Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


95. Justin's Birthday.

Justin: Morning Baby.

Becca: Happy birthday baby.

I planed a soft kiss on his lips.

Becca:  What do you want to do today?

Justin: Keep you my prisoner and cuddle. Then tonight we can chill with the guys and go to a club.

Becca: Shit, I have to give you your present.

Justin: You better not have spent any money on me.

Becca: Too bad.

As I was going to stand up Justin pulled me on top of him.

Justin: The only thing I want for my birthday is you...

Becca: Well, you can have me, and your other present.

Justin: Unless your present is something for me to rip off of you later, I dont want it.

Becca: Yes you will.

Justin: No.

Becca: Lies.

Justin: Truths..

Becca: No

Justin: Yes.

Becca: Hate.

Justin: Love.

Becca: Stop saying the opposite of me!

Justin smiled at me then pecked my lips.

Justin: Now lay down and cuddle with me.

Becca: No! I gotta ge-

Justin: Birthday boy's wishes..

I looked at him and laid down and cuddled with him. Every once in awhile he would pull his face to mine and kiss my nose. A few minutes after, Corey, Dakota, Ryan, and Chaz ran through the door.


They all jumped on the bed and Justin pulled me closer and held me tighter.

Chaz: Justin probably got his happy-birthday-morning-sex.

Becca: No, we've been cuddling.

Chaz: Naked.. while he-

Justin: Shut, the, fuck, up.

I laughed and hid my face in Justin's shirt.

Corey: Let's not talk about my sister having sex.

Dakota: Lets talk about tonight.

Justin: Well, we're going to go to a club and have fun.

Chaz: And THEN you'll get your birthday sex..

Justin: Shut up.

Ryan: We'll let you two have the house to yourself..

Justin: You guys are rediculous.

Becca: I'm going to go get a shower, be back.

I could tell Justin was getting antsy. As I stood up his eyes followed me. I got in the shower and I could hear Justin trying to find a way to get rid of them. After I finished my shower I wrapped the towel around my body and Justin burst through the door.

Becca: Little late baby.

Justin: Damnit.. I was trying so  hard to get rid of them.

He walked closer to me and set his hands on my waist. I made sure to hold up my towel.

Becca: I could tell..

Justin: I hate that.

Becca: Well, you better get ready if we're leaving for dinner before the club.


He let go of my hips and I got changed into a toght, short, purple dress that Justin hadn't ever seen.

When He came out he starred at me.

Justin: And why haven't I ever seen this.

Becca: Because I've never showed you..

Justin: Well, I like it. A lot. Liike so much, you shohuld take it off, then put it back on after i'm done with you.

Becca: Now dont be impatient..


I grinned at him and turned the other way.When I walked out the door I sat on the couch and waited for Justin and when he came down he wrapped his arms around me as he pulled me into a big kiss. As  he did this he grabbed my ass. I laughed and he just held tighter.


*Skip to dinner cause im lazy*

We sat down and Justin sat next to me and kissed me. As I sat down he put his hand on my thigh and moved hit up my leg. I stopped him before he went any farther.

Becca: Justin!

Justin just grinned at me and stopped. When we ordered out meals, he slyly moved his hand.

Becca: Justin.

He looked at me and stuck his tongue out.

Becca: Calm your dick.

Justin: But he cant stay calm.

I laughed and COry looked at me.

Corey: What.

Becca: None of your buisness.

Justin laughed at me then kissed me. After we ate dinner we headed to the club.

(okay you guys, his party isnt going to be like it actually was, SORRY D:   )


Becca: I can already tell you're going to get drunk.

Justin smiled at me. As we pushed through the crowd guys kept grabbing my ass and whisling. Each time Justin would get in a worse and worse mood.

Becca: Baby, smile.

Justin: I can't when these guys are touching whats mine and I cant stop them.

Becca: But they arent going to get me, i'm yours.

Justin: Promise?

Becca: I promise.

I kissed him and he snaked his arm around my waist as we walked. He ordered a drink and we walked back to the dance floor and he held my hips as we danced. I could see the lust in his eyes. He wantedI let him in and me now. He leaned in and he kissed me and licked my lower lip begging for entrance. I let him in and he explored my mouth. Somebody bumped into him causing him to shove his tongue farther down my throught.

Justin: I want you now..

Becca: Nont now baby, later.

Justin pulled me close again but he kissed my forehead.

Voice: Justy..

He looked behind him and quickly pulled my face to his and kissed me and didnt let me move my face. When we did pull away though Selena was standing next to Justin.

Sel: Let's get a room.

Justin: I dont love you Selena, Not anymore, I have my future right here with me.

Selena looked at me and gave me the evil eye.  Not today Selena, not today. I grabbed Justin's face and crashed my lips to his. He put his hands on my ass and squeezed my ass as I stuck my tongue in his mouth. Histongue fought with mine and I won. In the corner of my eye I saw Selena walk away as she looked at MY justin's body, admiring it. Something she was never going to touch again.

Justin: Yea, I might not be able to resist any longer.

I giggled and he grabbed my ass again.

Becca: Stop being so horny..

Justin: Can't help it.. you're just so.. you..

As we were leaving the club the paps were taking a bunch of pictures of us. Justin protected me with his arms and held me close. As we got home we laughed our way up the stairs and I colla[sed on the bed and Justin crawled over top of me.

Justin: Can I have my present.

I pulled him closer by his shirt.

Becca: Of coarse.

I pressed my lips again his and kissed him roughly. He started to get antsy so he pulled my dress off of me and started kissing up and down my body. He stopoped again when he got up to my face. He kissed me and threw off his shirt and pants. He fiddled with my bra, and by now, he knew exactly how to work the clips. When he got it un-done he automaticallly pulled down my panties. I ran my fingers across his underwear wait-band line. I slowly pulled down his boxers and he started eying me up.

Justin: You're beautiful.

I pulled his face back down to mine and he started thrusting in and out, in and out. Justin was moaning my name and he started going faster, and harder. When we both hit our climax he landed on top of me. I could feel his heart beating 100 mines per minute. I ran my hands through his hair as he started calming his breathes.

Justin: Becca?

Becca: Mhmm?

Justin: Thank you.

Becca: Anything for you.

He lifted his face to mine and kissed me lightly.

Becca: Happy Birthday Justin.

I closed my eyes and those nightmares came back.










*AN SORRY, I dont know when i'm going to update next.. one of the readers persuaded me to update tonight soo.. yea.. sorry about it's suckishness.. Lol SOO I skyped2 fans or readers whatever you guys wanna call yourselves, lol I dont have fans, Cause im a loser like that, BUT ANYWAYS they were soo nice, I love talking to you guyss :$ Oh sorry about my friend.... I think she ate a jar of sugar.. Sorry about the tour of my house lmao.. yeaa.. umm... so i might not update for awhile... I have Spring Queen tomorrow so.. yea... and I might not update for awhile anywayss...yea... bye...*

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