Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


21. Cali Concert(:

An hour later we were running around the arena. Justin was in the dressing room and I was roaming around the arena. I could here somebody calling my name. I looked back. I saw Justin with a big hoodie on.

Justin: Becca, I've been looking for you everywhere, you scared me.

Becca: Justin it's okay, Im okay.

He leaned down and kissed me slowly. I felt a couple of people stare at us. I put my hand on Justins face just so they couldn't see his face. Some of the fans noticed who I was and gasped when they saw me kissing this 'boy' they had absolutely no clue it was Justin. As we came out of the kiss he took my arm and ran me backstage. Some of the girls screamed and followed us.

Becca: You should have left me there Justin.

Justin: I would never leave you.

He bent down and kissed me passionatly again. Scooter came in.

Scooter: Get ready you're on in 10.

Justin smiled at me. I squeezed his hand. I couldn't help it, I was soo excited to see my Justin perform.

Becca: Im going in the crowd, maybe you'll see me, nah I think i'll hide.

Justin: I will catch a glimps of your eyes and I will know its you, Dont doubt me Rebecca

He winked at me. I walked the opposite way that he was going.

Justin: Wait, Becca

Before I could reply I was getting spun around and kissed by Justin.

Becca: Go get em' boy.

We walked our seperate ways. I walked out into the crowd and took my seat in the 3rd row. Justin came out on wings like at practice. He started with ALAYLM. I could see him look through each row. I had on Justins hoodie, but i competely forgot. I saw him look me in the eyes. He winked at me. Damnit. Next Justin sang Somebody to Love.

Justin: Is she out there? Maybe to the right? Maybe to the Left? Or is she right there in the middle.

I covered my face with my hands. Justin winked at me when I removed my face from my hands from my face.

Justin: Well we'll see when I find my One Less Lonely Girl.

I felt Pattie take me hand.

Pattie: You were requested on stage.

I followed Pattie backstage and Justins back up dancers took me on and sat me on a stool. Justin came down and did his little dance like at rehersal, but instead of waiting for the song to end to give me a kiss he kissed me right then and there. All the beliebers screamed.

Justin ran me off stage.

Justin: Told you I was going to find you.

Becca: Not if I run away..

I started running and Justin started chasing after me until his security guards stopped him.

Justin: Becca come back here.

Becca: No chance.

Justin: Fine, but you'll pay afterwards.

I giggled and ran back to my seat, a bunch of girls took a bunch of photos with me after noticing I was Justins girlfriend. Justin sang the last song.

Justin: Okay but before I go I just wanted to let you ALL know that, the girl I brought up here and kissed is IN FACT my girlfriend. Oh and she loves all of the beliebers, more than anybody else.

Justin ran off of stage. Justin had his meet and greet now. I walked around the arena and as I was about to get a snack Justin covered my mouth with his hands. I decided to bite his finger.

Justin: OUCH. What was that for?

I was kinda surprised that none of the girls noticed Justin.

Becca: Next time dont put your hand over my mouth.

I paid the guy for my food. Justin looked at me like I was crazy.

Justin: You get that for free since you're with us.

Becca: Ahh too late, want a bite.

Justin: no, but i want a kiss.

I gave him a kiss then some girls noticed us and screamed.

Justin: awh crap.

Justin signed their arms and got a picture with them. Now all we had to do was the meet and greet. Justin changed into sweatpants and a t-shirt. He looked so happy, and tired. I sat and watched him with all his fans. Ever once and awhile he would glance at me and smile. After the meet and greet he ran over to me and kissed me.

Justin: That was the longest meet and greet ever.

Becca: Now you get to go home and go to bed.

Justin: you mean go home and cuddle.

As we were loading up, my stomach started to hurt.

Justin: Are you okay Becca? You dont look good.

Becca: Just a stomach ache.

Justin: C'mon you need to rest.

Instead of helping fisnish loading up Justin made me go in the bus. Apperently I had forgot my Pajamas, so Justin gave me a sweatshirt and some sweatpants. When I got changed I didnt feel any better. Justin tucked me in to bed while he went and talke to Scooter and Pattie.

Justin: We're going to have a doctor come by tomorrow.

I was to weak to reply so instead I just nodded. I could see the pain in his eyes. It was killing me that I was affecting him. Justin curled up next to me. I thought I felt a tear drop hit my forehead, but i want quite sure.

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