Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


6. Papparazzi

 I tried to stop thinking about how Justin was leaving, how I wasn't going to see him for another year when he leaves, How corey might have been right. I felt arms around my waist.

Justin: Are you okay Becca?

Becca: Yea, uhm, I was just thinking...

Justin looked at me like I was crazy. He pulled me into a hug. I closed my eyes. I was where just about every girl in the world wishes she was. In Justin's arms.

Corey: Okay well how are we supposed to get out?

Justin: I dont know maybe if I go talk to them they'll leave?

Corey: Well thats the best thing to do.

Justin looked at me. I was biting my finger nails.

Justin: Will you come with me Becca?

Becca: Justin is that really the best idea?

Justin: Please it will make me way happier.

I half smiled up at Justin and he took my hand and we walked downstairs.As we stepped out a bunch of people flashed cameras at us. I turned my head away from the lights and justin covered my face.

Justin: One at A time, then you leave me alone.

Pap1: Who's the girl and why is she holding your hand?????

Justin: She's my girlfriend and thats why she's holding my hand.

Pap2: What's her name?

Justin: You dont need to know that.

Pap1: Justin Justin, does she know your tour has extended.

In that moment, my heart dropped. It broke. It was bad enough I wasnt going to see him for a year, but now a year and a half. There was no way this was going to work, no matter how hard i didnt want to, I was going to have to tell Justin this.


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