Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


87. Didnt Deserve that.

Justin: Are you okay?

Becca: J-justin...

Justin: Whats the matter baby?

I faced him.

Becca: J-jesse.. i-is l-looking a-at me..

Justin: Where is he?

Becca: I looked over to where he was standing before. Jesse was still standing there, but now he was looking at Justin.

Justin: He isnt going to lay a finger on you.

Justin got up and sat on the edge of my chair.

Justin: Scoot over.

I moved over and Justin laid down next to me. I snuggled up to him and he wrapped his arm around me. I looked back to where Jesse was standing before. He was gone thought. Great.. now we have a crazy-rapist-ex-boyfriend on the loose again.

Becca: He's gone.

Justin: Does that mean you want me to leave now.

Becca: No, I want you to stay.

Justin: Okay, then i'll stay.

We laid there and Justin started singing. When he finally stopped he kissed my hair.

Becca: Keep singing, I love when you sing.

Justin: What song?

Becca: I dont know, any song.

Justin:Oh, her eyes, her eyes make the stars look like they're not shinin'
Her hair, her hair falls perfectly without her tryin'
She's so beautiful
And I tell her everyday...

I looked at Justin and he smiled at me. When he finished the song he kissed my nose and smiled again.

Justin: Thats my song to you.

Becca: Well that song lies then.

Justin: No, it's absolutely true.

Becca: Lies.

He gave me a kiss and I closed my eyes.

Justin: Come on, its starting to rain.

Becca: What?

Justin: You fell asleep.

Becca: I'm sorry, its our second to last day and I slept.

Justin: For like half an hour, its okay. But its raining, so lets run.

I stood up and felt the tiny raindrops bounce on my skin. Justin took my hand and we started running. Halfway back to the room, Justin picked me up (bridal style) and started running.

Becca: You know I can run.

Justin: Yea, but I like holding you.

I kissed his cheek and he kept running. By the time we got to the room, we were both soaking wet.

Justin: Wanna get in the Jacuzzi?

Becca: Sure, better than nothing.

Justin grinned at me.

Becca: What?

Justin: You know... since its in our room... we dont have to wear bathing suits..

Becca: Yea, until Chaz, Ryan, and Corey walk in and want to get in.

Justin: Then I'll pull you on my lap.

Becca: Until I want to get out.

Justin rolled his eyes.

Justin: Please?

Becca: Justin, I dont want my brother to come into the same room as me when im naked.

Justin: He has before..

Becca: What do you mean?

Justin: remember, like last year, Me and Corey snuck into your room, and you were changing in your closet..

Becca: But he didnt see me.

Justin: He wouldnt see you is you were under the water.
*Knock knock*

I glared at Justin.

Becca: Look at that.

I walked over to the door and opened it and Chaz, Ryan, Corey, and Dakota all walked in.

Corey: arty here.

Justin: Shit..

Corey: What did you say Justin?

Justin: I said Hey..

Becca: We're just getting in the jacuzzi, wanna join.

All the guys ran over to the jacuzzi and jumped in.

Chaz: Why no water in it?

Becca: Because dumb asses, you have to add water...

Corey: No shit, but we thought you had it ready.

Becca: Well, I doubt that, becuase None of you guys think, except Justin, sometimes.

Justin: I am the brains of this friendship.

Corey: Yea sure..

Becca: Get out and i'll turn on the water.

They hopped out of the jacuzzi, and I turned on the water. The boys started throwing stuff around the room and I started talking to Dakota. Until, Justin ran over to me and used me as a sheild.

Becca: Stop!

Chaz: Move away from the girl.

Becca: Justin! MOVE!

He kissed my cheek then ran. I heard something break and I ran out to the living room part.

Becca: JUSTIN!

Chaz: Ooo Justin's in trouble.

Becca: SO ARE YOU!

Corey: Haha, sucks for you guys.


Justin: Boo

Becca: Dont you 'Boo' Me. YOU BROKE THE LAMP!

There was a glass lamp shattered into pieces on the floor.

Becca(continued): Clean it up.

Chaz: Well, somebody's on their period.

Becca: Excuse me?

Justin: She isnt on her period...

Ryan: How do you know?

Chaz: Because he probably fucked her last night.

Corey: Woah thats my sister, lets not talk about this.

Becca: Im getting in the jacuzzi, when you guys are done cleaning, you can join.

Justin: Babe?

Becca: Yes?

Justin: You look good in that bathing suit.

I rolled my eyes and walked back to Dakota.

Dakota: What happened?

Becca: Dumb asses broke the lamp.

Dakota: Ass holes.

Becca: I know, lets get in.

We hopped in the Jacuzzi and A few minutes later the boys all jumped in.

Becca: Nice, now when we get out, we'll all slip..

Chaz: Relax, you're on vacation.

Becca: Well... Just Saying...

Justin: Yea.. Relax..

Justin placed his hands on my hips and pulled me on to his lap. He put his hand on my thigh and mover it closer to my stomach. I stopped him. Then shook my head no.

Dakota: Becca, are you coming back to Florida for a bit?

Becca: Yea.

Justin wrapped his arms around my stomach.

Justin: Sadly...

Becca: I promise, time will fly by.

I wasn't really sure if it was going to, but I wanted to make Justin feel better, I didnt want him to feel like he was going to be away from me for so long.

Justin: A week is too long.

Becca: Justin, you think 5 seconds is too long.

Justin: So, it is...

Becca: Any time away is too long, how about that?

Justin: Exactly..

Becca: Well, a week is barely anything. Especially since you're going to see me half-way through the week.

Justin: I will be anxious for that day.

Chaz: Enough with that lovey-dovey shit, Who wants to play marco-polo.

Becca: Hey, dumb fuck, this is a jacuzzi, not a pool.

Chaz: Oh, right... Dont call me a dumb fuck babe.

Becca: I'll call you whatever I want to babe.

Justin: Yea dumb fuck, she'll call you whatever she wants to.

Chaz: Shut up Beaver..


Justin: Shut the fuck up.

Becca: He can be my beaver then.

Chaz: Hey! Thats the one name he hates.

Becca: Fine, Chaz you're Dumb Fuck, Justin's Beaver, Corey's dumb ass, Ryan is Dumb fuck the second, Dakota is Lazy, And Im Worthless.

Justin: BECCA!

Chaz: Oooo that one came and bit you in the ass Justin.

Justin: Becca, stop saying that.

Becca: It's just our nicknames.

Justin: Well im never calling you worthless.

Becca: Never say Never.

Justin:Never calling you that. Cause it's NOT true, I didnt mean that.

Corey: Listen Beaver, Worthless doesnt care.

Justin: Well I acre, she's my baby, im not calling her worthless.

Chaz: You had no problem with calling her that before.

Justin: I Didnt mean it! I just wanted Selena to shut up, she was always alking about how she thought I loved Becca more..

Corey: Doesnt mean you call her worthless..

Justin: Bec-

Becca: Guys, leave him alone, only I can mess with him.

Corey: FINE.

We stayed in the jacuzzi for another hour, then everybody decided that they were going to order room service then they were going to come back and we were all going to watch a movie together. I drained out the jacuzzi and hopped in the shower. When I got out Justin was on the bed with his head under he pillows. I put on my pajamas and walked over to him and laid next to him and lifted up the pillows that were on his head.

Becca: Whats the matter baby?

I ran my hand through his hair and he dug his head further into the bed.

Justin: Im a horrible boyfriend and friend.

Becca: Completely wrong, because You are my boyfriend, and you are ABSOLUTELY amazing, more than words can imagine, and you are also my best friend, and I know you Are the bestest friend ever.

Justin didnt say anything. I bent down and kissed his cheek. I rolled him over and he looked like he wanted to die. I straddled him and kissed his cheek.

Becca: Whats the matter?

Justin: I called you worthless, When we were best friends, I didnt mean it but, it makes me feel shitty.

Becca: Justin! Stop thinking about that! You're not a bad person, I love you more than anything.

I leaned over to give him a kiss but he moved his face.

Becca: Justiiinn!

Justin: I dont deserve a kiss.

Becca: Well I want one! Give me one.

He looked at me then shook his head no.

Becca: Justin! Please, I'll cry.

Justin: Dont cry!

Becca: Then Kiss me!

Justin: I dont deserve a kiss.

Becca: Justin! I want one!

I cupped his face and crashed my lips to his. He put his hands on my back to hold me on him, so I couldnt move. He stuck his tongue in my mouth and I smiled. I won, I got my kiss. When I pulled away he starred at me.

Becca: See, you deserved that.

Justin: No I didnt.

Becca: Justin!

Justin: What! I dont!

Becca: Yes you do.

Justin: Nope.

Becca: Well I dont care what you think, I KNOW you deserved that. And You will get more. Even if you dont think you deserve them.

Justin: Guess what?

Becca: What?

Justin: I Love you.

Becca: I love you too.

i brushed my nose across his.

Corey: BECCA!

I looked up and Corey was crying.

Becca: What?

Corey: Chirs is dead.






*AN Soo there you guysss gooo... idk if im going to update tonight... soo.... yea..... HOPE YOU ENJOYED*

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