Operation Save Harry Styles

Harry Styles, is everyone’s favourite senior, he’s popular, good looking and everyone just adores him. Including his cousin Eleanor, with prom coming up Harry wants nothing more than to fins his super shy cousin a date, which is when he seeks out school drama nut, Louis Tomlinson for the job. But Louis isn’t interested; he just wants to get high school over with, so he teams up with Niall, who has a mission, to pay back Harry’s new girlfriend for what she did to him. He agrees to take El (his long time crush) to prom, if Louis helps him bring down Taylor. With the help of Harry’s Ex Caroline, Niall’s next door neighbour Liam, and Harry’s best friend Zayn, will they be able to break the pair up?


2. One Thing


Taylor knew she was gorgeous, and she was never shy about it. Everywhere she went, she made sure to walk like a super model, flick her hair, and make her self noticed no matter what. Her lips were painted scarlet, and her blonde hair was always neatly tied back, with her fringe hanging perfectly on her forehead. The way she dressed wasn’t typical, but it suited her and everyone admired her style. Now Harry noticed her, he always had but not until he and his party girl, girlfriend Caroline had called it quits did he make a move. She was sitting down at her favourite lunch table one Monday morning when he walked over. She was laughing about something Selena had just said, her golden hair bounced as her head bobbed. Harry could hardly take his eyes away from her.


He sat down at the empty seat beside her and listened to her adorable laugh, a smile spread on his face as he grew even more attracted to her. It didn’t take her very long to notice her new admirer. She swiftly turned around to face him, a pleasant smile planted on her brightly colored lips.

“Harry Styles, what do I owe this pleasure?” She rested her chin, on her hands as her elbows firmly planted themselves on the table. He smirked, looked directly in her eyes and smiled.

“I just always wanted to know what it was like to sit at the centre table,” He answered. Taylor had gone to this school since she started high school, when he and Caroline had transferred from Wilson this year.

“Well, how do you like it so far?” She asked playfully, reaching one of her hands to rest on his.

“It’s very welcoming,” he chuckled still looking her directly in the eye. Taylor felt her heart fluster, she hadn’t had a boyfriend in almost a month, and Harry was unbelievably hot. Maybe this was her lucky day after all. You see today was the 13th, she believed that everything fortunate would happen on this date of every month. The day she was born, her first word, her first kiss, even the day she won her first singing trophy back in primary school!


“Well, don’t be a stranger then. You’re always welcome.” She hummed, she liked the way he casually ran his fingers through his curls, and the way his eyes glistened when he smiled. This was definitely a 13th moment. She smiled gleefully when he pulled out a pen from his pocket.


“I’d love that,” he admitted, as he grabbed hold of her hand, he scribbled his number on the backside of her wrist, her eyes followed every number as he looped the very last zero and added a smiley face.


“Tay, are you coming?” Selena interrupted. She had packed up her lunch tray and her boyfriend Justin was standing up waiting for the two girls. Taylor looked up at her, then back at Harry. He stood up, played with his football jersey before tucking in his chair.


“I’ll catch you around.” He promised her, and watched as she bounced off with her friends. He had never seen anything so perfect in his life, he knew then he was completely in love with her. Little did he know, his dear cousin was watching the entire time.


Eleanor was seated in her usual lunch spot on the other side of the hall, she sat alone most days, unless Harry decided to join her, which of course he hadn’t done that day. She would eat each thing one at a time, taking them in as she did so. She had a passion for food, and lunch time was her favorite time of the day, that is until she saw what she had just seen. Unknown to Harry, Eleanor had a string disliking for this preppy over achiever that was Taylor. She had her reasons, but she would never voice them, not even on paper. Eleanor felt so useless, she knew there was nothing she could do when Harry had his mind set on something, even if that something was completely wrong for him.





“Lou, thank goodness you’re here!” Perrie beamed as she clung to him. She had been running lines in the school theatre by herself all lunch and needed to run some by him. Louis chuckled and took a seat on one of the chairs in the front row. He loved his times spent with Perrie, in a way they were like best friends, sure she had Jade, but Jade didn’t share the same passion’s he and Perrie did, so he considered himself lucky. Perrie plopped down into the seat beside him and sighed as she flicked through her script. They were meant to be rehearsing for the auditions for their school production of Mamma Mia! but everyone knew they were practically handed the lead roles every year.


“Let me guess, you don’t know if your mischievous daughter is up to scratch?” He chuckled and poked her cheek playfully. She huffed, and folded her arms. He knew her too well. “It’s just, Sophie is so young hearted, and poetic and I just don’t feel as though I am getting that.” Louis nodded, and thought about it for a second. She was brilliant, she probably had nothing to worry about, but he knew her she was a perfectionist especially when it came to her acting.


“Perrie, relax, just show me what you have so far babe.” She sighed and nodded. “You’re right, I should calm down and start again!” He shook his head, she was never going to learn. He had nothing to say to her that would make her calm down, so he just agreed with her.


“Be Sky okay?” She asked and he nodded. This musical wasn’t like the others, there was more characters to choose from, but Louis knew he and Perrie played lovers best, so of course he was going to play her fiancé.


She took a deep breath before starting her piece which Louis was more than glad to continue the scene with her, this was always his favourite time of the day.




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