Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


18. Airport (:

We stepped off the Jet and were approached by hundreds of beliebers. Justin Threw me on his back and gave me a piggy back ride.

Becca: you are so silly.

Justin: Yea, I know.... I love you.

Becca: I love yu too Justin

Justin: I just wanted to make sure you knew that.

I pulled Justins face toward mine and kissed him. I really didnt care about all the cameras, I mean it was pretty obvious we were dating, but what I hadn't thought about was the beliebers, I knew that they meant everything to Justin. I didnt wanna hurt them. Justin turned his face to me for another kiss but I denied it. He gave me a funny look. I looked at all the beliebers and I think he understood me. The he whispered in my ear.

Justin: They'll understand

I nodded my head and He kissed me again and I heard fans scream. I smiled becuase they were good screams. Justin finally let me stand on my own two feet. Just when I thought I was free of his grip he intertwined his fingers with mine.

Becca: Im gunna go buy some gun and mentos, and a water you want anything?

Justin: I'll come with you.

Me and Justin walked into the closest store. I got the gum,Mentos, and water, Justin got a magizine that had me and him kissing on the front.

Becca: really Justin?

Justin smirked.

Justin: Yup really.

I started to get out my wallet and Justin already handed the cashier money.

Becca: Justin!

Justin: What? Im not allowed to pay?

Becca: No! Not for my stuff.

Justin: Well, thats too bad for you.

He took my hand again and ripped the front page off of the magizine. He took a pen and signed the page that was next and gave it to a little girl.

Becca: That was adorable!

Justin: I try my best to be fair to the beliebers.

We had the body guards pussing through the beliebers. Justin took off his beanie and put it on my head.

Becca: You are so weird Justin.

Justin: Thank you boo. Can I get a kiss?

I leaned closer to Justin and gave him a kiss. Justin sat down at another gate.

Becca: Why are we getting on to another Jet?

Justin: Becca, we arent in Cali yet..

Becca: Then why was the flight so long?

Justin: Because I like to fly around Ya know see the states.

I stood next to where Justin was sitting. He pulled me down on to his lap.

He gave me a kissy face and I pushed his face away.

Justin: C'mon boo

I gave Justin a kiss to keep a smile on his precious little face.

Becca: im going to go buy a pillow.

Justin: Okay I'm coming with you.

Becca: Im not having the body guards come with me.

Justin: Yes you are you could get hurt.

Becca: Well thats a rish i'm willing to take.

Justin: Well im not risking you getting hurt, Kenny c'mon we're goi-

Before Justin could say anything else I bolted through the girls and ran away from Justin. When I looked back Justin was coming to get me. I startede running faster until I got close to the store, thats when Justin grabbed me buy the waist and picked me up.

Becca: Justin put me down. I started laughing.

Justin: Nope.

I wrapped my legs around his waist since he wasnt going to let me down.

Justin: Good girl.

We walked in the store and Justin got me a pillow that said 'Bieber'

Becca: Woooww Justin.

Justin: says the girl who TRIED to run away from me.

He winked at me then he looked over to where we were supposed to be sitting. Kenny was already making a path for us throughvthe crowd.

Becca: I cant believe you Bieber.

Justin Laughed and carried me on to the plane. When I saw Dakot and Corey they Burst into laughter.

This was going to be a loonggg plane ride....

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