Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


76. Im done, Not again..

I only want the best for you, if im not the best for you, then we're stuck...



Justin: And Whats the issue?

Corey: Paparazzi, everywhere, and Selena is at the front door..

Becca: Justin, we cant leave her out there!

Justin: She put herself there!

Becca: Justin!

Justin: No, im not letting her in, she'll end up trying to kiss me or win me back, then i'll loose you, and that cant happen.

Becca: Corey, let her in, just dont let her in the bedroom, keep her in the living room.

Corey: Gotcha.

Justin: Becca!

Becca: What? If that was me, would you let me in?

Justin: Yes!

Becca: Exactly.

Justin: Becca..

Becca: Justin...

Justin: Dont mock me.

Becca: Dont mock me.

Justin: I hate myself.

Becca: I dont hate you.

Justin: BECCA!

Becca: JUSTIN!

Justin pulled his face to mine and pressed his lips against mine. Since he was pressing his lips against mine pretty hard, and I was mocking him, I had to press back too, but maybe just a little bit harder...

I pulled away.

Justin: I never pulled away.

Becca: I needed to breathe...

Justin: You should mock me more often...

Becca: I bet you'd like that, wouldnt you?

Jusstin: Yes, very much.

I smiled at him and kissed him again quickly.

Justin: Hey!

I smiled at him then walked out into the living room, I remembered that Selena was out here, and I knew he wouldnt dare come out. I looked over and Selena was on the couch looking at her feet.

Justin: YOU! MINE!

He ran over to me, in his boxers, and picked me up from behind and spun me around.

Becca: Set me down!

Justin: Kiss?

I pecked lips and he smiled at me. I looked over and Selena was looking at us, well more like Justin. She was totally checking him out.

Becca: I'm getting a water.. I'll be back in a second.

Getting water was my excuse for everything, if I was about to cry, got up and told whoever was there that I was getting a water.

Justin: Good.

Selena: Hi Justin.

Justin looked at me like he wanted to kill me.

Justin: Hi Selena...

He turned around and walked fastly back into the bedroom. I started walking to the kitchen.

Selena: I dont care what he says, I can tell, we were meant to be...

Becca: Selena, honey April fools day isnt until basically next month.

Selena: I'm not kidding, im not giving up on him, If I had one hour with him, I would show him why he loved me...

Becca: I know where you're going with that, Justin wouldnt have sex with you honey.

Selena: Ha, you dont know that, he will practically beg for it, becuase you probably give him nothing.

Becca: I was doing a nice thing letting you stay here til the Paps leave. But if you're so close to getting thrown out of here.

She smiled at me then turned back around and sat back in the chair. I went into the kitchen, when I came back out, Selena was gone.

Becca: Good, now I can live in peace..

I walked over to the bedroom door and walked in. Selena was trying to climb on top of Justin. He didnt notice I was watching, so I figured I'd see his reaction. Selena sasw me though.
Selena: Just say you love me.

Justin: No, I dont lie.

Selena: Justy, baby, come on, I know you miss me..

He face was inches away from hers.

Selena: Im better than she'll ever be.. I can role play... Pretend im Becca, and you want me... really bad...

He wouldnt, he couldnt.. He wouldnt would he?

She moved her lips to his and he didnt move. I backed out of the room. She won. I wasnt going to let Justin know I left, I wasnt going to let anybody know. I was just going to run, not home, If I went home they would find me. As I walked out the door, the paps started attacking me.


Paps: Wheres Justin!?

Becca: In there, go get him.

I left the door open a bit so they could get in. It wasnt very nice of me, but I didnt wanna risk Justin getting to me, and I didnt want the Paps to follow me, becuase then It would be all over the news, and then Justin would know. I walked to the main lobby and ordered a room, a small room, on the other side of the resort. I'm going to leave tomorrow. I dont care how many times Justin says sorry, I dont care how many times he tells me he loves me. I dont care how many times he chases after me. That was the last straw, he'll be fine without me. I cant be his friend anymore either.

When I got to the room, I went and laid on the bed. I didnt care  how early in the day it was, I was going to stay in bed, i'll cry all day long, im not answering the door, im not answering any calls. When I get back in the US, im changing my number. Im going to start over. Not fall for the wrong guy, I was going to be a normal girl. Dye my hair, so no beliebers would notice me. Im not going back to Justin, I loved him, still, but I wasnt going to hurt myself anymore. Justin may have been my first love, but I wasnt going to ruin my life, because he's always sorry.


Justin<3: Where are you?


Justin<3: Im not fucking kidding, where are you.


Justin<3: ANSWER ME!


Justin<3: REBECCA!



Me: Im not telling you.

Justin<3: Im not playing around.

Me: Im not either, and after tomorrow, dont message this number, im changing my number.

Justin<3: Where are you?

Me: Stop texting me, im going to sleep

I turned off my phone and set it next to me. I closed my eyes, as I drifted to sleep, my phone beeped.

Becca: How the hell?

I looked down.


God, i needed to change his contact name...

Justin<3: Sleep tight, when you wake up, I'll be with you. I love you.

I loved Justin, even though he put me through all that shit, I still loved him, but he KISSED Selena. I started crying, I cried myself to sleep.


I sat up, who was it? What time was it? I looked at my clock. Twelve. Shit! How long did I sleep? Then I remebered everything, The night before, Justin had worn me out then, then a few hours earlier, then their kiss.

Voice: Hello?

They sounded worn out, tired, like they were crying. I opened the door.

Becca: Justin.. Im leaving tomorrow.


Im moving on, letting go, holding on til tomorrow...




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