or text, whichever you perfer.


I looked back and so did Makenzee. We were looking at Justin, Ryan, Chaz, and Corey with cups of beer, and they were chugging them.

Becca: Damnit Justin.

Makenzee started laughing at them.

Becca: Well, atleast he's going to sleep good tonight...

Makenzee: You might want to go check on him.. i'll be over in a few.

I nodded at her and walked over to Justin.

Becca: Justin.

Justin: Yes baby?

Becca: Dont get wasted, okay?

Justin: I promise I wont.

He leaned closer to me and pressed his lips to mine. He reaked of acohol.


Justin was running around with his shirt off.

Justin: Lets do belly shots.

Becca: Oh god, not me.

Makenzee: Im out too...

Me and Makenzee had been talking and hanging out, she was so sweet and nice.

Justin: You, come here.

He ointed his finger at me.

Becca: No

Justin walked over to me and pulled me over to a table. Then he lifted me on the table.

Justin: Come on..

Becca: No.

Justin: Just once, PWEEZE!

Becca: Fine.

I laid on my back and lifted up my shirt to my stomach. Justin poured some tequila on my stomach. I put the lime in my mouth and Justin grinned at me before he drank the tequila off my stomach then crawled over top of me and pressed his lips to mine and took the lime out on my mouth.


He pulled Justin off of me and I stood up. Justin pulled me over to where nobody was standing.

Justin: Baby?

Becca: Yes?

Justin: I want you.

Becca: Im yours.

Justin: No, like I mean I WANT you, like right now.

Becca: Just because you drank some tequila off my stomach and kissed me, you get all frisky, and want me?

Justin: LIke I'm about to rip my shirt off of you.

Becca: We can't leave, this is YOUR party.

Justin: But I NEED you, now.

Becca: You cant have me right now.

Justin: That makes me want you even more..

I smiled and kissed his cheek. I started walking away and he pulled me backwards by my hips and started sucking on my neck.

Becca: Justi- Justin... not now.

He contined and didnt move his mouth away from my neck. I pulled away and he smiled at me.

Justin: Fine, but you're my prisoner when we get back to the room.

Becca: Deal.

He smiled at me then picked me up and put me on his back.


I laughed and laid my head on his shoulder.

Becca: I love you Justin.

Justin: I love you too Boo.

I kissed his ear and he started running toward the beliebers.


Makenzee: I think he's had too much to drink.

Becca: Yea, he's eighteen, hormonal, drunk eighteen year old..


Becca: Juju, please set me down first?

Justin: Fine, but you have to stay with me.

Becca: Okay.

I slid off his back and smiled at him.


All the beliebrs were laughing and Dancing along to the music.

Justin: Becca, lets go get a drink.

Becca: Justin, you've had enough.

Justin: No.

Becca: Yes.

Justin: Im fucking eighteen years old, i'll be able to tell if im drunk.

Becca: Obviously not...

Justin: Shut the fuck up, leave me alone, I just want to drink.

Becca: Excuse me?

I wasnt mad at Justin, I knew how he acted when he was drunk, he had a completely different personality than his usual happyself.


I let go of his hand.

Becca: Then i'll go..

I started walking away from him and a couple of beliebrs started running after me.

Blair: Dont leave please?

I felt hands on my waist and they spun me around. I looked up into the brown eyes.

Justin: I dont really want you to leave. I would never want you to leave. Stay.

I didnt reply, instead I just gave him a kiss.

Justin: I didnt mean to tell you to shut the fuck up. I love you more than anything. I was being stupider than usual.

Becca: Honey, Stupider isnt a word..

I smiled at him and he kissed me again.


Justin: BYE GURLS! I'll hang out with you guys tomorrow!

I said goodbye to all of them and Ryan and Chaz said that they'd walk Makenzee home. It was really hot tonight, like I was about to pass out.

Justin: Your my prisoner, remember?

Becca: Of coarse I do.

I knew what was going to happen, as soo as he laid on the bed he was going to fall asleep, have a major headache, and not be able to move the next day.

As soon as we got to the room Justin took off his clothes except for his boxers and went and laid on the bed. I went to the bathroom and when I walked out he was asleep.

Becca: Thats my boy.

I took off my clothes and went to bed in my bra and panties. As soon as I laid on the bed he wrapped his arms around me. My Justin was so cute, and the best part, he was MY Justin.






*A/N i tried to make it longer.. but that didnt really work lmao... okay im stupid becuase I forgot to add my skype name last chapter... its rebecca.lamb57 I will skype whenever you guys wish to. Even if I look like I just woke up from a 20000 years sleep... I WILL UPDATE TONIGHT IF I GET 10 new comments ;D Justin is so cute when he's drunk... :P Soo yeaa... i feel stupid...*

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