Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


43. I'll Love you forever, but for now, im going to go..

Justin: Um, why are you here?

Selena: You performed good today.

She looked him directly in the eyes and got a dreamy look.

Becca: Hey, Justin Im going to go put Jaxon to sleep, he's already half asleep.

Justin: Oh um okay.

I walked into Justin's room and laid Jaxon down. He woke up and he made me sing him a song. He finally fell asleep after 5 minutes of trying to get him to sleep. I walked out to the door and Justin and Selena's faces were close together, almost kissing.

In that moment, my heart dropped. I felt eyes on me. Justin was looking at me.

Justin: No, we didnt kiss.

Becca: You didn't but you were about to, if you wouldnt have seen me then you would have.

Justin: NO, thats not what was happening!

Becca: Don't lie to me Justin, im not a stupid girl.

Justin: I swear thats not what was happening! She was telling me something.

Becca: I thought more of you Justin.


Selena: We really weren't going to do anything.

A part of me believed them, because if anything Selena would want to break us up. I pushed past both of them and walked outside, actually ran.

Justin: Becca STOP!

I didnt stop, I didnt look back, I just ran. I could hear somebody chasing me but I didnt care.

Justin: Stop, you cant do this to me.

I stopped running.

Becca: I wouldnt be doing this to you if you hadn't done that to me.

His eyes started to water and he stared at me.


Becca: I'll have Corey get my stuff.

Justin: Where are you going?

Becca: Somewhere away from all of this Drama, from everything, away from you.

Justin: You can't do this, Becca I love you.

Becca: I love you too Justin, but i'm not staying here, i cant, know after what Just happened.

Justin: Nothing happened though.

I couldnt stand there anymore, I started running again. This time I wasnt going to stop. I ran to the nearest hotel.

My face was stained with dry tears.

Desk Lady: Can I help you?

Becca: Do you have any free rooms?

Desk Lady: No, but i'll pay for your room, are you alright?

Becca: Physically, Yes

Desk Lady: Oh okay, Your room will be on the second floor in room 126.

I remembered where Justin was born. Everything reminded me of him.

I went up to the room and I got a text, then a call, then a facetime request, then another text. They were all from Justin.

I read the latest text.

Justiin<3: Please Pick up, i need to know you're okay.

I looked through the rest of the texts and Listened to the voicemail.

Justin: Becca, pick up, I need to know you're okay, i need to hear your voice.

I deleted it. I laid on  the bed and stared at nothing for awhile.

After awhile I decided I'd get a shower. After the shower, the only thing I could do was cry. I missed Justin, but I couldnt be with him if he was going to be with Selena..

My phone started ringing, It was Dakota though.

B: Hello?

D: Oh My GOSH! What happened?

B: What do you mean?

D: Between you two, Justin's at our hotel room crying, he said you left, got up and ran away.

I pulled my knees against my chest.

B: Yea, so?

D: Becca! He's on  our bed crying his eyes out! Why would you do that?

B: Selena

I started to cry again.

D: Oh my god where are you!? Im coming to see you.

I told her.

D: Okay your hotels right around the block.

I could hear Corey in the background.

Corey: Dakota who are you talking to?

Becca: Dont tell them please?

Dakota: Im talking to Cheyenne

Corey: Can I talk to her?

Dakota: No! She just hung up!

After she said that Dakota hung up.

Half an hour later there was a knock at my door. When I opened it Dakota ran in and gave me a hug.

Dakota: Are you okay?

Becca: I miss him.

More tears flowed to my eyes.

Dakota: You guys are so in love, what happened to split you guys up.

Becca: S-selena showed up a-and I put Jaxon to sleep and when I came out their faces were so close to each others.

Dakota: Did they kiss?

Becca: No but they were about to.

Dakota: Oh Becca!

She gave me a hug.

Dakota: Justin is crushed. He said that Selena apologized for everything but then he was going to tell her something and you walked over and started crying. He also said that you never actually broke up with him.

I couldnt speak. I missed my Justin, I truely did, but I didnt know if that was the truth. My phone started ringing, this time it was Corey.

Becca: What do you want?

Corey: Where are you?

Becca: Why?

Corey: Because im your older brother and I want to know.

I hung up on him.

Becca: Dakota, im going back to Florida, I need to get away.

Dakota: Want me to drive you to the airort?

Becca: Can you take me tomorrow morning?

Dakota: Yes, but can you do one thing for me?

Becca: Yea?

Dakota: Make sure Justin knows you're safe.

Becca: Can you tell him that I am safe? And also let him know that I love him.

Dakota: Sure, im going home now, ill be here at 6 am.

Becca: Thank you, You're the best friend anybody could ask for. When she left I locked the door, I went and laid in the bed, and cried myself to sleep.

The next thing I knew there was a knock at my door, it was 6 am, and it was time to go.


*OH EMM GEE!! I wrote this in a short period of time:D Sorry if it sucks, I was like crying thoughh... ;( So i'll update as soon as I get two Comments :D  some girlie on twitter stole my idea for my cake ._.  Mine will be better anyways :P Just SAyinnnggg:P*

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