Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


64. Issuesss...

Corey: What do you need?

I knew who's voice it was. The one and only Selena Gomez.

Selena: Is Justin here?

Corey: Yea, but um he doesnt want to talk, can I deliver a message?

Selena: Um, Just tell him that I really miss him, and that we need to talk.

Corey: Okay bye.

I heard the door close. Corey and Justin ran into the room and slammed the bedroom door closer.

Corey: She said she misses you, and that you two need to talk.

Justin: There's no way i'm doing that, the media will say im cheating on your sister, Selena will make it seem like I love her, and I really dont. And I definitely don't need Becca to think I don't love her, I love her more than anything.

Corey: And I'm pretty sure she loves you like that too.

Justin: I dont know what i'd do if I lost her...

Corey: What are you going to do about Selena?

Justin: I dont know, but if I do meet up with her, Becca is coming with me.

Corey: That wouldnt be good...

Justin: You dont understand though, I cant leave her alone, Jesse is looking for her, and if he does, I cant even explain right now, But If I go without Becca, she'll think somethings up. I dont need her to leave me again, Corey, she's so close to slipping out of my hands.

Corey: Justin, she isnt going anywhere.

Justin: You can never be too careful.

My eyes started getting heavy.

Justin: I'm going to sleep, I need her in my arms.

Corey: Whatever, Is it cool if the rest of us watch anotehr movie.?

Justin: Knock yourself out.

I heard Corey leave. Justin shuffled off his jeans and hopped into bed with his boxers on. He wrapped his arms around me. I opened my eyes and faced Justin.

Justin: It's only me, you can go to sleep.

Becca: I can't now.

Justin: Do you want me to sing to you?

I didnt have time to reply before he started singing.

Justin: They say that hate has been sent...

I was already falling to sleep, I think Justin saw this becuase then he started to laugh. As I closed my eyes he kissed me on the forehead.


When I woke up Justin was wrapped around me, his arms were wrapped around me and his leg was intertwined with one of mine.

Becca: Good Morning Love.

Justin: Morning sweetie.

I brushed his hair off his forehead and kissed his forehead. I hadnt forgotten last night... about Selena.

I slipped out of his arms and walked into the living room area and saw hunter and Lauren cuddling then Aaron and kaitlyn cuddling.

Justin: Hey! What are you doing?

Becca: You know I always get my water in the morning.

Justin: Come here.

I walked back to him and he gave me a bear hug.

Justin: I needed that, I had a rough night last night..

Becca: Why what happened?

Justin: I'll tell you in the bedroom.

I got my water and we walked back into the bedroom.

Justin pulled his lips to mine and kissed me.

Justin: Selena came to talk to me...

Becca: .... And?

Justin: She wants to talk to me.. and I want you to come...

Becca: I dont know Justin, she hates me.

Justin: I'm not taking the chance of Jesse getting you okay? And I dont want the Media to think that we arent dating, and that me and Selena are together. I want the whole world to know that you are the girl I love, the girl that is mine.

He pulled my face closer to his.

Justin: I want the world to know you are mine.

He kissed me again, passionately, loving...

Justin: Please? Come with me?

I nodded and gave him a hug.

Justin: I just want to get her out of my skin, leave us alone

Becca: I know, when are we meeting her?

Justin: At 12.

Becca: I'll be ready then.

Justin: In the meantime you should give me a kiss.

I did as Justin said  I should.

Becca: Can we cuddle?

Justin: Thats like asking a belieber if they want to meet me, OFCOARSE.

I giggled at his reaction and laid in his arms and held on to him.

Justin: You're my girl, everybody needs to know it.




*A/N Sorry it took long :/ I was watching Zero Dark Thrity while writing so I got a little side tracked.... Haha OMB ABOUT 40 COMMENTS for ONE chapter :D You guys have no clue happy that makes me! Umm soooo yea.... HAPPY EARLY EASTER LOVIES :D  I'm going to my Aunt's house tomorrow, I will be bringing my laptop, and My phone, so I should be able to update... Even though you guys wont be able to read cause you'll be busy.. lol, but i'll update anyways, Next chapter will be VERY exciting, and dramatic, and in a way hurtful for Becca.. sooo... YUP!! :) Have A good night girls <3 *

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