Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


62. Excaret

We got on to a bus, apparently, the ride was two hours.

Girls:OH MY GOD! You- you're J-justin Bieber...

They started crying and Justin laughed.

Justin: Yes I am, haha would you like to sit with us?

Girls: Oh my god yes!

Pattie pulled me into a seat next to her.

Pattie: you can be my bus buddy.

Becca: Yess. I finally get to spend time with you.

There were 3 seats in a row,Pattie was sitting by the window, I was sitting in the middle and a boy sat next to me.

Boy: Hey, my name's Hunter.

Becca: Hello, My name's Becca.

We shook hands and he smiled at me.

Justin: Mom, becca, wanna sit all the way in the back so we can all sit together?

Pattie: Hunny, there are only 5 seats in the back, and they are smaller than these ones.

Justin: Oh, okay...

Justin looked at us then noticed that a boy was sitting next to me.

Hunter: So, where are you staying?

Becca: Moon Palace.

Hunter: No way me too!

Becca: Haha, we'll have to hang out sometime.

Hunter: Yea for sure!

Justin came up behind me and kissed me.

Justin: Sorry, I had to.

I stood up and walked to the aisle and looked at Justin.

Becca: Is somebody being a jelly belly.

I wrapped my arms around his neck.

Justin: Maybe... but that's because you're MY Becca, and he isnt going to change that.

Becca: Justin, he's a guy, on a bus, that I just met, im not leaving you for him.

Justin kissed me again, but more intense.

I pulled away and sat back down.

Hunter: Was that who I think it was?

Becca: If you thought it was Justin Bieber, then yes, yes it is.

Hunter: Wow...

Becca: What?

Hunter: I never thought i'd be on a bus with him.

Becca: Are you a fan?

Hunter: Boy belieber all the way.

Becca: I think I can get you to meet him..

Hunter: really! Thank you!

He gave me a hug and Justin looked over. He looked sad. He mouthed the words "I want my baby" to me. He turned back to the beliebers. I faced foward too. I laid my head on Pattie's shoulder and closed my eyes. I fell asleep for about 5 minutes, and then I woke up. She wasn't as comfortable as Justin, nothing against her, I was just used to falling asleep in justin's arms. I looked back and the beliebers were asleep, both of their heads were laying on opposite shoulders. Justin had his heads laying on one of their heads.

Hunter: Everything okay?

Becca: Yea, just a two hour ride, and I cant fall asleep.

Hunter: You can lay your head on my shoulder if you want to.

Becca: I'll try anything at this point haha

I laid my head on his shoulder, it was comforting, but still not like Justin's arms... I did end up falling asleep, until the bus came to a halt.  My eyes flew open, I hit my head off the chair in front of me.

Pattie: Are you okay sweetie?

Becca: Yea, just hit it...

Pattie: Do you need ice?

Becca: No, im just going to go to the bathroom, splash some water on it.

I squeezed past Hunter and walked into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror, Justin's shirt was tucked into my shorts and my hair was a mess. I took it out of the pony tail and brushed my fingers through it, sort of helping. I splashed water on my face and looked at where i hit my head. There was a huge bump. I moved my face closer to get a better look and I hit it again. I walked out the door, in pain. On my way out I bumped into Hunter, right as we were in front of Justin... greaatt...

Hunter: Sorry, I was just going to the bathroom...

Becca: It's okay, i'll let you go to the bathroom.

I brushed the piece of hair that was in my face behind my ear and walked back to my seat.

Pattie: Do you need to sleep?

Becca: I dont NEED to, but some sleep would be nice.

Pattie: I have a pillow, you can lean up against me if you want to.

Becca: Sure, thank you.

I laid my head against Pattie and held my necklace in my hand, the texture of it was rough, but it was a soft rough... if that makes sense...

I fell asleep against Pattie until we got to excaret.

Pattie: Hunny wake up.

I opened my eyes and sat up.

Pattie: We're here.

We stood up and shuffled out of our seats.

Hunter: Hey, here's my number, i'll catch you around.

We all got off the bus. Me and Pattie waited for Justin. When he cam ethe two girls were practically hanging on to him.

Justin: Yea, we'll be swimming about 2 o'clock.

Girls: Okay so meet up with you then?

Justin: Its a deal.

When Justin saw me he ran over to me, picked me up by my waist and spun me around. When he set me down he kissed me gently.

Justin: That was so hard for me...

Becca: What?

Justin: To not rush over to you and just kiss you and hold you the whole ride here. And to see that guy next to you..

Becca: He is a boy belieber, he wants to meet you, by the way.

Justin: Does he know we are dating?

BeccA: I dont know, I just told him I could have him meet you...

Justin, without warning picked me up and crashed his lips on to mine.

Justin: I needed to do that.

I wrapped my legs around his waist.

I kissed him again. I missed Justin A LOT even though it had only been two hours. I usually wasnt the jealous type, but when I saw the girls sleeping with their heads on his shoulders, I wanted to walk straight off the bus and not look back. Justin was mine, his shoulders are where I fell asleep, they were my second pillow, my first was his chest. He held on to me like this was going to be the last time we were going to hug. I held on to him even tighter now.

Corey: I'm surprise Justin isnt killing him by now.

Justin: Killing who?

Corey: That boy that sat next to Becca.

Justin: He didnt flirt with her so he is allowed to live.

Corey: She fell asleep with her head on his shoulder dude.

Justin: No way.

Corey: Yes way, but you were asleep aslong with those two girls on your shoulders..

Justin looked at me. I didnt want to even think about them. We started walking toward the ruins. Justin started whispering to me.

Justin: You know I only love you right?

I nodded yes.

Justin: Good, I dont want you to think I love them like I love you...

I nodded again and looked at Justin.

Becca: I love you Justin.

Justin: I love you too baby.

I started squirmming out of justins arms.

When we got to one of the old stone houses we climbed to the top. I, myself, was scared to death.. It was soo high. Justin held on to my waist the whole time to make me feel safer. When we got to the top pattie took a picture of us. One of us smiling and holding hands, and the second one, which was Justin's idea, was us kissing on top.

We ran around the park and got pictures of Just about everything. When it came time to go swimming in the underwater tunnel Justin met up with the beliebers, He got on his knees and begged me to go... I was scared I would drown or something.

Becca: The water's going to be cold.

Justin: Then I'll keep you warm.

Beliebers: PLEASSEE come Becca!

I shook my head no.

Justin: Please?

Becca: Fine!

Justin&Beliebers: Yay!

Justin: She couldnt resist...

I laughed and ignored him. When we were swimming Justin held my hand the whole time. When fish would swim by I would freak out and Justin would have an excuse to pull me closer. When we finished it started raining. Justin took me into the store and got me a EXTRA large Jacket.

Becca: Justin, this could fit both of us in it....

Justin: Now you understand why i'm buying it.

As soon as he bought it he put one arm in and I put one arm in the opposite sleeve. We were both in one Jacket nd we walked over to the beliebers.

Girls: OMB you two are so cute.

Girl1: Do you mind if I take a picture of you two?

Justin: No, no problem.

She took out her phone and took a icture of us.

Justin: Becca, do you wanna stay for the show,or do you want to go home early since its supposed to rain.

Becca: Umm... go I guess, I just dont like rain..

Justin: We can have a movie night at the hotel.

I stepped out of the Jacket. The girls looked sad.

Becca: Um you guys can come if you wanna... I'll invite my one guy friend too..

Justin looked at me like I was crazy.

Becca: He wants to meet you! And maybe then he can flirt withvthem and we can cuddle together.

Justin: I understand now...

I smiled and Dialed Hunter's number.

Hunter: Hey, sup.

Becca: Um im here with Justin and we are going back to the hotel for a movie night if you wanna come?

Hunter: Sounds great, can I bring my friend, I dont want to leave him alone.

Becca: No problem, two beliebers are coming too.

Hunter: Okay, i'll meet you at hte bus in a few?

Becca: Sounds good, bye.

Hunter: Bye.

We hung up and it started pouring.

Justin: Mom and Kota and Corey decided they are going to stay for the show.

Becca: Okay, Hunter should be here any minute

As soon as I said that Hunter and his friend showed up.

Becca: Hey!

Hunter: Hey!

I gave him a hug.

Becca: Justin, This is hunter, Hunter this is Justin.

Hunter: nice to meet you bro, Im a big fan.

Justin: Nice to meet you too. Thanks for caring for my boo on the bus.

Hunter looked at me and smiled.

Hunter: No problem man.

They started talking and I walked over to the girls.

Girl1: I have to ask you something.

Becca: Yea?

Girl1: Is he a good kisser.

I laughed at this question.

Becca: Amazing.

I looked at him and he smiled at me.

Becca: Maybe I can hook you guys up with a kiss..

They squealed. I called Justin over.

Justin: Yes?

I gave him a kiss and he didnt let me pull away. I started laughing because everytime I would move my head back he would do the same so our lips never left each other. I pulled away before he could continue.

Becca(Whispering in his ear): Give them a kiss.

He looked at me to make sure he heard me right. I nodded my head. He walked over to the girls and gave them each a kiss on the cheek. Then he walked back over to me and gave me a big kiss. It started pouring as soon as the bus pulled up. Justin and I ran first. This Bus was way bigger.... All the way in the back of the bus, there were six seats so Justin dragged me back there so all of us could sit together. Seating: ( From left to right) Me,Justin, Girls1, Hunter, Girl2, And Hunter's friend. As the bus started going I leaned my head on the window. I felt somebody lift my chin.

Justin: Why are you using the window, if i'm right here to lean on?

I smiled and kissed him, then I laid my head on his shoulder. There was no better place in the world, than to be in Justin's arms. Two stupid kids, in love. It was just, just plain Perfect <3





*A/N SORRY IT TOOK LONG! I made this one longer than others... and I sorta was watching Jon Atkinson's twitcam for an hour... He is so adorable :').... I think Justin's a little Jealous of Hunter.... And Becca's a little Jealous of those girls.. Love is all that matters though<3 Again SORRY FOR THE LATE CHAPTERR :D And thank you to the girlie who kiked me today, it means a lot! You know who you are <3*

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