Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


53. Instead of a virtual kiss, give me a real one....

I woke up and Justin had his head buried in my neck. I kissed his head and he pulled me closer by my waist.

Justin: Good Morning.

Becca: Good Morning Juju.

He sat up and grabbed my face and kissed me.

He pulled me on to his lap. His legs were warm, I swear, he is like a portable heater.

Justin: Your legs are freezing.

Becca: Yours are hot.

Justin looked at me worried.

Becca: What?

Justin: There are bruises, all over your wrists, what the hell did he do to you?

Becca: I tried to pull away from him, but he would just tighten his grip...

Justin lifted my wrist and kissed all the bruises. His eyes started to water.

Becca: I'm okay now.

Justin: I should have been there, I should have saved you, I shouldnt have let him lay a hand on you.

Becca: You did save me Justin.

I ran my hand across his face. He put his hand over mine.

Justin: Not fast enough, he had enough time to get you undressed, and start to take off your undergarments.

Becca: But he didnt, because you were there.

I gently pressed my lips against his.

Justin: I'll always feel guilty though.

Justin looked truely hurt. I felt bad, if I would have just said no when he asked me to be his girlfriend, he would forget about me and I would have never hurt him like that.

Justin: What are you thinking about?

Becca: Hmm?

Justin: I asked you what you were thinking about.

Becca: Nothing.

Justin took my hands in his.

Justin: You can tell me anything.

I didnt know how to tell him what I was think... Should I lie? I cant lie to him like that.

Becca: Uhmm...

Justin: Please tell me i'm begging you.

Becca: I was thinking about how it's all my fault you're hurt, About how you would have been WAY happier if i had never agreed to be your girlfriend, how everything would be normal if I didnt say yes.

Justin:Becca, it may look like i'm sad but this is the happiest i've been in forever. I would be more hurt if you said no.

He leaned over and kissed me.

~ The rest of the day we laid in beed and cuddled~

*That Night*

We were back to acting normal, but Justin's eyes always seemed to be on me.

Becca: What are you thinking about?

Justin smiled at me.

Justin: You.

I laid my head in his lap and looked up at him. He started playing with my hair.

Justin: You are beautiful.

I covered my face with my hands, I was blushing, my face probably looked like a tomato.

Justin put his hands over mine and moved them  away from my face.

Justin: I want to see your bootiful face

I closed my eyes.

Justin: I can still see you boo.

Wow, i felt stupid.

With my eyes still closed I felt lips press against mine, it made me jump a little since I didnt know it was coming.

Justin: Did I scare you.

Becca: Just a little bit.

He laughed at me then bend down and gave me another kiss. He bit my lower lip and pulled away.

BeccA: You tease.

Justin: Says the girl that wears short shorts, and a tank top to bed.

Becca: Hey, you only wear boxers.

Justin thought about it.

Justin: Still, those short shorts are VERY attractive.

Becca: Why emphasis on very?

Justin: Because they are VERY VERY attractive.

He winked at me and i burst out laughing.

I looked next to us and his phone was there. I took it and went on it.

Justin looked at me.

Justin: What are you doing on there?

Becca: Why you have something to hide?

I raised my eyebrow at him.

I logged on to his twitter and typed:

Im deleting my twiiter, Oh and @RebeccaElizabe7 is the best person EVERRR.

Justin knew I was up to something.

Justin: Now, my dear, can I have my phone back?

I shook my head no.

He reached his arm for it and snatched it from my hands.

Luckily, I was fast enough to log off his twitter. I grabbed my phone and logged on to twitter. I decided to tweet back to Justin.

@justinbieber Aww I love you <3 :*

I could tell Justin logged on to twitter becuase his phone started spazzing out.

I got a bunch of notifications, but I realized the one from Justin.

@RebeccaElizabe7 how about instead of a virtual kiss you give me a real one.

I looked at Justin when I saw that. He had his lips puckered. I sat up and gave him a kiss. He snapped a picture when I did that

Becca: Really? Is that necessary.

Justin: Hey, My followers want to see it, so do my instagram followers.

I rolled my eyes and laid my head back on his lap. After a few minutes of Justin on his phone the door rang. (And YES I was now wearing actual clothes) I stood up and started walking to the door. Justin was right next to me. When we opened the door nobody was there.

Justin: That's creep.

He closed the door and double locked it. He made sure ALL of the doors were locked and all the curtains were closed. When we went back to the bed Justin put his phone on the charger. I changed into my Pajamas and Justin did the same, well actually all Justin had to do was slip his sweat pants off. I laid down and waited for Justin. I didnt feel safe without him.

He came over and wrapped mein his arms.

Justin:Baby, If any guy ever threatens to hurt me if you dont leave me, please dont leave, tell me.

Becca: I will.

I nuzzled my head into his neck.

Justin: Cause I'll kill him, And If ANY guy lays a finger on you, I will beat his ass.

Becca: Violence isnt the answer.

Justin: It's the answer if your girlfriend is about to get raped.

I looked up at him and laughed at him. I kissed his neck and closed me eyes.

Becca: Forever and Always Justin.

Justin: Always and Forever.


Justin: Get out, I dont love you anymore.

Becca: You cant do this, not after everything we've been through.

Justin: Go back to Jesse.

Becca: I dont want him.

Jesse took my hand.

Jesse: Come on baby, our family is going to be beautiful






* All I Have To Say Is :O .... SORRY I DIDNT UPDATE EARLIER D: I was reading a story, and lost track of time, then I went ot dinner so please excuse my meaness :P I'll start Next chapter after two comments :D*

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