Red Tears A Hunger Games POV

14 year old Cinnamon doesn't know what to expect when she is reaped for the 89th Hunger Games. What will be her fate? District 6 is depending on her to be their victor since her fellow tribute Cody is timid and weak. What will she do? Let the 89th Hunger Games begin.


3. The Train

Cody and I are ushered out of the justice building and into a big car. I have never been in a car before so this is very new to me. I look over at Cody and you can tell he has obviously been crying. His eyes are very puffy and red and his cheeks shine with fresh tears. I feel so sad for him. Eventually we arrive at the train. Crowds of people are there to see us get on. I find my family in the crowd and shoot them a smile but I'm sure it didn't look very convincing. "Okay onto the train now! Quickly please we have a tight schedule!" Copper cooed. I don't know how I'm going to survive the time before the games with her nagging at me all the time in her silly accent and her ridiculous outfits. Ugh Capitol people. But soon I will be swarmed will Capitol citizens trying to get a good look at me.

The train ride to the Capitol takes about 12 hours. I wonder what I will do all this time. As soon as I step inside that train, I know. There is food. Mountains of food. Cody and I run to the tables and begin eating the glorious feast laid out for us. Copper tuts at us muttering under breath "how disgraceful, no manners." We just laugh and keep eating. We want to gain some weight for the games! Julius and Jane, our mentors, walk out of their room giggling. Great. Julius and Jane are madly in love and are always together making out or running away laughing into their rooms. I don't think we will ever get anything done with them around.

"Oh hello there!" Julius grins. His hair is all messed up and his shirt is on backwards. How lovely, at least Jane was able to dress herself this morning. She looked quite lovely in a baby blue dress. "Don't mind Julius, he forgot to set his alarm this morning." She laughed. "Well then, Cinnamon, Jane will be your mentor, and Cody, Julius will be yours." Copper said briskly. As soon as Copper left we all went back to the feast and began filling our plates. "What games were you too in?" Cody asked timidly. "Well Julius was in the 81st and I was in the 82nd!" Jane exclaimed. "We were both devastated when we were reaped because we love each other so much, so we fought as hard as we could for each other and both became victors!" They both went quiet for a minute, probably remembering their horrifying times in the games. That is the downside. If you win, you are forever haunted with the memories of the games. Many victors turn to alcohol or drugs to help them but luckily Julius and Jane haven't and are satisfied with each others company.

For the next few hours we ate and drank and talked. At one point the conversation turned to the games. Jane and Julius gave us some important advice that I would be sure to remember. Then we went on to talk about sponsors. It turns out we need to get people to like us. My plan is to smile and wave as soon as we reach the Capitol, to come across as friendly but also show that I am fierce. Later on I change into so comfortable clothes that I find in a drawer next to my bed and climb in under the covers for a nap.

I am awoken to Copper stomping into my room in her high heels. "Quick get up! 30 minutes to the Capitol!" She says. I slowly pull myself out of the heavenly bed and dress myself in a baby blue top and navy jeans that cling to my skinny legs. I look in the mirror and examine my token. A pair of pearly blue earring studs. Carefully I put them in my ears and tighten the back to make sure they don't come out. I brush my blonde hair into a bun and put on my sturdy brown boots. I walk into the room with the food and pick up a bun and a bowl of soup and go into the dining car so I can eat on my own. But as soon as I open the door I wish I hadn't. There was Jane and Julius making out sitting on the dining table. How pleasant. I quickly turn to go hoping they didn't see me. I sit down at one of the little tables and begin eating. A few minutes later Julius and Jane walk in, and by the looks on their flushed faces, they know that I saw them. I just keep eating and pretend nothing happened. After 10 minutes of awkward silence Copper comes in shouting "We're almost there! Get ready! Are you going to wave?" Of course I am. That's my plan. Cody just shrinks back and says nothing. I don't think he will wave. "Go on Cody!" Julius says, but Cody just shakes his head and sits down.

I start to see Capitol people everywhere! I jump up and wave, but not crazily, proudly with a grin on my face. I am strong, I am proud, I am sexy.
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