Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


45. Beliebers <3

When I woke up Justin was siiting next to me holding my hand. I started to sit down.

Justin: No, stay laying down.

He laid me back down. He squeezed me hand and Pattie came over with a glass of water.

Justin: Are you feeling better?

Becca: It was just because I hadnt noticed then before and-

He cut me off by kissing me.

Justin: I just want you to be okay.

I sat up and Justin tried to lay me back down.

Becca: I'm okay.

He pulled me on to his lap. I grabbed on to the back of his neck.

Justin: Do we need to go upstairs?

I looked out the doors and girls were pressed up them crying and screaming for Justin.

Becca: Um, no, im fine.

Justin: Dont lie to me.

Becca: I promise im fine.

Pattie: Justin, stop being protective.

Justin: Hahahahaha thats like telling somebody not to breathe. Impossible.

Pattie sat next to us and laughed.

Pattie: Hunny, breathing is natural.

Justin: You're point is? Being protective is natural.

Pattie laughed.

Pattie: Kid, you're too much.

Becca: I'm gunna let you talk, im gunna go upstairs and get some air.

PAttie looked at me puzzled.

Justin: She has a balcony in her bedroom mom.

Pattie: Well I didnt know.

I laughed and attempted to stand up. Justin's arms were still wrapped around my waist.

Justin: Hey, i want a kiss.

I gave him a quick kiss and stood up straight. Justin stood up again.

Justin: Now, I want on like before.

He wrapped his hands around my waist and lifted me up a little. He pressed his lips to mine and didnt let them leave for awhile.

Pattie: Hunny let her breathe.

I laughed as we pulled apart.

Justin: Mom, do you have to inturrupt.

I gave him a kiss on the cheek and he sat back down. When I walked upstairs and walked on to the balcony girls screamed even louder. My balcony was off to the side of there view. They all kept screaming. I could see the water, oh how bad I wished I could swim in the water.

I felt hands creep around my waist.

Justin: I never got that full kiss.

Becca: Do you really want to kiss me, in front of all the beliebers?

Justin looked at them.

Justin: I dont really care right now.

He lifted me up and sat me on the railing. He wrapped his arms around my waist.

I leaned my face down and kissed him. He slip me off the railing and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He did the same as he did before I passed out. The fans started screaming louder. I laughed and smiled at Justin.

Becca: I dont think they like that...

Justin: Well that sucks for them.

Becca: You should talk to them..

Justin: I guess I can, but can we cuddle when i'm done?

Becca: Of coarse.

Justin: Okay, Lets get this done and over with.

I hopped down from his waist and walked back in the bedroom. I looked back at him and he was screaming down to his fans.

I looked at the door then made my move, I walked casually over to the door, closed it then locked it. Justin turned around and jiggled the door knob.

Justin: You didnt just do that.

Becca: I believe I just did.

Justin turned back towards the crowd.

Justin: Well it seems my Girlfriend has locked me out, and that meaens the only way to get away from the balcony is Jumping...

He was bluffing.. Was he?

I started biting my nails and he looked back at me.

Justin: Will you guys catch me when I fall?

They all screamed yes.

Justin sat on the railing with his legs facing thte fans.

I ran to the door and unlocked it. I ran out and ran over to him. He laughed at me and turned around and gave me a hug.

Justin: I wasn't going to jump.

Becca: You Jerk!

He laughed and kissed the top of my head.

Justin: You know it was funny.

Becca: What if you would have died?

Justin: Says the girl who ran away from me and whose location was unknow, who could have been dead in the streets.

Becca: I wasnt though.

Justin: Well my mind kept tricking me to think you were going to die or something.

All the fans started screaming.

Becca: Justin you're not going to loose me.

He kissed me and looked out into the sea of girls, there was a guy there, staring  at us. Me specifically.




*A/N Im sorry this sucks :/ I'll try to update again... *

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