Trying to get by


3. food fights and pictures

liam's POV


once Niall left we all crowded around the small cabinet. it was just like a miny pantry. we all dug in and walked back to the couch with food in our hands. we were just goofing around when Zayn knocked over a picture. he picked it up to see if there was any damage. as we all walked over to see who was in it when Zayn said "awwwwww".as the rest of us said "awwwwwww" as we saw it too. of course it was of a present day Niall holding a baby. "who's the kid?" Louis asked as we all huddled around Zayn to see. "what kid?" Niall asked as he came down the stairs with wet hair. "this kid" i said as i took the photo from  Zayn's hands and handed it to Niall. "nothing, just a picture of you holding your cousin" harry said. niall looked at us puzzled, then walked over to the picture, stepping over the mounds of food. as he got to the picture, he snached it out of his hands, and said "uhhhhh....... yeah, my..... cousin" as he put the picture behind his back, eager to change the subject. he looked around for something to talk about. but, it didnt take that long as he saw the food all over the floor.

as we were were cleaning up we got into a major food fight. food was flying EVERYWHERE!itwas me and harry, against louis, niall, and zayn. after awhile we were all on the floorlaughing. we all looked up at the same time,  as our jaws hit the floor in aww. then she walked over to niall puzzled.

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