Red Tears A Hunger Games POV

14 year old Cinnamon doesn't know what to expect when she is reaped for the 89th Hunger Games. What will be her fate? District 6 is depending on her to be their victor since her fellow tribute Cody is timid and weak. What will she do? Let the 89th Hunger Games begin.


6. Conversations

After the chariots everyone is very excited. We go over to the elevator to go up to our room. Being from District 6 we are staying on the 6th floor. Finn and his District partner are right behind us. My heart flutters. He's so close, I like it. The elevator opens but it's obvious we can't all fit. "I'll stay behind!" I exclaim. "Uh me too." Finn says. Yes, that's what I was hoping he would do. Everyone looked shocked but I just shrugged. "Alright, let's go" China says obviously taking the hint. They climb into the elevator and they're gone.

"Hey" Finn whispers seductivly in my ear. "Hey" I whisper back. "Look we can't talk much here, meet me on the roof at 1am okay?" He whispers. "Okay" I gasp. He winks at me and then the elevator comes. We climb in and grin at him. "Let's go for a ride. Come on let's just stay in the elevator and go to every floor except 6 and 1." I suggest smiling. "We'll then." He grins, "Let's go!" Immediately I press every button except 1 and 6. Finn leans against the side of the elevator, still grinning. I go and stand next to him. "I like you. You know that right?" He says abruptly. "Yes," I smile shyly, "And I like you too." He pulls me into a hug and we stay like this all the way up to the 12th floor. "Quick, we should get back to out floors." I say. "Okay, see you tonight." Finn smiles. We ride down to the 6th floor and before the door opens I lightly kiss him on the cheek. He turns bright pink as the doors open. I wink at him and get out.

"Where have you been?! We have been waiting 3 minutes for you!!" Yells Copper. I cringe when I hear here voice. "Calm down Copper! She's fine!" Says China in her calm voice. China smiles at me and I relax. "Let's go have supper." Says Jane awkwardly.

I jog to my room and quickly change out of my costume. I leave on the makeup though... I want to look good for Finn! I put on a comfortable aqua shirt and a pair of grey pants. I carefully out in my pearl earrings and go into the dining room. The rooms on this floor are amazing! As I enter the dining room the smell of the food makes my mouth water. I realize that I haven't eaten in hours and quickly get a plate. Everyone fills up their plates and we all sit down. "So you too looked fabulous out there!" Exclaims Julius. "Thank you!" I say proudly.

We all eat for the next couple minutes in silence. "So tomorrow is when the training starts." States Copper, "you need to be up at 8 o'clock sharp so that we will make it down to the training centre for 9. Understand?" Ugh. Copper is driving me insane already! "So you both understand how the training works?" Asks Julius. Cody and I nod. "Try and be nice to people. They might form an alliance with you. Being in an alliance is so much easier then being on your own." States Jane. We nod again. I know who I want in my alliance. Finn. "I'm finished eating." I say, "Goodnight." I exit the dining room and go to my bedroom. I set my alarm for 12:30am. That should give me enough time to get ready. I climb into bed and fall asleep.
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