Operation Save Harry Styles

Harry Styles, is everyone’s favourite senior, he’s popular, good looking and everyone just adores him. Including his cousin Eleanor, with prom coming up Harry wants nothing more than to fins his super shy cousin a date, which is when he seeks out school drama nut, Louis Tomlinson for the job. But Louis isn’t interested; he just wants to get high school over with, so he teams up with Niall, who has a mission, to pay back Harry’s new girlfriend for what she did to him. He agrees to take El (his long time crush) to prom, if Louis helps him bring down Taylor. With the help of Harry’s Ex Caroline, Niall’s next door neighbour Liam, and Harry’s best friend Zayn, will they be able to break the pair up?


4. Take You There


Taylor walked out of that meeting feeling great about herself, she held her head high and she didn’t even mind that Justin and Selena were making out against her locker. She only cared about the curly haired boy who was staring at her from across the hall. She ran her fingers through her soft hair and nibbled her lip as she stared back at him. Harry was meant to be listening to Zayn talking about his art showcase but he had gotten a little distracted by the girl across the hallway.

“You coming over tonight?” Perrie asked Louis as they came out of the classroom. Louis shrugged as he watched fellow classmates run for their lockers, ready to head home. He nodded, a little distracted by the interactions between Taylor and Harry, he wondered if Harry had heard of her reputation, if he knew what she was really like. He doubted it, any guy with half a functioning brain would think twice before getting caught up with her.

“Louis?” Perrie asked again, trying to regain his attention. Louis turned back at her and smiled. “Yeah sure. Is Jade coming?” He asked curiously. Jade nodded, not really bothered to join in on their conversation.

“Watch where you are going!” everyone turned to stare at Taylor who had screamed out unexpectedly, she had walked into Eleanor by accident, being the diva she was of course she turned the blame onto the poor eleventh grader. Harry ran over to them straight away. “El you alright bub?” He asked, she didn’t have the heart to say the truth so she nodded, with an unpleasant smile on her face. Harry nodded and grabbed her arm.

Taylor had a shocked look on her face, she didn’t understand why Harry was picking that freak over her, but she knew better than to say anything, to make him angry at her. “No harm done right Taylor?” He asked her, and to everyone’s shock and amazement she smiled. “Of course not Harry, all just an accident. Sorry for startling you.” She rubbed his arm gently as everyone soon lost interest. Louis rolled his eyes, another strike against her name; she was faker than Selena’s orange tan.

“She is such a drama queen!” Jade complained as the three of them started walking in the opposite direction. Louis laughed out loud, Jade’s opinions always seemed to make him laugh, she had such a strong mind, speaking it at the most appropriate times. She was only a tiny girl, which only made it funnier to Louis. “Someone should teach her where to shove it.” She continued, making even worry wart Perrie crack a smile.


When Justin dropped Taylor off at her house she ran straight inside, kissing her kitten Meredith, and carrying her upstairs to her newly decorated bedroom. “Mum I’m home!” She called out as she picked out her change of clothes; she hated wearing her school clothes at home. It made her feel dirty. Once she had changed she glanced down at her arm and smiled. The numbers were bold, and as she typed them into her phone she grew even more excited. Although it was a close call back at school she knew she had patched things up with him, with Harry her newest squeeze. That Eleanor girl was a joke but if all it took was for her to be nice to the quiet girl, that’s what she, would do.

“Hello?” Harry answered the phone, he didn’t know for sure but guessing my the unregistered number he guessed it was Taylor.

“So, someone told me to call you.” She purred into the phone, as she stroked her sleepy kitty on her lap.

“Well I am very glad you did.” He replied as he laid back onto his bed, his mum was folding his washing in the corner of his room, but he didn’t care if she listened in.

“So, Harry. Why did you want me of all people to call you?” She asked him as she looked herself in the mirror, she had let her hair out, so it was hanging past her shoulders now. She looked like a completely different person when she was like this.

“I thought we should get to know each other a little better, without the noisy student body in the back ground.” He answered her casually, as his mother left the room.

“Well what did you have in mind?”


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