Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


83. Party (Part ONE)

As we got to the beach all the beliebers started screaming again, there were more than before. Like TWICE as many. As you all know from previous experiences, i am chlostraphobic.

Justin: LADIES!

They all screamed and ran toward us. I moved away from the crowd of people, or it would have been too much for me. A  few of the beliebers walked over to me.

Beliebers: OMG HI!

Becca: Hey, what are your guys names?

One by one they introducted themselves their names were Nicole, Haley, Rachel, Hannah, Sasha, Amanda, Melissa, Gaby, Missie, Cameryn, Abby, Paulina, Tori, Haylee, Chastity, Sodona, Alyssa, Isabel, McKayla, Cassidy , Milanah, Veronica, Lauren, Thyra, Samira, Eva, Reesa, Natile, Savannah, and Blair.  They were the most beautiful beliebers ever<3  We talked for a few minutes then I felt hands around my waist. Then There was a chin on my shoulder.

Justin: Hello girls... my name is Justin.


I started laughing and Justin did the same. He let go of me and walked next to me and smiled.

Justin: Can I tell you girls a secret?

Eva: YES!

Justin: Im in love with you guys too...

They all squealed.


Justin: GROUP HUG!

He ran into the middle of the girls. They all screamed and hugged Justin.

Justin: COme on Becca!

Becca: Im good, but thanks.

Savannah: Come on!

Justin came out from the hug and pulled me into a hug and everybody gathered into the hug.

Justin: Where would I be, if you didnt believe?

Gaby: You would still be an amazing siger even if you didnt have us!

Justin: But I wouldnt be here without you guys.

I smiled, Justin was so cute with his beliebers, like Best Friends <3

Justin: I love you guys.

Isabel: We love you too.

We all pulled apart. Oh my god! This was the first time in forever, that I wasnt chlostraphobic. Amazing.

Justin: Lets go get something to drink!

We all ran over to the bar as ALAYLM started playing. Justin walked over to me and started whispering the worlds in my ear. All of the beliebers were jumping around and singing along.

Justin: You know I love you right?

Becca: Yes, and you know I love you too right?

Justin: Of coarse, I just need you to know that I love you more than anything, ever.

Becca: I love you too.

We touched foreheads and he brushed his nose across mine and kissed me passionately.

Justin: Lets go have fun..

He grinned at me then we started dancing.

Justin: You should dance a little closer to me...

I moved closer and he put his hands on my hips and started moving along with me. When ALAYLM ended he kissed my cheek. One Less Lonely girl came on and Justin smiled.

Justin: If you let me inside your world, there's going to be one less lonely girl.

Becca: You should go make one of the beliebers feel special, make them feel like the one less lonely girl.

Justin: But what about you?

BeccA: I get you all the time, they just wanna spend time with you baby.

Justin: Fine, but im yours for the rest of the night...

He walked over to a beliebr that was wearing a pink dress. I could telll when he asked because the girls face lit up and she started smiling like Crazy. I watched him dance and the dgirl follow his moves.

Chaz: Wanna dance?

I turned around and Chaz was smiling at me.

Becca: Sure, dont make any moves or Justin and I both will kill you.

Chaz: I get it I get it geez.

He started dancing with me. Dont get me wrong, I loved chaz, just not like that.

When the song ended Justin kissed the belieber on the cheek and walked back over to me  and me and Chaz were still talking. He picked me up by my waist from behind.

Becca: HEY, set me down.

Justin laughed then sat me down.

Justin: Hey, my princess shouldnt have to lift a muscle.

Becca: Well your princess wants to lift a muscle.

Justin: Well thats too bad for her.

He lifted me off the ground but this time he lifted me off the ground so I was facing him. I wrapped my legs around his waist and looked down at hiim. He was facing me and he streched his neck so his lips met mine.

I heard one belieber scream something... Was it what I think I heard? It had to be.






*A/N SORRY ITS SHORT. I've been textin a reader:) I DECIDED that everyday, except Thursdays, IF YOU WANT i'll skype a reader, I want to be more reader friendly, SOOO if you want my skype just tell me. I'll answer some calls... I guess, but nobody is gunna call, I can already tell lmao. I could skype yinz tonight, but you might not wanna see me now, Buttttt... my phone is being a jackass and wont work, Butttt yeaa...... so i might update tonight, who knows, OH ANDD SORRY IF I SPELT NAMES WRONG. (Sorry about saying yinz, its art of my accent thing... BUTT YEA.. so lemme know if you wanna skype or something... no... okay...*


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