Operation Save Harry Styles

Harry Styles, is everyone’s favourite senior, he’s popular, good looking and everyone just adores him. Including his cousin Eleanor, with prom coming up Harry wants nothing more than to fins his super shy cousin a date, which is when he seeks out school drama nut, Louis Tomlinson for the job. But Louis isn’t interested; he just wants to get high school over with, so he teams up with Niall, who has a mission, to pay back Harry’s new girlfriend for what she did to him. He agrees to take El (his long time crush) to prom, if Louis helps him bring down Taylor. With the help of Harry’s Ex Caroline, Niall’s next door neighbour Liam, and Harry’s best friend Zayn, will they be able to break the pair up?


1. Prologue


Louis closed his copy of the WaverleyAcademy’s school yearbook. He was sitting on the floor of his room, thinking about how different this year was already turning out to be. After Wilson’s College closed down, during the first semester, Waverley was flooded with new students, including star striker, Harry Styles. The football team was thrilled to finally have someone of his talent playing for them; they thought for sure they’d finally win a tournament. Harry was humble, he never boasted about his talent, or made anyone feel beneath him. You could say everyone liked him, and it would have been true. Harry had only spoken to Louis once since his transfer, but Louis found him fascinating. Although they had nothing in common, Louis was the school’s drama freak. Starred in every school production since he was four years old, and with a beautiful and equally as talented female co-lead, Perrie Edwards at his side, everyone knew each show would be entertaining.


“Lou. Are you coming down for dinner?” his little sister Daisy asked, as she peaked her head through his opened door. Louis looked up and smiled at the little girl.


“Be there in a tic” he answered. He stood up and snapped the book inside his solid chest of drawers where he’d hidden it everyday since he’d bought it. He didn’t want any of his sister’s rubbing their dirty fingers along the perfect pages. He was always torn between wanting to get the hell out of that school, and holding onto every past memory that he could fit into that portion of his brain. Sure he couldn’t wait to graduate, he still loved skimming the pages of his year book every now and then. He walked out of his room, and switched off the light before making his way down the rickety staircase, just in time for dinner.




Ever since Eleanor was born, Harry always loved his cousin, they were almost a year apart in age, but he will always remember growing up with the petite girl. Having only an older sibling, Harry always wanted another baby in his family, which was why Eleanor was such an important part in his life, even now at 18 years old, he still had that protective nature over her. Nobody knew why El had stopped talking at age 7, nobody understood; they all tried to understand, all except Harry. He didn’t know why she’d stopped, but he never once questioned it, or tried to find out why. He accepted her for who she was, she was his little cousin and that’s all that mattered. Everyone at Wilson’s knew not to mess with El, they all knew that Harry would make them pay if they harmed her, but not at Waverley, there were still few who were stupid enough to torment her, to make fun of the poor, shy little girl.


“El” Harry smiled when he opened his front door. El and her mother, his aunt, were coming over for tea. This was Harry’s favourite time of the week, every Sunday the pair came over, every Sunday without fail. It was tradition, been happening ever since Harry could remember.


El didn’t answer of course, but her smile said it all. She stepped into Harry’s widened arms, as their mothers awed at their hug, just like they did every single time.


“Shh mum!” Harry chuckled as he dropped his hands back to his sides, Anne let out a giggle as she helped her sister out of her coat. It had been raining outside, so both women were cold. Harry offered El one of his sweaters, which she accepted. He ran up to his room to retrieve it, passing Gemma’s room on the way. She was home from Uni this week.

“El’s here” he told her excitedly. Gemma chuckled and walked over to her mirror, playing with her hair a little in her reflection.


“You know you can’t marry your cousin’s right Harry?” She teased, as she turned off her light switch. Harry snorted, why did she always have to make fun of him?


“I know that smart arse” he scoffed, before shuffling off to collect the sweater.




“Did you learn all your lines?” Jay asked Louis, when he sat down at the dinner table. Every single night they each shared something of their day, just the same as they each sat in the very same seat every meal time. He sat across from his mother, with Fizzy and Lottie on either side of him, the twins sat either side of their mum, switching every meal, like as if it were some game.


“Mostly, there’s one line I just can’t seem to master” he answered, digging his fork around in his mash potato.


“You’ll get it, just keep practicing” his sister Lottie advised him.


“Yeah I’ll get it eventually” He agreed. “So, did you get your results back?” He then asked her, turning the conversation off of him.


“I aced it” Her face changed into a proud smile, she’d really needed those grades to be accepted into West Mount Academy for Girls, or the school of her dreams as she calls it.


“You bloody legend!” He cheered, accidently flinging potato at his mother as he raised his hands in the air.


“Oh Lou!” The woman grumbled, but her smile still shone through her lips, they were all proud of Lottie’s achievements, each and every one of them.


“Louis, Louis, Louis” Phoebe tried to get her older brother’s attention.


“What is it bub?” He asked, turning to face her.


“We have cake!” She screamed excitedly.


“We have bloody cake, brilliant!”




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