Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


44. Catch Me When I Fall

I opened the door for Dakota and she walked in. She was wearing sweats.

Dakota: C'mon lets go.

I got off the bed and we walked out to her car. I sat in the passanger side.

I slept horrible, I got no sleep, I woke up several of times crying, looking for Justin. But of coarse he wasnt there.

Dakota: Okay, we're almost there.

Becca: Good.

After a few minutes of awkward silence we arrived.

Becca: Thanks for everything Kota, I owe you big time.

Dakota: No problem, anything for you.

I gave her a hug then walked into the airport. I could feel people look at me. I closed my eyes and kept walking. I went thorugh security and sat at my gate. Barely anybody was going to Flprida today.

After my section was called I got on the plane, I was almost all the way in the back. I checked my phone before we took off. I had 42 texts from Justin and 10 voicemails. I turned off my phone. I remembered how scared I was last time, and how Justin held on to me. As we were going down the runway I saw somebody run out from the airport. He was waving a ticket toward the plane. When he saw that we were almost in the air he fell to his knees and sat there. I knew that outfit, I knew that hair, I knew that face. It was Justin. But it was too late.

FA: Hi hunny, would you like to move up? You are about the only person on this flight. I looked around and there were only about 10 other people on the plane.

Becca: Sure.

After a long flight we landed in Florida. I called a cab and had it pick me up and take me home. As I opened th gate to the house I remember Justin with all his fans. I ran up to the house and got the spare key and unlocked the door.

Becca: Home sweet home.

I walked up to my bedroom and layed on the bed. I fell asleep for a few hours. When I woke up it was 9 at night. I way over slept...

I turned on my TV and the news was on.

Reporter: Justin Bieber caught on camera crying. Sources say he has canceled the rest of the Believe Tour.

I was in total shock. Justin canceled his tour.

Reporter: Justin ignored the cameras when questioned about Girlfriend Becca and Tour.

I turned off the Tv and started crying. This was all my fault, I did this.

My phone started buzzing, I didnt look I just answered it.

Becca: Hello?

Corey: Rebecca Where are you?

Becca: HOME

Corey: Justin was right...

Becca: What?

Corey: He saw you at the airport and started chasing you, but before he knew it you were on the plane and it was on the runway.

Before I could say anything he stopped me.

Corey: Becca, he needs you, he's breaking down.

Becca: I cant come back.

Corey: Well he's coming to you. He left on a plane right after you.

I hung up the phone and ran downstairs. I sat on the couch and waited for awhile. I looked at my phone and Justin texted me again.

Justin<3: Im coming for you, im not giving up on you.

I looked at that over and over again. I heard thunder strike, Suddenly the lights all went out. My eyes gre tired, I drifted to sleep and hugged the pillow.


I woke up and there was a pounding on the door. Since the doors were all glass it was obvious who it was. I got up and ran to the door. Justin was standing there, his tears were mixed with the rain. I unlocked the door. He stepped inside and pulled me into a hug. I didnt care that he was soaked. I put my hand on the back of his neck and pulled his lips to mine. I felt one of his tears hit my face. As we pulled out of the kiss he didnt let me go. He started crying harder.

Becca: I'm here, its okay, I promise.

I pulled him over to the couch. He hugged me even tighter, to make sure I was still there.

Justin: I lost you.

Becca: Im here now Justin, dont cry.

I started crying at the sight of him crying. I kissed him again and he gripped on to me.

Becca: I'm staying, im not leaving, I promise.

When I finally got Justin to calm down he laid his head on my lap and fell asleep. While he was sleeping i pulled a blanket over him. I started playing with his hair and he burind his head farther in my stomach. I kissed his forehead and relaxed. Justin was safe, and he was in my arms, thats all I needed. I leaned my head back and fell asleep.


Justin: Shut up, she's asleep.

I opened my eyes and I was in my bed with Justin at my side. Corey, Dakota, Pattie, and Usher were looking at me.

Justin: everybody out, now.

They all shuffled out of the room slowly. Justin faced me and pulled my face to his. Justin started crying again.

Becca: Justin, don't cry, I love you..

Justin: I love you more than anything, everything, I can't loose you, I know you might hate me, I know you might not want me here, and i know that you might not believe me about Selena, but I will always love you, and you're not slipping from my hands. I wont stop fighting for you.

I pulled Justin into a hug. He held me tightly.

Becca: You're not loosing me, I dont hate you, I want you here with me, forever.

Justin kissed me and didnt pull away.

Justin: Please, dont ever, scare me, ever. If you're going to leave me, well, I wouldnt let you leave.

Becca: Im not leaving, get that through your mind.

Justin: Good, I cant bare going through that again.

Becca: Why the hell did you cancel tour?

Justin: I needed to get you back, if I didnt then I would never sing again, You keep me going.

Becca: Well you need to go back, you cant let the beliebers down like that.

Justin: I'll go back, I'll do anything, as long as you are right there with me.

Becca: Only if you want me to be.

Justin: Becca, I could conquer the world with one hand, as long as you were holding the other.

 I took his hand in mine.

Becca: Forever and always.

Justin: Forever.

His lips found a way to mine. He tugged on my botton lip, asking for access to my mouth. I let his tongue slip into my mouth. I giggled as he did this. My tongue started fighting his for domance. I pulled out of the kiss and started laughing.

Justin: Just because my tongue won doesnt mean you have to pull out of the kiss.

He laughed with me.

Becca: Hey, mine was winning.

Justin: Whatever you wanna think.

I gave him a peck on the lips and he smiled.

Becca: Why was everybody around me.

Justin: They thought you were going to try and run from me, and they knew that would crush me.

Becca: Well im not going anywhere so you can let go of me.

Justin: I'll never let go of you.

Becca: Well you can disable your security guards.

Justin: Nahh

He winked at me. I laughed at him.

Becca: You're so weird.

Justin: I dont care.

I went in to give him a kiss then pulled away an dstarted running out of the room.

Justin: Heyy! You're mine!

I laughed and kept running. Everybody looked at me. Justin pinned me up against the kitchen wall.

Justin: Now, I believe you owe me two kissed.

I pressed my lips to his two times. He still kept me pinned there.

Becca: Can I get out now?

Justin: Only if I get to hold your hand.

I laughed and tangeled my fingers with his. We walked over to the people and they were staring at us.

Justin: What are you guys doing?

Pattie: Hunny, beliebers are surrounding this whole place, we cant leave.

We looked outside and they were flooding the house.

Justin: Shit!

Pattie: What?

Justin: Becca's chlostraphobic.

I hadn't even thought about that. All of a sudden it felt like I was being surrounded, I was going to drown in the sea of people, and there was no way out. I started Hyperventalating.

Justin: Becca you're okay.

I let go of his hand. He took it back in his.

Justin: Are you okay Becca?

My vision started going blurry.

Becca: Justin?

Justin: Yes baby? Are you okay?

Becca: Im going down.




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