Trying to get by


1. Early


"love you mom" you shouted as you headed out the door. You waited just long enough for you to hear your mom say "love you too Aly!!" you walk out and start walking to your and your friend Niall's, house. "wow" you thought as you started down the cold streets of London. Already the year has gone by. You think of all the memories you have with Niall, Just this year you guys already bought a pad to live in. Earlier today Niall shued you out of the house and gave you only on instruction, stay away, and don't come back 'til 5. "how helpful you thought" as you reached your door. You could hear people in there. You check your watch, its only 4:45. You didn't know whether to knock or walk in. So you knock then walk in quickly, and they just stare at you.......

Hey, my names Jillian. And even though you can probably tell this the work of a new person... It's mine, no one else wrote it.
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