Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


93. Face-time

Justin: Who?

Becca: That cute little girl behind you that's half asleep.

Justin: Jazzy! You're supposed to be napping.

Jazmyn: I want you to come with me.

Justin: Im talking to Becca right now though.

Jazmyn crawled on to the couch with Justin and smiled at me and waved fast.

Becca: Hi sweetie.

Jazmyn: HI BECCA!

Justin: Jazzy, I believe she was talking to me.

Becca: Well you're wrong baby.

Jazmyn: Yea, you're wrong.

Justin: Alright princess time for bed.

Jazmyn: But I wanna talk to Becca!

Justin: I'll let you two talk when i'm busy. I want to talk to her now.

Jazmyn: Fine.. Bye Becca, I wove you.

Becca: I love you too honey.

Jazzy walked out of my view and Justin smiled at me.

Becca: What?

Justin: You.

Becca: What about me..

Justin: I get to see you in twenty four hours.

Becca: And my baby boy turns 19 in twenty four hours.

Justin: Woah, that means I'll be two years older than you.

Becca: For like 17 days, then it's back to one year.

Justin: Still two years.

Becca: Shut up.

Justin: I need you to turn 18 babe.

Becca: Why?

Justin: Cause it's technically rape if I have sex with you.

I heard a voice coming from around Justin.

Pattie: WHAT!

Justin: Im talking to Becca Mom.

Pattie: Oh, I thought you we're talking to another woman.

Becca: Hi Pattie!

Pattie: Hi sweetie!

Justin: MOOOOM! I want to talk to her!

Pattie: I'll call you later Becca, mr.cranky pants wans to talk to you.

Becca: Haha, okay bye mom

Pattie: Bye !

When Justin was alone he started starring into the camera.

Becca: WHAT!?

Justin: I miss you.

Becca: 24 hours baby.

Justin: And I cant wait.

Becca: You have to.

Justin: I dont want to.

Becca: Me either.

Justin: you have no clue how bad I want to just grab your face and kiss you.

Becca: Now I want a kiss!!!

I laid back and left the phone where it was.

Justin: Hey! Where's my boo?

Becca: Sorry, I just laid back.

Justin: I see.

Becca: Shush. So when is your concert?

Justin: In a couple hours.

Becca: Then I get to talk to Jazzy.

Justin: Oh, so thats why you wanted to know, you just wanted to spend time with JAZZY. WELL THEN I'LL JUST GO AND CRY MY EYES OUT CAUSE I JUST WANTED TO TALK TO MY BABY BUT SHE DOESNT WANT TO TALK TO ME.

I laughed and he laughed along.

Becca: I love you Justin

Justin: I love you too Princ-

The phone went dead. My baby left me.

*New Text from Justin<3*

I hate you.

I looked back at the text. What?

To: Justin<3


From: Justin<3

I hate you.

To: Justin<3

Well then, i hate you too. We're done.

I was just messing with Justin, but he didnt reply. I was totally confused. After about 5 minutes I got another text.

*New Text from Justin<3*

From: Justin<3


It made sense now. I felt like messing with Justin so I didnt reply. I also didnt answer all of his facetimes. I did decide to answer though, about the 50th time he face-timed me.

Justin: You ass holes! Now she probably hates me!

I looked at him and giggled.

Justin: Becca! It wasnt me that texted you that,please dont tell me you were serious, I swear I would never say I hate you. And I just dont want you to hate me, cause I love you more than anything an-

I cut him off.

Becca: Justin, I was kidding, I love you more than anything.


Justin: Well you still dont have to do that to me!

Chaz: HI BABE.

Chaz's face showed up in the camera.

Becca: Hi babe.

Justin: GUYS GUESS WHAT! I have great news.....





*AN SORRY ITS SHORT! I have to go to dinnnerrr ;P I'll update laterrr <3 :* :* Bye lovies <3*

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