Trying to get by


4. introducing and explaining

aly's POV


what the hell!! i thought to myself as i crossed the floor, littered with food. "niall babe" i said as i tried to keep my calm. "who are these people?" i asked gesturing to the 4 boys, suddenly realizing that all of their mouths were wide open collecting flies, and staring at my. "sorry aly, i didnt think you would be here for another 15 minutes" niall said. "who are these people?" i yelled, tears forming in my eyes. he open his eyes to say something, but i didnt give him the time to explain. i ran into the room that i shared with niall, locked the door and cried my eyes out.


niall's POV


this is not how i wanted her to meet the boys.  "who are these people?" she screamed at me. i opened my mouth to explain, but she ran away. it hurt me to see her cry. i turned to the boys, they were still staring at where they last saw her,mouthes still open.harry was the first one to talk "mate, she's gorgeous" he said. next was liam "stunning" was all he could say. "perfect" lois managed. "the most prettiest girl i've ever seen" said zayn as he finally closed his mouth. "yeah, well i better go talk to her" i said as i took off down  the hall.


aly's POV


i cried and cried until i heard someone speak. i could just barely make out the words. "mate she's gotta go" i thought i heard somebody say. "stupid" i heard someone else say. wow maybe he's sticking up for me. "pampered" someone else said. and like that, my hope was down the toilet. i cover my ears before i hear anything else and start to cry again. i only slow downwhen i hear i knock on the door. "go away" i sat inbetween sobs. "babe, let me explain" niall said as he tried to open the already locked door. i get up and lock the door, then sit on the end our bed.  and ley him explain.



after niall explained it,it all made alot of sense. why he had pushed me out of the house and not told me anything. why the floor had all of MY FOOD all over it. and, that i had heard them wrong. "so you guys got called back to perform on the X-factor?" i said trying to wrap my head around things. he nodded his head slowly. "and you barely know these people?" i asked again. "right" he said as i stood up. "well, i want to properly meet the boys" i said as he got up after me. "anything for you babe" he said as he followed me  out the door, to the kitchen. im ready to meet the boys.

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