Red Tears A Hunger Games POV

14 year old Cinnamon doesn't know what to expect when she is reaped for the 89th Hunger Games. What will be her fate? District 6 is depending on her to be their victor since her fellow tribute Cody is timid and weak. What will she do? Let the 89th Hunger Games begin.


4. Stylists and Chariots

The crowd outside the train is cheering and yelling like crazy. This is all very strange to me, they all look so ridiculous! Even the animals are ridiculous! Pink dogs and sparkly leashes prance about. Weird, very weird.

I step off the train surrounded by peacekeepers. I keeps waving and smiling and throwing flirty looks at people and they go wild. Cody is getting no attention. People can't even see him through all the peacekeepers. He doesn't even try to be noticed! Maybe that's his strategy.

The air smells of loads of different types of perfume and cologne. It's all very overwhelming. I am very glad when we reach the training centre. We are ushered into a long hallway with long tables. Other tributes are lying there being done up. Districts 1-6 are here now. I see the District 1 tributes and immediately I am intimidated by them. Just as I suspected. They are big and muscular. Maybe I could somehow get into their alliance like that victor Peeta from District 12 did! Although that didn't end very well for him, he got a sword through his leg and now he has a fake leg. Oh well, it's worth a shot, I will try and make friends with them. I shoot the District 1 boy a flirty smile and wink and he grins back at me. Good start.

I am now escorted over to a metal table and told to take off all my clothes. I don't like the sound of this seeing as there are other people here, but I can't say no. I slowly take off my clothes and rush to get a dressing gown. "No no no don't just lie here." One of the stylists says. She looks friendly so I lie down. I still feel awkward because one of my stylists it's a man but like I said, I can't argue. "Can we at least close the curtain around the table." I ask.
"Sweetie there is nothing to be ashamed of! We all have a body!" The man smiles back. Ugh Capitol people. Oh well. I guess I'll have to get used to being naked. Ugh. The stylists set to work waxing my legs and arms and eyebrows. It was painful but I didn't even flinch. Finally I got to soak in a warm bath full of bubbly scented water. It was a nice change and helped me relax.

Eventually I had to get out so I wouldn't start shrivelling up like a prune. I was led into yet another room to meet my stylist, China. China was very nice and very pretty with tan skin and shining blue eyes. She was very slim and wore a dress with a tight fitting blue bodice and navy ruffled skirt. "I so sorry that you are here." She says sadly. "Most people congratulate me but I'm glad you understand." I whisper. "Well tonight, I am going to make you look fabulous. Usually District 6 is in some silly car or hovercraft costume but not this year. Cody's stylist and I want something different. I'm going to make you look sexy and gorgeous." China states. "Fabulous" I say, "That's what I'm going for." I grin

China takes out an outfit and shows me. It is most definitely sexy. Scandalous almost. I like it. "That's perfect!" I declare. It's a navy blue mini skirt with little pleats and a matching navy crop top with a little loose striped tie at the neck. To top it off is a captains hat and a pair of 6 inch silver stilettos. What would my mother think? I don't think she will approve but this is my time to shine. I am a sexy, gorgeous hovercraft captain. I slip into my outfit and look in the mirror, I look dangerous. Watch out Capitol, Cinnamon is here.

I am delivered back to my prep team and they all coo over how fabulous I look. They do my hair and makeup and make me look even better. My hair is straightened and my eyes are dark. I love it. I practice walking in my high heels and surprisingly I get the hang of it quickly. I strut down the hallway and back twirling and winking at my prep team and they go wild. I am ready to go.

Once I get out to where the chariots are I see Cody. They have even made him look appealing. He is in a captains uniform but he looks fabulous. I don't know how but he looks taller and older. With my heels on I tower over him which is quite funny but I like it. I scan the crowd of tribute for the District 1 boy. I have found out that his name is Finn. He looks very very sexy and gorgeous in a golden suit with what looks like golden petals coming down the front and a golden helmet. He looks over and I wink. He looks startled but pleased. Probably my outfit. He nods his head and looks me up and down and grins and winks back. Maybe this is more than just trying to get into their alliance.

I have no time to think about that anymore. The music is starting and Finn and his partner ride out on their chariots. Cody and I step onto our chariot and prepare to go out. All the tributes waiting are staring at me. I like it, they envy me. Finally D

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