Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


78. He's acting weird..

Becca: Then Forever it will be...

He kissed me and pulled me closer.

Becca: What arent you telling me?

Justin: What?

Becca: I can tell... You're hiding something from me...

Justin: Liar..

Becca: Tell me.

Justin: Tell you what?

BeccA: What you're hiding from me?

Justin: NOTHING!

Becca: Dont lie to me.

Justin: Not lying.

I crawled on top of his and straddled him. He stared at me. I leaned my chest aginst his. I could feel him getting hard.

Becca: Now, do you want to tell me?

Justin's hands moved to my stomach, then they wandered around my legs.

Justin: No..

I leaned my lips against his.

Becca: Please?

Justin: No...

I sat up and got off of him.

Justin: WOAH.

Becca: What?

Justin: That wasn't fair, at all.

Becca: Mmm, isnt that a shame....

Justin: You are mean.

Becca: Says the boyfriend who is hiding something from me...

Justin: I cant tell you!

Becca: Well, then I cant give you love.

Justin: Not fair, I cant tell you like, you would hate me if I told you.

Becca: Im going to get a shower... i'll see you around...

I picked up my towel and left Justin laying on the bed. He was watching me, his eyes were locked on me.

As I got in the shower I heard footsteps, then there was a knock.

Becca: Yes?

Justin: I want to join...

Becca: No, no, no, not allowed.

Justin: Boo!

Becca: You can wait 5 minutes.

Justin: No, I want to see you now...

Becca: Justin, it'll only be five minutes.

I could hear him taking off his clothes.

Becca: Justin, dont.

I washed the soap off of my body, and when I turned around, I almost had a heart attack.

Becca: You scared me!

Justin: Well I didnt mean to...

He stepped into the water with me. He was just staring in my eyes.

Becca: I told you not to..

Justin: Well, I didnt listen.

He leaned his lips closer to mine. I put a finger on his lips.

Becca: If those lips cant tell me what you're hiding, they cant kiss either...

Justin: You like to torture me, dont you?

Becca: Should have told me.

Justin: I will deal with not getting kisses, becuase there is no way you'll hate me after i tell you the secret.

Becca: Then tell me.

I pressed my body against his and wrapped my arms around his neck. Well, if I wanted to excite him, it worked.

Justin: No can do..

Becca: I hate you.

Justin: I hate you too.

He pressed his lips against mine, I wasnt going to stop him, I dont care about the lying thing. I could give him just one kiss.

Justin: You know I was joking right?

Becca: No, I thought you were serious.

He smiled at me then kissed me again.

Becca: Would you rather do this when we arent in the shower?

Justin: Sure, I just needed to corner you somewhere, so you had to pay attention to you.

Becca: Aww, you missed my attention?

Justin: Shush, Lets go to the beach.

He put his finger to my lips. I bit it, since he had it near my mouth, why not.

Becca: Okay, then lets get ready.

Justin: Wait, I just wanna hold you in my arms for another second.

I smiled at him and he kisse my head.

Becca: You can let go of me now.

His arms unwrapped from my body. As he turned around he looked back at me. Damn that ass..

I turned off the shower and walked out and Justin was sliding his bathing suit on. I walked over to him and he had my bathing suit sitting out. It was a purple bikini. I got purple, for Justin. When I got the bathing suit on, he smiled at me. I pulled my hair into a pony tail, and grabbed my purple sunglasses.

Justin: Dont forget sunscreen.

Justin was acting weird... He was hiding something... I was just hurt that he wasnt telling me...

Justin: C'mon Princess, I have something to show you...




*A/N SORRY ITS SHORT THURSDAYS ARE MY BUSY DAYS. ;( I hope you guys like it... SUPSPICIOUS ACT....... Im sooo tired, ill update soon girls(: I LOVE ALL OF YOUR COMMENTS! THEY ARE SO FREAKING CUTE :D*

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