He is mine....... Or not?

Grace has been dating Harry styles for a couple years now and Harry ready to make his move and ask grace to Marry him but when Harry's exgirlfriend Taylor finds out thing start to happen


2. "Baby" Niall screamed

~~~~~~ Harry's prov ~~~~~~~~~~

I just stood there not knowing what to do I was shocked but how and when "how far along are you" I ask grace look and me with tears in her eyes I tried to hug her but she just pushed me away 3 weeks" Taylor answered and grace just ran out the door. I got up to follow her she was running across the beach to Niall's house Niall's was always like a big brother to her

~~~~ graces prov~~~~~~~~~
When Taylor told Harry she was 3 weeks along I new he had cheated on me. Yes they did date why we were broken up but he did it with her recently I was so upset I ran out the door the hot sand hit my feet and I ran to the place I new Niall's house Niall has always been like a big brother to me one time I had gotten into some trouble with this guy named rob you see rob was a friend of josh and he wanted to now were he was but I didn't now. He told me if I do not tell him he will hurt me really bad but thank god Niall was listening because when rob started to rape me Niall walked in with the police arresting rob and Niall is always messing with me and trying to get me to smile.

I bag on Niall's door praying he's home. He opens up and I hug him " what's wrong" he ask " long story" I answer then Harry arrives out of breath like he has been running for hours but he really only ran about ten yards. I am hugging Niall crying into his white tank top "Harry what did you do to grace" he ask " grace " he says ignoring Niall " I never did it with her I was with you that hole week and yes we did it why we were broken up. I am so sorry she is lying" I look him in the eyes he telling the true I can tell I hug him and then Taylor walks in oh lord not again.

~~~~~ Niall's prov ~~~~~~

I have no idea what's going on all I now is that Grace is upset about something Harry and Taylor did I am worried about grace she has had a rough child hood. " Harry what are we going to do about the baby " Taylor ask " BABY " I scream "what have I missed" Harry looks at me like something not right then he does the hand single for me to call the cops. You see everyone in one direction had to have a hand single do ether call the cops or I need help or I love you mom and that kind or stuff. I quickly run into the kitchen and call cops.

~~~~~~ Harry prov ~~~~~~~~
The cops finally got here thank God for Niall on that one. " but I am pregnant with his baby" Taylor says as she gets put into the back of the cop car. The press is everywhere all along the streets and everything. "We would like to take her to the hospital and do a pregnant-see test on her just to be sure " one cop says "ok"

Later that night we get a call saying that Taylor was not pregnant. Grace that out a big sigh. I laugh "your funny" I say " oh really" she answers and walks into the living room and sits on the couch I go and sit right next to her and rap my arms around her " are you mad" i ask " no but why would she do something like that" she asks " I don't know fame I guess " answering the question
" hey your going to be my wife" I say happily
" yep and I am glad" she says then I kiss her and she puts her head In my chest and I slowly sing her to sleep

~~~~~~ graces prov ~~~~~~~~

I woke to a loud pond on the door. I got up to open it Harry was still sound asleep he looks so cute. I open the door to find. Josh standing right there I was about to scream when he covered my mouth and walked into my house and closed the door quietly " don't make to much noise princess or your prince will wake up" he says quietly. He used to say that right before he hurt me. I begin to cry he leads me up stairs and laying me on the bed and he starts kissing my chest. I push him of and try to slap him in the face but he grabbed my hand and say my ring Harry gave me yesterday. He starts to laugh "do you now why I am her" he ask I shake my head no " I am here because you don't need a little rich prince like him you don't deserve him you deserve to be living In the back of the ally where I found you. It was true josh found me in a ally but was not very kind. When he say me Lying there he picked me up and raped me. That what he was going to do now I was so scared I stared to cry don't cry he said choking my mouth I could not breath my eyes went dark I was out cold
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