He is mine....... Or not?

Grace has been dating Harry styles for a couple years now and Harry ready to make his move and ask grace to Marry him but when Harry's exgirlfriend Taylor finds out thing start to happen


3. Graces story

~~~~~~~ Harry's prov ~~~~~~~
I wake up and grace is gone she is probably up stairs taking a shower. I walk up stares and find grace passes out on the floor I run to her she has no pulse. I call 911

They take her to the hospital and do CPR. The boys run in and see my crying they rush over to me " is grace all right" Niall asks " I don't now I say crying " it's going to be ok Harry " Louie says " how long have they have been doing CPR on her " zayn asks " I don't now" I say "here comes the doctor" Liam says. We all stand hoping for some good news I am just praying that she is ok " well she is alive and stable but in a coma " the doctor says. " can we see her" Niall and I scream. " yes yes but not to much noise" the doctor says with a chuckle. We go into are and she is laying there asleep I go and grab her hand and hold it. I saw that her neck was all red did she choke her self?

~~~~~~~ graces prov ~~~~~~~~~
I am running down a dark ally. Away from this man he is chasing me. I trip and fall tears are moving down my face. The man grabs my arm and pulls me up. He takes me to his car and throws me in the back. We drive for what seemed like hours. Then we stop he gets out and pulls me out and slams me against the car. I look into his face its josh the I look around we are in the forest. He starts kissing my neck I try to push him away but he just keeps going. He unbuttons my pants. Then I wake with a jump.

Harry hugs me " thank god your ok" he hugs me. We were in a hospital room my throat really hurts. I look around some more and. I see Niall Louie Liam and zayn. "What happened all I remember is josh choking me then every thing went dark" I say but it hurts my throat. " josh did this to you" Harry asks I nod my head yes and he looks at the boys and they say they better be going and leave " now that there gone" he says " tell me everything about josh and your childhood" I didn't want to tell I don't want to go back there. " no" I say "grace you need to tell me" he says " ok fine" I says " It started when I was 5 my parents broke up and my dad took me and sold my body for money when I was 16 I ran away and spent all my money to come to England the one place my dad would never find me when I got here I got a job as a dancer I was doing really well until some pictures where posted online from when I was little the manger saw and fired me. I lost my house I lost ever thing the only thing I had was my guitar. I played it every night in the park and spent most of my days there i had no house nothing but my guitar. One day I was playing in the park when this guy broke it. I only had a quarter then josh found me he took me in." I start to cry. " it's ok " Harry say rubbing my back " he took me and locked me in a closet for months he'd rape me every night feed me little food one day I got out and I ran but he got me again but this time he gave me a job at his coffee shop if I promised not to tell any one but the night before we met I was suppose to clean the shop but I fell asleep on the job." I stop i new I said a lot Harry hugged me " thank you love for telling me that." He says

The doctor let me go home later that day. When I got home a jumped on the couch "thank god I am home." I scream Harry just laughs and raps his arms around me. I put my head in his chest and fall I sleep knowing everything will be ok

~~~~~~~ Harry's prov ~~~~~~
I could
Not believe what grace told me about her child hood she has been through a lot. My phone rings it's Niall " hey Niall " I say " hey we have the package" he says " ok remember tonight we have that talk show so after that we will show grace ok" I say " ok " Niall hangs up and I look down at grace sound asleep in my chest. I don't want to wake her but I have to so I kiss her till she wakes up " hey slow down there" she says with a laugh but I keep kissing her " I love you" I say " I love you too" she says she I laying on top of me were kissing. Then the door bell rings. Oh my god it does not stop does it. Graces gets up to open it and I wonder who standing there now taylor or maybe crazy fan girls. " Harry your moms here " grace says I get up and look for my self. " Ello Harry I missed" my mom says kissing me on the cheek and walking into my house
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