Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


17. Believe Tour Here We Come.

I woke up in Justins arms. Justin was passed out. He looked like an angel when he slept. I crept out of bed and woke Dakota and Corey up.

Becca: Time to get ready.

I heard foot steps coming from my bedroom. I walked over and Justin was still asleep. Weird. I went back over to Corey's room and I heard footsteps again, exceot they were from outside. I walked into my bedroom and saw that there was paparazzi outside, on my back porch looking up into my bedroom. I closed the curtains so they couldn't get anymore pictures of Justin. I sat on the bed next to Justin. His arms wrapped around my stomach and pulled me closer. Justin started mumbling.

Justin: i don't wanna go....

Becca: Justin its only 7 am.

Justin: good we dont have to leave til 12. That means I have 5 hours to cuddle with you.

Becca: 3 hours, an hour for each of us to get ready.

I got under the covers and cuddled with Justin. He kept his eyes closed but held on to me tightly. I started playing with his hair.

Justin: Becca, i'm glad you said yes.

Becca: I told you i'd do anything to make you happy.

Justin: No not about going on tour, about being my girlfriend. It would have crushed me if you said no, and I probably would have cried.

Becca: Justin, why would you ever doubt that I would say yes?

Justin: you're you, and you know about how the beliebers get, you know how the beliebers dont like my girlfriends sometimes, and you still agreed to be with me.

Becca: Justin I would never say no to you.

Justins head was in my lap and he pulled my face down and kissed me.

Justin: promimse me something Becca..

Becca: Whats that baby?

Justin: You'll never leave me, like never

Becca: I promise you Justin. Forever and always.

Justin: Forever and always.

Justin laid regularly and waited until i curled up next to him. I fell asleep in his arms and 3 hours later Justin was waking me up with a bunch of kisses.

Justin: Time to get ready baby.

Justin was in his jeans and black V-neck. I covered my face with a pillow.

Becca: No..

Justin: C'mon you can cuddle with me on the bus.

I dragged myself out of the bed, into the shower. After I got my shower I got changed into my sweat pants and Justins sweatshirt. My bags were carried to the car and Justin was in the living room waiting for me. I looked at my bare room one more time before closing the door. When I met Justin in the living room he was on his phone. I sat on the couch and curled up to a pillow.

Justin: Woah, is that pillow going to take my place as your cuddle buddy?

Justin sat next to my legs.

Becca: Nobody could take your place Justin.

He threw the couch pillow across the room and cuddled with me. Scooter walked in.

Scooter: Alright lets go guys, we wont be gone for long

Becca: What?

Justin: When I have days off we'll either come back here or go to Canada

Becca: Ohh Okay.

I stood up with Justin and we walked to the bus. When we got on the tour bus Dakota and Corey were sitting on a couch watching TV.

Corey: So we're driving this thing to California in one night?

Justin: Noo, we're catching a jet to Cali and the bus will have twice the time to get there.

Justin sat down on the couch nect to them and had me lay my head on his lap, he started playing with my hair.

Justin: you can go to sleep baby, I'll wake you up when we get to the airport.

So I did as Justin said I could.

I woke up about an hour later as we arrived at the airport. Justin led me off the bus. He held my hand and gave me his sunglasses, because he was pretty sure paparazzi was going to be there. Justin was right as we stepped out of the bus a thousand lightes were coming from different directions. All the paparazzi kept asking questions like "Is she your Girlfriend" or "Is that your old friend?" It was really bothering me and Justin could tell.

Justin: Leave her alone.

They didnt listen to Justin, instead Justin just pulled me closer to him and held me in his arms. We got on the jet and i threw Justins sunglasses to him. Dakota and Corey followed us in and then the door closed. There were two couches and a mini bar. Justin and me sat next to each other and Corey and Dakota sat on the other couch. Justin fell asleep at the same time I did. When I woke up the flight wasnt close to being over so I got up and got a water. I Felt Justin wrap his arms around my waist.

Justin: Im so glad you came.

Becca: I'd do anything for you Justin.

Justin Picked me up from behind and started tickling me.

Becca: Justin you  know i'll kill you.

Dakota an d Corey bursted into laughter as Justin started tickling me. after 5 hard minutes of laughter I got Justin to stop  by kissing him. After a few hours the plane landed in Cali.  A smirk grew appon Justins face.

Justin took my hand as we stepped out of the plane.

Bring It On.


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