Operation Save Harry Styles

Harry Styles, is everyone’s favourite senior, he’s popular, good looking and everyone just adores him. Including his cousin Eleanor, with prom coming up Harry wants nothing more than to fins his super shy cousin a date, which is when he seeks out school drama nut, Louis Tomlinson for the job. But Louis isn’t interested; he just wants to get high school over with, so he teams up with Niall, who has a mission, to pay back Harry’s new girlfriend for what she did to him. He agrees to take El (his long time crush) to prom, if Louis helps him bring down Taylor. With the help of Harry’s Ex Caroline, Niall’s next door neighbour Liam, and Harry’s best friend Zayn, will they be able to break the pair up?


3. Put Your hands up


2:15, Waverly traditional assembly all year levels were to meet in their designated areas to be read the announcements, and be given any necessary lectures. Louis hated this time of the day, it was the one thing stopping him from going home, it was the only thing standing in his way and for some reason it always seemed to drone on for longer than expected, causing most students to either fall asleep, or become awfully restless, resulting in uncharacteristic outbursts of rebellion.


This particular Monday, the most important thing on the agenda was of course the prom coming up, each year level had their own celebrations lined up for prom week. It started off on a Monday; the eighth graders had their prom carwash, raising money for the decorations, and any other unnecessary costs that the twelfth graders had included in their preparations. Tuesday was reserved for ninth graders, who would sell tickets, and organise ballots for prom king and queen, each year was different, the theme would change, the team would change and everything would be slightly improved as the years flew by, and Louis had seen them all.


Five years he had struggled through prom week, five freaking years and now it was finally his last. He tossed aside the memories from tenth grade, the talent show where everyone pretended they had talent, when most of them did not. The show was always run on the Wednesday of prom week and everyone got involved, only tenth graders could enter, and the winners were rewarded their own crowns labeled Prom Prince or Prom Princess, it was ridiculous Louis couldn’t think of anything worse, but he grinned and bared it when he and Perrie were awarded their crowns almost two years ago. The one thing he hated more than prom Wednesday was prom Thursday, when all eleventh graders were expected to decorate the school hall for the main event, there was only bad memories from that night, very bad memories. Some that popular guys like Nick and Justin would never let him forget, like ever…


This year was determined to be different Louis promised himself. He wasn’t even planning on attending the stupid dance, which was fine by him. Only twelfth graders were officially invited, that is unless you’re going as a date for someone who is in twelfth grade which Louis would never, ever do. You just don’t fit in with people who aren’t your age, it just wasn’t what happened he had learnt that the hard way. Sure, Perrie was invited every year, but that was Perrie she was gorgeous and everyone enjoyed her company, she was definitely not like him, at all.


“We’re finally the main event!” Perrie squealed as she took a seat beside him, the teacher had scribbled across the white board in large block letters the dreaded four letter word that Louis hated so much, but Perrie couldn’t have been more excited.


“Yay” He mocked excitement, causing the blonde to chuckle as she nudged him with her shoulder. “Oh come on Lou, it’s the last main event of out schooling careers, unless you count graduating, but that’s a bit boring isn’t it?” She shrugged, Louis smirked, doubting Perrie even knew what happened at a graduation. She was so innocent at times, so naïve but that’s what he liked about her, that’s what made them such good friends. There was no fuss involved, no dramas either. It was just pure bliss and he loved it.


Harry walked into the room, with Zayn at his trail, the two had become close mates since Harry’s transfer, and nobody seemed to care about their unlikely friendship. Harry noticed Taylor across the room, sipping on her ice tea, gently playing her straw along her perfectly straightened teeth. He smiled; staring at the ground in embarrassment once he spotted that Louis had caught him practically drooling. He hadn’t really talked to Louis before, but he knew they had at least one class together. Louis turned away, his attentions automatically back at Perrie. Harry had to commend the stranger, although he didn’t know anything about their relationship Harry was impressed by Louis’ find, Perrie was smoking in his opinion but there was no way she compared to Taylor in his eyes.


“Alright settle down!” Principal Miller stood at attention in the front of the classroom, students all rushed to their seats, Jade slipped into the seat on the other side of Perrie, and the two girls linked arms. The football team all sat in the very back row, excluding Harry of course who was sitting towards the middle, next to Zayn, keeping a close eye on Taylor who was across the aisle.


“Now Prom, is only a few weeks away, and we have a few things we need to decide, I know your year level is known for practical joking, but we are not under any circumstances allowing this activity in our premises if you’re going to deface our property, or members of our student body.” She continued. Louis looked at Perrie who’s face turned into a frown, she was looking forward to tradition, she wanted to be like every other grade. Louis shook his head, she didn’t say there was a practical joke ban, only they just couldn’t do anything illegal, which most of the football team were probably planning on doing, judging by the volume of their protests.


“Quiet!” She bellowed, and every student zipped their lips shut, Harry was startled a little, but he understood where the teacher was coming from. Zayn rolled his eyes, causing his friend to laugh, quietly of course. Much to Harry’s delight, Taylor was the one to raise her hand, giving him an excuse to look at her. “Yes Taylor?” Mrs Miller pointed over at the girl with a raised hand.


Taylor stood up, taking this opportunity for people to look at her, and hear what she had to say. “Are you saying we can’t have the same privileges as any other past year levels?” She asked, as she folded her petite arms across her chest.


Miller shook her head, and smiled at the bold girl. “No, no. You can take part in any precedential activities as long as it does not interfere with any school policies, or end in any unnecessary law suits against Waverly” She answered, and Taylor looked satisfied as she sat down in her seat.


“Teachers pet” Jade snorted, so that only Perrie and Louis could hear her, they would have laughed but they didn’t want to risk getting detention, which was the last thing they needed.


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