Trying to get by


2. tears and chocolate

nialls pov


after i pushed Aly out of the door i felt kinda bad, she didn't know anything. i atleast could have told her a tiny bit of what was going on. after i was sure she'd left, i called the boys and told them to come over. once they got there i went over the rules on how to act, and told them i was going to take a quick shower. as i was sbout to turn on the water i heard a very bored Louis say "i'm starving mates-" he didnt have enough time to finish the sentence. he looked up just in time to see my sprinting down the stairs screaming "noooooooooooo" i got to him just as he was about to open a bag of cheetos. "what they are just cheeto-" he said as i tackled him. "ouchhhh" all of the other boys siad in unison."what was that for?" Lois asked as we got up. "those were the curly ones" i say as i punch him in the arm. "what was the punch for then?" Louis asked rubbing his shoulder. "for useing them to break your fall!" i said as i started to walk back upstairs. "wait!" Lois wailed "what are we supposed to eat?" "oh right, you can just eat Aly's food" i said. "and which ones that?" harry asked. "the little cabnet over there, but becareful not to eat her chocolate" i said pointing to the smallest cabnet and heading upstairs.



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