Red Tears A Hunger Games POV

14 year old Cinnamon doesn't know what to expect when she is reaped for the 89th Hunger Games. What will be her fate? District 6 is depending on her to be their victor since her fellow tribute Cody is timid and weak. What will she do? Let the 89th Hunger Games begin.


7. Rooftop Romance

My alarm clock rings from underneath my pillow and I awaken immediately. It's go time. I jump out of bed and silently begin to get ready. I grab the navy mini skirt from the chariot ride and slip it on. The fabric of my white tank top hugs my skin and the beads sparkle. I find a pair of stroppy navy heels hidden in my closet and pull them on. Wow the Capitol people really gave me a great wardrobe. I wonder why they would give me all this fancy clothing? I guess they want their tributes to look good! My prep team gave me a bit of makeup to put on for training days so I use some of it now. My lips are shining pink and glossy and my skin is radiant. My eye makeup is still on from the chariots, thank goodness because I have had no experience with makeup. 

The clock says that it is 12:45 so I still hav a little bit of time. I sneak out into the kitchen area and grab a bottle of wine. I may only have so much time left, so a little alcohol won't hurt. I'm so excited! 

Eventually it's time to go and I creep out to the elevator and hit the button that goes up to the roof. I pray that it is not locked. Surprisingly the door leading up to the roof is wide open. I climb up onto the roof and see Finn standing there grinning down at me. 

"Hello beautiful." He smiles and takes my hand. He leads me over to a picnic basket and blanket. How sweet! I hand him the bottle of wine and he sits down and pats his lap gesturing for me to sit. I sit on his lap and I can't feel his warm breath against my neck. 

"Hey" I gasp so astonished by everything. 

"Hey" he grins back. He pulls his arms around my waist and pulls me in close to him.

"We may not have much time left, so I want to make tonight special." He whispers. Touching his cheek I pull him in to kiss me. He kisses me back and I am filled with so many feelings its unbelievable. We kiss for a long time but eventually begin to eat.

I pop open the wine and he pulls out two glasses. We quickly drain the bottle. I giggle and lie on my back gazing up at the stars. Finn lies next to me. Eventually he rolls onto his side and then leans over me. Our faces are only inches apart. I quickly mash my lips into his and we both lie on our sides kissing. Between kissed I hear Finn mumble "I Love You." I say the same back and then we both fall back onto the blanket. 

"Why does this have to be so complicated. Why do we have to be in the games. I love you Finn and I can't live without you." I say.

"I know how you feel. I can't live without you either." He replies in a gentle tone. 

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