He is mine....... Or not?

Grace has been dating Harry styles for a couple years now and Harry ready to make his move and ask grace to Marry him but when Harry's exgirlfriend Taylor finds out thing start to happen


1. Last first kiss

~~~ Harry's P.R.O.V ~~~~~

She's so beautiful I think as watch my girlfriend brush her long blond curls " stop staring " she says with a giggle " I just can't your just so beautiful" I say with a smile. Today was a very special day I was going to ask grace to marry me in park were I took her the first day we met.

I remember it like yesterday the boys and I were looking for some background dancers for one of music videos and went to get some coffee. We walk into the shop and grace takes are orders and I new from the moment I say her she had to be mine. When she walked out with are orders her face was all red liked she had been hit or something " what's wrong love" I ask " nothing" she says sadly but I new something was up so I followed her back in the kitchen where I say her boss slap her in the face " I tried to my best josh I am sorry " grace says " now what grace your just a peace of shit you could of done better last night but instead I come in here finding you asleep
On the job your fired" the manger said " but you can't fire me I need this and I am your girlfriend please forgive me I have no house I will try to do better" she pleads but then josh lifts his hand and smacks her so hard she falls to the ground. I Instantly run into the kitchen and help her up "who are you" josh ask strongly and kicks me in the stomach " km Harry styles and you have no right to treat her like that" I say strongly where did that come from grace stands up and looks josh in the eyes and slaps him in the face " get your fat ass out of my shop now grace before I bring you back to where you came from" he spoke with a lot of anger. We got of and left the shop and i took her to one of my favourite park near by she was mine Ever since.

"Ready to go Harry" I heard her sweet voice " yes love lets go"
" where are you taking me " she ask " it's a surprise" I say she give me a look

~~~~ Graces p.r.o.v ~~~~~~

Harry drove me to the park he took me too the first day we met. I have not been back here in years since the day I met Harry. But why was he bringing me here I had so many bad memory's here. I look around and see a old ally where josh took me and raped me I told I did not want to have we but he didn't care he wanted what he wanted I still have not told Harry everything about josh it brings back bad memory's from my childhood. I grab Harry had and hold it tight I don't want him to let me go "why are we here" I ask " you will see now stop asking question" his voice warms me I feel save around him. We go by this pond and he gets down on one nee " will you marry grace" he says in his sweet British voice I start to cry " yes yes" I say with all the joy I have and hug him tight.

People are all around us taking pictures and whispering about us well were only 19 and Harry is in one direction so I guess we have nothing to worry about. Then a crazy fan girl pulls my hair scream " How DARE YOU" Harry grabs me and we start running to the car. "Sorry" he's says as we drive away " sorry about what" I ask " the fangirls and how mad they were that you are going to marry me" he says "HAROLD EDWARD STYLES" I scream and make him jump " how dare you say sorry about your fans I love you no matter what and no fan would get in the way of that."

When we got to are house we turned on the tv it hand pics of use we were on every channel there were mad crazy fans saying how Harry was there's and all but I don't really care Harry was mine and I am safe and that's all I care.

~~~~~~~ Harry's prov ~~~~

I felt really bad about the fan girl pulling graces hair and all the mad fangirls saying that they will find her and kill her. I don't think she really cares though she yelled at me in the car because I felt bad but that is like her never wanted any one to be sad or take pity on her. I rap me arms around and sit on the couch then the door bell rings " I will get it " she says so she gets up and answer the door a few seconds later she is calling my name. I walk over to the to find my ex Taylor swift standing in it when she see me she runs and hugs me " Harry i missed you so much" she says " uh um" I choke I pull out of the hug " what are you doing here Taylor" I ask " well I am here because I love you silly" she says with a big grin " uh Taylor I would like you to meet my soon to be wife grace" I say hoping she will take the hint. She turns around " oh I did not now you were dating any one." she says then she asks if she could speak to grace alone so I left the to lady's to talk. About five minutes later graces walk in crying " what wrong " I ask her I was worried did Taylor do something to her " Taylor said that that" she start to choke on her words she was crying so hard then Taylor walks in " Harry I am pregnant and your the father" she says proudly

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