Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


30. Good Luck Kiss

I walked backstage to Justin and he pulled me into a hug.

Justin: Whats the matter you seem sad.

Becca: Selena's here.

I buried my face  in his chest.

Justin: Well then we'll have to make this show extra special.

He kissed my head.

Scooter: Its filling up quick... You're on in half an hour.

After 15 minutes I decided to walk around.

Becca: Good luck baby, Remember have fun out there.

Justin: I'll see you on stage.

I rolled my eyes and walked away.

As I was gettining a box of candy, you could hear the concert starting.

Person: Justin asked for 5 minutes, he forgot something.

I was looking around, Justin never did this, ever. A few second later I shrugged it off. After I paid for the candy arms were being wrapped around my mouth.

Person: Don't scream, Its just me.

I turned around and saw Justin in his outfit for the first song.

Becca: What are you doing here you have a show!

Justin: I never got my good luck kiss.

Becca: Are you serious thats why you did that?

Justin: Yes! I need one.

I gave Justin a quick kiss.

Justin: Hey that wasn't good enough.

Justin pulled me back to his face and kissed me slowly.

Becca: Now get out there!

Justin: Fine.

He ran back to the stage about 5 minutes later he came out on his wings. This always made me smile. At this concert I was sitting in the back of section 9 floor. I saw him scan the crowd for me. When Justin was about to sing 'One Less Lonely Girl' he stopped.

Justin: It seems we couldnt find the girl we were looking for. So Im going to ask for her by name.

The whole crowd went wild.

Justin: So where is Ms. Rebecca?

I covered my face with my hands. I did not want him to see me.

Justin: I know you're out there Becca.. C'mon.

There was a spotlight scanning the crowd as Justin left the stage. It paused a few times. I saw the spotlight go out. The arena was dark now, except for the glow sticks. I uncovered my face. As I did that I felt arms wrap around my shoulders.

Justin: I found you.

He turned on his microphone.

Justin: Look! I found her.

The spotlight found its way to us. He started to sing one less lonely girl, As he was singing it he was walking me up to stage.

Justin: I'm gunna put you first I'll show you what you're worth, If you let me inside your world, they'll be one less lonely girl, only you shawty.

As he said the last words he planted a soft and sweet kiss upon my lips.

Justin: My next song will be the last one...

I got up, but he pulled me on his lap instead. He started the song but I didnt realize the beginning. After a few seconds, I understood the song.

Justin: Leme tell you a story about a girl and a boy, he fell in love with his best friend...

This made me smile. I had an urge to kiss Justin but I couldnt do that while he was singing. I think he had the same idea because he kept looking into my eyes then down to his lips.

Justin: If you spread your wings you can fly away with me, but you cant fly unless you let yourself fall.

As soon as he finished the song he pulled me into a big kiss. Justin ran me off stage after saying goodnight then he pulled me closer to him once we were backstage and he kissed me again.

Justin: I love you so much.

Becca: I love you too Justin.

He took me back to the dressing room.As soon as he changed into his sweats he cuddled with me on the couch in the room. I ended up sleeping in his arms. I was awoken by whispers. I opened my eyes and Usher was talking to Justin but Justin was still lying with me.

Usher: She's starting even more trouble now...


*A/N IM SOOOO sorry i didnt update earlier I was running around all day :\*

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