Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!



I was being raised out of the water on Justin's shoulders.

Becca: Set me down, its cold.

Justin: No, you thought you could run away, so this is your punishment...

Becca: CORRECTION, I swam away....

Justin: Well ms.specific.....

Becca: Not set me down.


Becca: I hate you guys.

Justin: That hurts our feelings...

Chaz: YEA.

Justin slowly set me down in the water.

Becca: You should have set me down.

Justin: Now, i'm sad...

Becca: Then cheer up.

Justin: That's not possible... unless...

Becca: Unless?

Justin: You give me a kiss, AND say 'I love Justin more than anything on this earth'

Becca: Really? Then since Ryan and Chaz are sad, do I have to kiss them and say that about them.

He pulled me closer by my hips.

Justin: They'll get over it...

I smiled and gave Justin a kiss.

Becca: Better?

Justin: Mmm, you still have to say it...

Becca: It.

Justin: Beccaaa!

Becca: I Love you more than anything on this earth.

Justin: And whats my name?

Becca: Justin Drew Bieber.

Justin: Thats my girl.

Chaz: Hey, I want a kiss.

Justin pulled me closer and squeezed me.

Justin: How about.... NO.

Ryan: Yea, just on the cheek.

Chaz: speak for yourself, I want some lip action.

Becca: Oh, you'll get your lip action...

I pressed my lips against Justin and slipped my tongue into his mouth. His tongue started fighting mine and won.

Becca: Wow, my tongue needs to work out.

Justin: Mine can train yours...


Becca: You never said you wanted it, you said some lip action, you saw lip action, you never specified that you wanted it.

Chaz: Well IIIII Want lip action.

Becca: Okay, go get a girl, and get some lip action.

Justin laughed at him and lifted me up so I could wrap my legs around his waist.

Chaz: But I just want one LITTLE ITTY BITTY kiss from Becca.

Justin: ONLY on the cheek.

Chaz: BUT!

Justin: Take it or leave it.


He walked over to us and I leaned to kiss his cheek but he swapped his cheek with his face.

Justin: HEY!

Chaz: Oops... didnt mean for that to happen...

Becca: Eww, CHAZ!

I wiped my lips with my hand.

Justin: Dude, thats MY Becca you just kissed...

Chaz: Mmm too bad. Oh Babe Btw, youre a good kisser.

Justin: Shut Up.

I looked back at Justin and kissed him.

Becca: Sorry, I needed the feel lof his lips off of mine...

Justin: Thats fine with me..

I smiled and then I heard a farmiliar voice.

Person: BECCA!

I looked back and Dakota was running towards me. Corey was right behind her.

Justin: You're not allowed to leave..

Becca: Im not im not...

Corey walked next to us and smiled.

Corey: Whats up bro.

Justin: Nothing, chillen, making your sister say that she loves me.

Corey: You better not be making her do anything else..

Justin: Dude, I wouldnt make her do anything.

Corey: You just sai-

Justin: SHHH.

Corey: OH SHIT!

Becca: What?

Corey: Shark, 5 feet ahead..

Becca: Stop messing with me, its not funny...

Justin: Becca we arent kidding look...

He pointed to a fin that was floating above water.


I closed my eyes and put my face against his chest.

Justin and the rest of the boys started laughing so hard.

Becca: I hate you! You know I hate sharks.

Justin: Im sorry baby, it gets funnier every time.

Becca: No, it gets more annoying everytime.

Justin: Im sorry.

He went to kiss me but I pushed him away. I unwrapped my legs from his waist and made my way out of his arms and out of the water.

Dakota: HEY! I was just getting in!

Becca: Well im staying out, they think its funny to tell me that sharks are coming for us.

Justin: BOO

I looked over and Justin was looking at me with his pouty face. I just shook my head no and looked away. A few seconds later I heard a bunch of female, high-pitched, screams. When I looked over Justin was being attacked by beliebers. I fell back laughing. He looked scared and happy at the same time. When he looked over at me he smiled.


The beliebers screamed and started running at me.


Becca: Yea, haha I guess I am.

They all sat down in the sand staring at me.


Becca: Oh, so many options...

Belieber: Pick the best!

Becca: HMM, OKAY I got it! Okay so we were on our flight down here and as we were stepping on the plane he like completely trippedted on the stairs..

They all started laughing uncontrolably. I looked over and Justin was running toward me.

Becca: Oh and then when-

Justin plopped next to me and pulled my lips to his.

Beliebers: AWHHHHH

I pulled away and he pecked my lips again.

Becca: Back to what I was saying before I got RUDELY interrupted... When we were little Justi-

Justin coverend my mouth with his hands.

Justin:LALALA story time over.

Beliebers: Then is it Beliebers&Justin party time?

Justin: Nah, thats tonight. Right now, its time to throw Becca back into the ocean.

Becca: JUSTIN. Im still mad at you!

Beliebers: What did he do?

Becca: Well, im severely afraid of sharks, so him and my idiot brother told me that sharks were coming toward us, and I started freaking out, then Justin, Chaz, Ryan, and Corey all burst into laughter, because they were messing with me.

Belieber: Whats Justin's biggest fear, we'll get him back.

Justin: I am not telling you guys that.

Becca: He is afraid of loosing his beliebers.

Justin: that and something else is tied with it.

Becca: What?

Justin: Ooops look, I cant tell.

Becca: Justin! I will leave.

Justin: NO.


Becca: No, has to be scarier than that.

Justin: Im afraid of... YOU.

Becca: Okay, I dont want to scare you, so i'll leave.

I stood up and as soon as I did I felt eyes on me, and hands wrapped around my stomach.

Justin: No, you arent allowed to leave, remember?

I turned and face him and he kept his arms around me.

Beliebers: BECCA! You cant leave him now!

Becca: But you're scared of me, remember?

Justin: Can I tell you a secret?

Becca: What?

Justin: I lied.

He leaned his face toward mine. I stopped him by putting my finger to his lips.

Becca: Still mad.

Justin: Well, I. want. a. kiss. NOW.

Becca: You cant always get what you want...

Belieber: Becca!

Justin gave me the puppy-dog face.

Becca: Finee.

I cupped his face and gave him a kiss. After I gave him a kiss he smiled at me and the beliebers started squealing.

Becca: Haha, you guys are so cute.

Justin: Boo, im going to go get Ryan, Chaz, and Corey, ill be back.

As soon as Justin left all the beliebers started talking fast.

Becca: Wait, calm down, say what?

Belieber: We WERE saying, that we should start a trend on Twitter saying #JustinNeedsAKiss & #BelieberPARTY

Becca: Good Idea, shh he's goming back.

Justin: You guys all quieted down, whats up with that crap?

Becca: Nothing sweetie.

Justin: Becca!

Ryan: Yea Babe, what did you do?

Becca: Nothing Babe.

The beliebers started screaming when theysaw Chaz and Ryan.


Becca: Because thats just what we call each other, nothing special.

Justin: And to irritate me.

Becca: You never said it irritated you.

I tapped the top of his nose.

Chaz: And becuase she'd my babe.

Becca: Lies, lies, all lies.

Justin: Chaz, you WISH she was your babe.

Chaz: She rocks my world.

Becca: Even more lies.

Justin: Yea, he's lying becuase she rocks my world.

He winked at me and I started blushing.

Becca: In front of the Beliebers, really?

Justin: Yea..

Belieber: OOO LALA...

Justin: Guys, Im having the beach rented off for a party tonight, you guys are all coming, 7 o' clock, alright, alright.  But before we do that, I need to take a nap and shower, so can we meet up here later so i'll be awake and ready?

Beliebers: YEA OMFB YES!

Justin: Okay, i'll meet oyu guys here in 3 hours.

The beliebrs ran off screaming and crying tears of joy.

Justin: So what did you do?

Becca: Nothing!

Justin: Tell me!

I turned around and ran to the room. When we got there he finally caught up to me and pinned me on the bed.

Justin(whispering in my ear): What did you do?

Becca(whispering): You'll find out soon..

He crashed his lips on to mine and flipped me over so I was on top this time. I could feel him getting hard..

Justin: You *kisses* Have *kisses* no *kisses* clue *kisses* how *kisses* much *kisses* I Want *kisses* you *kisses* right *kisses* Now...

Becca: I actually do, I can tell.

I nodded my head down to Jerry. Justin winked and me and gave me a smirk.

Oh that boy somethimes...






*A/N OMB SORRY I DIDNT UPDATE BEFORE, I napped when I got home, then showered... GOOD NEWSS!!! I need people, to be in the story, in place of Just saying 'Beliebers' I want to give names to the belibers, so tell me if you want your name to be one of the beliebers and what namee:D BUT IM SOOO SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING!!! I like hate myself.... THINGS ARE GETTING HEATED WOOW WOOW. WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE... ANYWAYS, 10 comments and I'll update tonight :d Bye boos <3*

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