Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


32. I Just Can't Win

Once everybody got ready we headded out to the mall. Since there was word that 'Justin Bieber' was in town everybody was on alert for him. We got into the mall and once one fan saw him, the whole mall was being flooded with beliebers. Justin acted as if he was a shy little kid, he was hiding behind me, acting as if people coudnt see him.

Becca: Justin, you've been found.

Justin: Shhh

Before we could even run a ton of beliebers ran for us. Justin grabbed my hand and ran to a CD store. All of the guys followed. Justin stood in the store window and acted like a cardboard cutout. I had to hide my laughter and go to the back of the store and act like I was shopping. The guys did the same. Chaz saw one of the beliebers look at me so he had to act as if we were dating so they wouldnt susect anything. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my cheek. She kept on walking with the rest of the beliebers looking for us. After they all ran by Justin came over to us. He unwrapped Chaz's arms from my shoulders.

Justin: Mine.

He pulled me into a kiss. All of the boys laughed.

Becca: Now you need to go change clothes so they dont notice you.

Justin and the rest of us ran into a store and Justin bought some sweats. He had on a beanie with some hipster glasses. He looked so adorable.

Ryan: Nerding it out haha.

Justin: You are just jealous.

Ryan: Of course.

We all laughed. After Justin most of the beliebers were still runnign around looking for Justin. We were all laughing as some of the beliebers asked Justin if he knew where 'Justin Bieber' was, meanwhile they were talking to him.

Justin: Hey, we're going into this store.

He pointed towards a hat store.

Becca: Okay, I'll be in the mall, somewhere.

Justin: You mean you'll be waiting outside the store.

Becca: Whatever floats your boat.

Justin: You better not leave, or i'll find you.

Becca: I'll just be walking, not leaving the mall, then you and your boys can have some time together.

Justin: You better not leave.

He walked into the store. After waiting for 15 minutes I decided that it was time for me to walk. I started walking down to the other side of the mall. I looked back and Justin was walking out of the store and looking for me. I started walking faster. This was going to be fun. I looked back and his eyes locked with mine. Oh shit. I better start running. I looked back again and Justin was handing Ryan his bags. He started running towards me. I ran even faster and pushed through some girls. Justin was still chasing after me. I had to stop I was out of breath, but I wasnt going to let Justin win. I ran to th food court and hid among the hungry people. I saw Justin scanning the food court. I keppt my head down and pulled the hood over my head. I looked up and Justin was out of sight. I went back out into the shopping part. A few seconds after I was out there arms were wrapping around my waist and lifting me off the ground slightly.

Justin: I got you, and i'm never letting you go.

Becca: Who said I wanted you to?

Justin kissed my cheek then spun me around so I was facing him.

Justin: Now I need a real kiss.

He tightened his grip on my waists and held me centimeters away from his face. He leaned in and kissed me. I heard people whistling in the background. I looked back and all the guys were watching us. Just because I knew they were watching I kissed him again but I made it more dramatic. I pulled back and walked over to the guys.

Jaden: Ohhh dang, that was intense.

Justin: shut upp.

Usher: Man, what time do we go back to the bus?

Justin: We have another show here tomorrow.

Usher: So we can go back anytime?

Justin: Exactly, but I wanna go to dinner tonight.

Usher: Sounds good to me.

We all shopped around a little more until it got late. It was about 5 pm when we left. When we got back all the guys went to their hotel rooms while me and Justin went back to the bus. We had an hour until we were meeting up for dinner. Justin decieded to watch TV and  practice his singing, I on the other hand was ready to take a nap. I went and sat next to Justin on the couch.

Becca: Im gunna go take a nap.

Justin: Just lay here, I'd rather have you near me than far away.

Becca: Justin, teh room is right there.

Justin: C'mon you can lay your head on my lap and fall asleep.

He gave me the puppy dog face. I rolled my eyes and laid my head down on his lap. He started playing with my hair and dinging. I drifted to sleep.


When Justin woke me up we both had to get ready. While Justin was in the shower I put on my blousse and skirt. Justin walked out in his 'fancy' jeans. He didnt have a shirt on yet, im pretty sure he did that on purpose. He was drying his hair with his towel and I turned around so he couldnt mess with me.

Justin: Babe, where did you put my shirt?

Becca: I have no clue, where did you leave it?

Justin: In the drawer.

Becca: Did you look there.

Justin: Yes.

I turned around and looked in his drawer. And guess what was there. His shirt. I threw it to him.

Becca: You obviously didnt look hard enough Justin.

Justin threw his towel on the bed and put on his shirt. After I put in my earrings he came over and took my hand. We walked out to the main part of the bus and sat down. A few minutes later all of the guys showed u, including Corey.

Becca: Where's Kota?

Corey: She's coming.

As he said that Dakota walked into the bus. She walked over to me and sat next to me. We all talked for awhile.

Justin: Okay boys, and girls, I think its time to go.

We all got into the limo that Justin had waiting for us. Me and Dakota got in first, Justin just hapened to sit next to me even though he was the last person to get in the limo. Dakota and me were talking almost the whole way. Justins hand rested on my leg, making sure I was still with him. When we got to the resturaunt we were being bambarded with paparazzi. I just cant win can I?

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