Brother's Best Friend

Becca is Justin Bieber's best friends little sister. Justin has always been there for Becca and Corey. What happens when they both start liking each other more than expected? Read to find out!


70. A Day With The Crew <3

I woke up and I was still wearing nothing. Justin wasnt wearing anything either. I tried sitting up but it hurt. I guess the first times the worst right? Yes, this was our first time, and this was my first time ever, but I was glad it was with Justin. I laid back down. I curled up closer to Justin and closed my eyes.

I woke up again and Justin was looking at me. He pushed a piece of hair behind my ear.

Justin: Good Morning beautiful.

Becca: Good Morning.

He kissed my nase and smiled at me.

Justin: How are you feeling?

Becca: Amazing, except I cant sit up without hurting..

Justin: Im sorry.. I shouldnt have ...

Becca: No, im glad we did.

Justin smiled at me.

Becca: I love you.

Justin: I love you too.

I stood up and put a robe on. Justin looked at me.

Justin: Where are you going?

Becca: Getting a water? Will you come with me.

Justin hopped up and put on his boxers. When he got them on he walked over to me and took my hand in his. We walked out to the kitchen where Corey and Dakota were standing.

BeccA: Shit.

Justin: It's okay just grab the water and we'll go..

The plan worked except for when dakota looked at me. She mouthed the words "We need to talk" Shit. She knew.  I walked back into the bedroom with Justin and I put my underwear and bra back on, along with Justin's shirt.

He planted a gentle kiss on my neck.

Becca: I have to go talk to Kota, I wont be long. I promise.

Justin: You better not be. I'll be on twitter...

I left the room and walked out to where Kota was.

Dakota: Excuse us Corey...

Dakota walked me to the door.

Beccca: Im not going out there.

Dakota: Why?

Becca: Justin doesnt know... And Jesse..

Dakota: Okay, well I dont want anybody to hear us... Can we go in oyur guys bedroom?

Becca: Yea, i'll kick Justin.

I opened the door to the bedroom and he smiled at me.

Justin: That was fast..

Becca: Cause we didnt talk. Im kicking you out for a little bit.

Justin: No you're not.

Becca: Would you rather me go outside?

Justin: You know, i'll leave the room, let you girls talk.

He walked past me and kissed my head. Dakota walked in and sat next to me on the bed. The pain was killing me, I wanted to scream, so I laid down instead.

Dakota: You guys, are not quiet.

I started laughing.

Becca: We didnt scream, except maybe once.

Dakota: Try like 15!

I covered my face.

Becca: Oh my god, does Corey know...?

Dakota: Well, he was asleep, then you woke him up. But you guys stopped like as soon as he stood up.

Becca: Wait, he was going to check on us?

I couldnt help but burst into laughter.

Dakota: Yes!

 He did, he said that you two were cuddling and asleep...

Becca:Oh jeez, i'm glad that happened like that...

Dakota: You got Lucky...

Becca: Can Justin come back in? Can you tell him the story?

Dakota: Yea, haha

I walked into the hallway and Corey was talking to Justin. I walked over and told Justin.

Becca: We need to talk Justin...

He looked scared, like he waws about to cry.

I pulled him into the room and started laughing again.

Justin: What?

Becca: Dakota, tell him.

Dakota: Corey heard you guys as you finished 'that' last night and came into check on you, but by that time you guys were asleep.

Justin looked at me and smiled. I was on the floor laughing. He picked me up off the ground and kissed my cheek.

Dakota: You better have used protection, or else Corey and Me will kill you.

Justin: Dont worry, we did.

Dakota: Are you guys going to tell Corey?

Justin: Haha, If i do, i'll get killed.

Dakota: He's gunna find out some way...

Justin: How about you tell him for us.

Dakota: No!

Justin: Come on he loves you!

Dakota: He loves Becca too...

Justin looked back at me same with Dakota.

Becca: OH no. He'll kill me too!

Justin: Pleaseee!

Becca: Fine lets tell him together.

Justin: Becca, Im afraid of your brother.

Becca: How about you guys hang out together for today, THEN we can tell him.

Dakota: Yea! Then me and Becca can have a girls day! Pattie too!

Justin: But Jesse...

Becca: I'll have people with me..

Justin: I want you to be safe.

Dakota: I promise she'll be safe, I got Mase now, so if he comes near her i'll spray him with it. Please Justin!

Justin: Promise me you'll be safe.

Becca: I promise.

He took my face in his hands and pressed his lips against mine gentle, but hard.

Justin: If you dont answer your phone i'll come looking for you.

Becca: Deal.

Justin held me in his arms.

Dakota: Chop chop, get ready Becca, same with you Justin.

I took off Justin's shirt and put on my bathing suit.

Justin: I think that shows too much skin.

Becca:  it's okay.

Justin: It's strapless.

Becca: No guys will touch me okay?

Justin: Finee.

He put his arm on my waist and pulled me closer.

Justin: You're mine.

He kissed me again.

Becca: You're mine.

Justin: Where are you guys going?

Becca: Pool, Beach, I dont know.

Justin: Us too...

Becca: Lets have a challenge.

Justin: I'm in.

Becca: You didnt hear it.

Justin: Im in no matter what, but go ahead explain...

Becca: First one of us to touch the other one looses.

Justin: Im out..

Becca: Too late buddy, you said you would.

Justin: Fine, But i'll win.

Becca: Mhmm . we'll see. Starts now.

I bent over to pick up my sunglasses. I could feel Justin staring at me.

Justin: That is not fair.

Becca: Dont look then.

Justin: I cant help it though...

I stood up and turned toward him. I moved my face closer to his.

Becca: Have fun..

Justin: This is against the rules.

Becca: No rules.

Justin: Can i atleast give you a goodbye kiss?

BeccA: I guess.

He pulled my waist closer to him, crashing our waists together, then he pressed his lips against mine.

Becca: That was not a goodbye kiss...

Justin: Mmmto me it was.

I pushed him away then walked out of the room, where Pattie and Dakota were waiting for me.


PAttie and I laughed at Dakota.

Becca: Okay we're coming.

I looked back and Justin was coming out of the room. Oh god his abs... Now I see why all the beliebers would go crazy.. And to think, I got all of that last night ;)


Pattie: Oh my gosh, WHAT?

Dakota: Your son and Becca...

She whispered the last part and Pattie started laughing.

Becca: Dakota! You might as well tell teh whole world!

Pattie: Awe honey, no need to be embarrassed, I had Justin at 18, and your first time is at 18.

Dakota: Yeaa!

Becca: Dakota had her first time last year.


Becca: Corey's bedroom is right across the hallway, and it's pretty obvious, especially when all me and Justin heard was "COREY OMFG HARDER"

Dakota: Shut Up! Wait you and Justin? What was he doing in your bedroom when you two were just friends?

Becca: It was Skype stupid.

Dakota: Oh, shut up!

Pattie: Girls lets just get to the beach.

We walked along the beach and laid our towels down.

Becca: ready to dive in?

Dakota: lets do it!

Pattie: I'll be here, getting my tan, I'll see you in a little.

Becca: Okay! Dakota, you got the pepper spray?

Dakota: Jesse isnt going to get you in the water.

Becca: Justin will kill you if he does..

Dakota: Okay fine with me.

She grabbed my hand and ran me down to the water.

When I got it it was freezing.

Dakota: What would you do if a shark came and got us.

Becca: KOTA! You know I hate them...

Right then and there something bit my thigh. I squealed.It didnt hurt, but it felt weird. I jumped a little bit. I ignored it, hoping I was imagining things. Me and Dakota went further into the water, so we could wave jump.  As I jumped a HUGE wake, My head went under. I felt hands on my waist and I jumped. It scared me. I wiped the water from my eyes to ofind Justin standing behind me with his hands on my waist.

Becca: You know that means you loose.

Justin: I dont care right now, all I want is you.

Dakota: HEY! It's girls day, not Becca and Justin Makeout day.

Becca: I think if all we did was make out all day, it would go further than that...

Justin smiled at me.

Dakota: Justin Leavvee! I need some time with my girlie before you steal her away from me, cause I know you'll steal her as soon as you can.

He threw her a 'Give me a break' look. Justin pulled my face to his and kissed me.

Dakota: JUSTIIN!

Justin: hey im allowed to give my girlfriend a kiss when I want to. And YOU got her 18 years before this so back off.

Dakota: But you were always there too! She would hang out with you too!

Justin: Well, I've claimed her. She's MY girlfriend.

Dakota: You have to talk to Corey though, about how you Fucked  his sister.

Becca: Okay thats enough, guys chill

Dakota: Im just saying, he needs to go tell your brother how he stole his baby sisters virginity.

Justin: I will, but im going to take my girlfriend with me.

Becca: CAN YOU GUYS STOP! You guys are the people I love the most, and when you guys fight, it hurts me to. I know Im always with Justin kota, he Just misses me. And Justin I know you want me to spend time with you, but dakota needs some sister time too.

Dakota: He always gets you! I miss out movie nights, remember those, when Corey would always want to join but I wouldnt let him? I just want some girl time!

Justin looked like he felt bad. But he still wanted to stay with me.

Becca: We'll have a girls night tonight, we'll sleep on the couch and watch movies okay?

Dakota: Finally.

I turned back at Justin. He looked sad.

BeccA: Hey, its one night, you got me last night. I will still give you kisses, she just wants time with me.

Justin: I miss you though...

Becca: One night with her please? Then you can have me every other night.


Becca: Please? For me?

Justin: Fine, but I still want kisses when I see you.

BEcca: Okay, thank you.

I kissed Justin and he held on to me.

Becca:  I love you.

Justin: I love you too.

He turned toward Dakota.

Justin: I'm sorry im stealing Becca from you, Ijust, really, really, really, really, really , really REALLY Love her. And im afraid she'll leave me, or something bad will happen to her when im gone...

Dakota: I know, I love her too, but not in that way that you do...

Justin walked over to her and gave her a hug. Justin gaveme a hug and a kiss.

Justin: Do I have to let go?

Becca: Im afraid so, love.

He let go of me and kissed the top of my head.

Justin: Now I have to go talk to Corey...

Becca: If he touches you i'll hurt him.

Justin: Okay my soldier.

He walked away and walked up to Corey.

Dakota: His abs are... fucking amazing... and he's strong and I think he was hard... How did your body with hold that?

Becca: I know, his abs, and I dont know, I dont usually feel him unless he presses his body to mine... which he usually does... and my body is aching, either I stand up or lay down, I cant really sit...

Dakota: He's hot Becca.

Becca: Well thanks kota, haha big wave coming!

I jumped the wave and so did Dakota.. I dont know why, but jealousy was creeping into me... did she like him... or like want him?

Dakota: Ready?

Becca: Huh?

Dakota: To go to the pool.

Becca: Of coarse.

We walked out of the pool, I looked over to where Justin and Corey were Justin was looking at me from head to toe. I could tell that Justin wasnt listening to what Corey was saying.

Dakota: Look, Justin's checking me out.....

Becca: Im sure.

We walked over to Pattie and told her we were going to the pool. As soon as we started walking Justin bumped into me.

Justin: Oh hey there...

BeccA: I know you did that on purpose...

Justin: Oops.... Can I get a kiss?

I stood on my tiptoes and kissed him. He put his hands on my thighs and lifted me up so I could wrap my legs around his waist. Yup Kota was right, he was hard.

Justin: I want you right now so bad.

Becca: You have me right now.

Justin: I want to never let you leave.

Becca: You have to today though... Any other day I would be yours.

Justin: Is it any other day yet?

Becca: Haha funny boy.

I kissed his nose. He puckered his lips wanting a kiss.

Dakota: Umm...

Becca: Oh sorry, um we, just.. yea nevermind.

Dakota: No, no its okay, we can double date today..

Justin looked so happy.

Dakota: Except for movie time, then its girl time.

I gave Justin a hug and resting my chin on his shoulder. I noticed somebody, a little too farmiliar. Jesse was standing about 5 feet away from us. I didnt say anything because I didnt want to ruin the day.

Justin: Lets go swimming.

He started walking and when we got into the pool he had a devious look on his face.

Becca: Dont

Justin: Hold your breath!

I held my breathe, becuase I knew he wasnt going to listen. Within seconds me and Justin were in the deepest pool in the resort.

Becca: I hate you soo much right now.

Justin: Awhh.. I love you still.

I laughed at him and smiled.

Justin: Go underwater and open your eyes.

Beccca: Okay.

I went under and opened my eyes. Justin was smiling, then he pulled my face to his and we kissed.

When we came up Justin held my body close to his.

Justin: Mmm, I love your kisses..

Becca: Glad to make you happy.

Justin kissed me again, but this time he slipped his tongue into my mouth. When I tried to pull away he just pressed his lips against mine, harder than the first time.

Justin put his hands on waist and pulled me closer, or he was trying to anyways, it wasnt possible, we were as close as possible.

Becca: Your little boy hormones are running wild ever since last night arent they.

Justin: Maybe... Just a little though.. only at some points

Becca: You're so cute.

Justin: Not as cute as my princess.

We rubbed noses and Corey swam over to us.

Corey: Hey guys...

Becca: Hey lovely brother.

Corey: What did you do?

BEcca: What do you mean?

Corey: You did something, you're never nice.

Becca: HEY! I'm nice! Even ask Justin.

Justin: Yes she is, that is just one of the things I love about her.

Corey: Thats becuase she gives you kisses, and from the sound of last night, she gives you other stuff.

Justin: Yea.. about that.. we um..

Corey: Ah Ah Ah I dont need to know, you better not fucking hurt her Justin, or i'll hurt you.

Justin: I wont, I would never ever ever do that.

Corey: You guys were loud last night by the way..

I started laughing and buried my face in Justin's chest becuase of my embarrassment.

Justin: Hey, about a year ago, me and Becca were talking and all you heard was "Oh Corey" and "Harder" And then "Coreeeeeyyyyy"

Corey: Shut up.

Justin:Hey, you were the one who did that...

Dakota swam over and hopped on Corey's back and kissed his cheek.

Justin: I thought you were going to freak out...

Corey: Dude, it was adventually going to happen..

I looked up from Justin's chest and he pressed his body against mine.

Justin: You guys wanna play Chicken?

Corey: Lets go.  Kota get on my shoulders.

Justin: You heard, get up.

I climbed on to his shoulders and he held on to my legs so I wouldnt fall.

Corey: And Go!

Me and Kota pressed our arms against each other.

Becca: Justin, pull away.

He pulled away and then Corey and Dakota came charging for us. Whick only resulted in them loosing their balance and them falling.

Justin: Yes!

He put his hands on my waist and lifted me over his head and back into the water.

Justin: Can I get a victory kiss?

Becca: Of coarse.

I grabbed his face and pulled it up to mine. He put his hands on my back and pulled me closer to him.

Corey: Blah Blah Blah it was luck.

Dakota: I can still give you a kiss..

Corey: See, now we're all winning.

Becca: Its late, lets go back and start the movie marathon.

Justin: No!

Becca: Fine, me and Kota are going then.

I started walking away but Justin grabbed my waist from behind and  pulled me back.

Justin: You're not leaving unless I come with you, Lets go.

We walked out of the pool and walked back to the hotel room.

Becca: Im going to get a shower, ill see you in 15 Kota.

Dakota: Okay.

I walked into the bathroom thats connected to our bedroom. Justin followed me.

Justin:  Do you have to leave me alone tonight?

BeccA: I'll be right in the other room though.

Justin looked at me.

Justin: Fine, but this is the only time this will happen.

Becca: Im going to get my shower now, I'll try to hurry so we can cuddle for a few minutes.

Justin: Okay, hurry!

I got in the shower and finished in 10 minutes, but I still had to get dressed. When I got out My underwear, bra, and one of Justin's T-shirts were set up for me. I put on the clothes and ran out to Justin and jumped on top of him, he had his phone and It  fell on the floor.

Becca: I love you.

He wrapped his arms around me and gave me a kiss.

Justin: I love you too baby.

Voice: Excuse me!

It was coming from his phone.

Justin picked it up and it was Chaz facetiming him.

Justin: Hey, i'll call you back in 5.


Justin: Becuase I have my girlfriend for five minutes then she's leaving me.

Chaz: Wait can I see her.

Justin rolled his eyes and handed his phone to me.

Chaz: Dayum someones looking good.

Becca: Hello to you too.

Justin: You saw her, bye.

He ended the facetime and threw his phone to the end of the bed.

Justin: Last five minutes of my night with you.

Becca: Maybe when Dakota falls asleep you can sneak out.

Justin: Tell me when she falls asleep

Becca: I will baby, I promise.

I laid my head on his chest and listened to his heart beat.

Dakota: Becca, you coming?

Part of me I wanted to tell her no, but that would hurt her, and I had to keep my promise.

Justin: Thats your que..

Becca: I love you.

Justin: Love you too baby girl, I love you too.

I walked out and the blankets were on the couch and a bunch of pillows were too.

Dakota: Abduction, and night of the living dead.

Becca: Scary much?

She laughed and put on abduction.

Dakota: Taylor Laughtner.. is

Becca: A Sexy Ass Boy.

Justin: He's not as good as me.

Justin pointed to his abs and me and Dakota laughed. Since the fridge was right next to the living room he acted like he was getting water. But he had to wear his boxers, like really? He was torturing me!

Justin: Well, I must get back to Chaz. I love you Becca.

Becca: I love you too Juju.

He walked over and planted a warm kiss on my lips. Then he walked away.

Justin: You know im sexier than Taylor though.. right?

Becca: Yes you are.

Dakota: You say that becuase he's your boyfriend and he's banging you.

Becca: No, it's true.

Dakota: Whatever, back to the movie!!

When I looked back towards the bedroom Justin was gone.

When we finished Abduction She put on Night of the living dead. Halfway through the movie Dakota stopped in.

Dakota: Okay, you can have Justin come, if I can have Corey come too.

Becca: Deal, meet back in 5.

I got up and ran into the bedroom.

Justin: I heard screaming, is everything alright?

Becca: You're coming out and cuddling with me.

Justin: Okay, is Dakota okay with it?

Becca: Yea, come on!

He hopped up and walked out with me. We laid on the floor and Justin wrapped his arms around me. A few minutes later Corey and Dakota walked over and laid next to us. Dakota played the movie. Throughout the whole thing I would squeal or start crying, but Justin would always hug me and hold me.

Justin: It's okay

Becca: It's scary...

Justin: Everything's going to be alright.

I buried my head in his chest and fell asleep in his arms.


The nightmare came back. Except this time it wasnt Selena, this time I was standing on the beach with Justin. we were hugging, and over Justin's shoulder I saw Jesse. I looked away, and when I did look away I looked at Justin, he was smiling, until a couple seconds later, then Justin lost expression in his face, he started bleeding, he was stabbed in the back, everything went dark... then Jesse's face, was all I saw...





*A/N SOrry It took long, I had writers block for like two hours, then the ideas came to my head lol, its longer than others so I hope you guys liked it :) I'll start writing next chapter now, if you guys comment enough then i'll publish it. It might not be up tonight if I dont get it finished, its not becuase I want to make you guys wait, its becuase I want to put only my best work out there for you guys:) I see that a lot of you guys liked last chapter, and No Becca is not pregnant... Sorry to disappoint, because right now, If i made her pregnant, I probably wouldnt be able to do more with the story, maybe later on in the story, not now though. So yea COMMENT if you want the next chapter up soon.*

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