Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


28. Are you kidding me?

Justin called up scooter and told him to hole the concert until tomorrow. He also decided to make an appointment to get interviewed by the hollywood producers to settle out this whole Selena thing. Justin pulled me closer to him by my hips.

Justin: This whole thing is going to be sorted out, and then the whole world will know that you are MINE.

He moved his head closer and kissed me.

Becca: So the beliebers will get mad at you and leave you.

Justin: Uhhh Lets not talk about that, last time we talked about it you almost left me, And that is not allowed to happen my dear.

Becca: I'm not leaving you Justin.

Justin: Thats what you said before, but you almost left me.

Becca: I was just going to go back to Florida for a bit, not leave you.

Justin raised his eye brow. He looked a little bit anxious.

Becca: I wont leave, no matter what happens tonight, I promise.

Justin : If you do, I will come and find you, and then when I catch you you wont be leaving my arms.

I laughed. He smiled at me.

As we were walking opposite ways he stopped me from moving and whispered in my ear.

Justin: Im not kidding, I will always find you, and keep you in my arms, Forever.

When he let go of my arm I stood in front of him.

Becca: Woah, you didnt think you could get away without giving me a kiss.

Justin: hey its no problem for me.

He leaned in and kissed me softly.

A few hours later, it was time for the interview. I admit I was kind of nervous, I could tell Justin was too. He was so concentraited on how he looked. I stood in the doorway as he ran around getting ready. When he saw me he calmed down. I walked over to him and gave him a hug.

Justin: Will you please come with me.

Becca: Justin.. I dont knoww!

Justin: Please it would make me WAYY more relaxed.

Becca: Justiinnn!

Justin: PLEASE!

I shook my head in disbelief about what I was about to say.

Becca: Fine.

Justins face lit up.

Justin: Yay! I love you soo much.

Becca: Yea yea I love you too.

Once I got changed into my high waisted skirt and blousse Justin walked me downstairs. When we arrived at the studio there were so many paparazzi. Justin just ushed through them and pulled me with him. When we got into the studio we sat in the changing room and relaxed for a little bit. When one of the workers came in it was a sign that we had to go backstage. When we got backstage we walked over to the snack table. Justin picked up some popcorn and started throwing it in his mouth then he threw it in my mouth. A few minutes after he calmed down with his laughter he went on to where they did the interview. I sat backstage and watched Justin, he was so cute when he was under pressure.

Person: Well.. I didnt know you were going to be here..

I looked back, Surprise surprise Selena was here.

Becca: Yea, well im his girlfriend so I kind of have a reason to be here, but you on the other hand, I have no clue why you're here.

Selena: I'm part of the interview, its a COUPLE interview.

Becca: I think you mean a double interview, considering you two aren't a couple.

Selena walked by me and she mumbled something.

I looked back at Justin and he was waving me out. I mouthed the words, 'No way'

Justin: I'll be right back.

He walked over to me and started to pull my hand. He eventually go t my over to the chair where he sat. He pulled me on to his lap.

Interviewer: So I see you and Becca obviously aren't over.

Justin: I didnt even know we were before

Interviewer: Well Somebody started a rumor that you and Selena were back together.

Justin: I heard, but thats why im here to verify that we are not broken up and me and Selena are not together.

Interviewer: Well lets bring Selena out here and see what she thinks.

Justins jaw dropped. He stared whispering.

Justin: Baby I swear I didnt know she was going to be here.

Becca: Its okay.

Selena walked out and smiled. She sat next to Justin.

Interviewer: So Selena what do you think about this?

Selena: Well, honestly, I thought that maybe it was a sign that Justin wanted to get back together, I would have got back together if it was what he wanted.

She put her hand on his thigh.

Selena (Continued): I mean, when we nearly kissed at the club I thought it was a sign that maybe he wanted to get back together.

He hand moved up his leg. Justin repositioned me so I was sitting sideways on his lap.

Justin: Let me just correct what you're saying Selena, YOU leaned in and TRIED to kiss me, and you would like to get back together because you dont want me to belong to another woman.

Selena: Um, at the club, you didnt push me away until we got close to kissing.

Justin: Thats because you were coming at me 100 mph.

Justin was getting frusturated. I leaned my face closer to his ear.

Becca: Relax, its okay.

Interviewer: Becca what do you have to say about this situation?

Becca: Well, I was at the club the night that Selena tried to kiss Justin, he did pull away and she was coming at him pretty fast.

Interviewer: What about the break up rumor

Becca: I thought it was pretty funny considering Justin and I have never came close to breaking up, and i've been spending the past week or so with Justin, and Selena hasn't been anywhere near us except that one night. But I guess with the fame there are always going to be haters.

I shot my glare at Selena.

Becca (continued): And some of them will do anything to break us up.

Interviewer: Well thats very interesting. When we get back we'll be talking to Beyonce about her baby bump!

We all walked backstage. The first thing Justin did was give me a hug and a kiss. Selena walked over.

Selena: Becca, we all know your relationship is just temporary.

I decided to just walk the opposite way of her. I heard Justin starting to talk to her.

Justin: The fuck are you doing? I love her, just accept it, you broke up with me.

Selena: Everybody breaks up, but they always end up gettin back together.

I heard them shout a few things back and forth. When Justin finally walked over to me he wrapped his arms around me.

Justin: She is getting on my nerves.

Becca: You and me both hunny.

Justin: Wanna go to a movie instead of just going home?

Becca: im wearing this uncomfortable outfit thouugh.

Justin: I have some sweats and basketball shorts in the trunk

Becca: Sure then.

Justin held my hand and we walked back out to his car.

When we got in the car we each took a turn changing in the back. When we pulled up to the movies we managed to get in without anybody noticing us. We ended up watching 'Safe Haven', Justin insistedthat I sit on his lap instead of my own seat. I curled u in his arms. There was something calming about being with Justin, but what wasnt calming was trying to leave the movie theatere when there was a movie theatere filled with screaming fans and when tons of paparazzi were there. We finally got back to Mallorys house. It was about 11:30.

Justin: I'm not tired.

Becca: Me either.

Justin switched on the TV in the guest bedroom and there on the screen was a picture of Justin Selena fighting, but instead of fighting it looked like they were about to kiss.

Justin: Are you fucking serious?

Justin put his face in his hands. I lifted his face from his hands. He looked so mad. Without warning He pulled my face closer to him and he gave me a kiss.

Justin: What am I going to do?

Becca: I dont know, but I am here for you no matter what..


*A/N Ooo Selena troubles.... Just FYI I dont hate Selena and im sure she isnt that mean, I just dont have respect for her, the way she crushed Justin, Sorry to all the Selenators that read this, Like I said before I do NOT hate Selena, so dont get defensive. *

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