A New Beginning

A young girl and her mother move away from their Canadian home to live with their new family. With a new step dad came new step siblings, but what Lauren didn't know was that her new step brother was Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. With this new discovery came new adventures with her, the boys and her best friend Clara. Read and find out what happens in the life of this small town Canadian girl making her new beginning in London, England.


3. "Oh Clara.."


          “Good Bye Lauren hope you have an amazing time, and Louis keep your sister safe!” “I will for sure don’t you worry!” Then we were off, Louis and I made our way down the driveway to a van that was parked outside the house. My legs were all shaky and my palms sweaty, I was about to meet One Direction and I would have no one with me to talk about how hot they were in person.  WAIT! Ireland, One Direction, CLARABELLE! How could I have been so blonde, my best friend, the girl I talk to everyday of my life lives in Ireland and is madly in love with Harry Styles, I needed to get a hold of her. I climbed into the van and sat myself in an empty seat in the back. Of course all of the boys were sitting together so I didn’t really want to intrude; keeping to myself seemed like the best idea. They were all talking to Louis and no one even really seemed to realize I had climbed into the van as well. All of a sudden I felt a thump beside me and looked over to see a sight of perfection. Niall Horan was sitting beside me, Lauren a small town Canadian girl was about to talk to Niall Horan. He just kind of smiled at me and said “you must be sister #5?” I laughed, I guess Louis sisters were well known to the rest of the group. He told me if I wanted someone to talk to that I can just climb up to the front and chat with him. I knew that before our little trip was over I’d have to take him up on his invitation.

                The drive to the airport seemed like minutes, maybe because I passed out as soon as the car started. I just love waking up to people poking me and when I opened my eyes I saw Louis. Way to embrace the brotherly love here Louis, God. Sitting up was a task that clearly I wasn’t prepared for because my head began spinning as I shot up. I can’t be no superman, but for you I’ll be super human...My phones ringtone went off, gradually getting louder. I answered it knowing exactly who it would be. “OMG LAURBALLS!! ONE DIRECTION IS COMING TO IRELAND AND I’VE GOT TICKETS! JESS AND I ARE GOING TO BE THERE WISH YOU COULD BE HERE TOO! AHHH!” I pulled the phone away from my ear because I just about went deaf listening to her scream. That was Clara for you, she was a true directioner, loved every one of them. “Clara that’s amazing! You’re so lucky, I have some news too. I’m actually going to be in Ireland in a few hours!” I calmly said to her. “WHAT! OMG! THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER! SEXY HARRY STYLES AND MY BESTFRIEND! CAN’T WAITTTTTT!” “Yeah my new step brother is taking me there with a few of his buddies, I’ll make sure to come visit you. See you soon babes! Love you byee!” By now all of the boys were looking at me, Harry’s face beat red and Niall shitting his pants laughing. I just kind of looked at them and said “That’s honestly exactly who she is in person too guys.”

                A plane ride later and we’re in Ireland. So green and so warm, it was a change from Canada. The airport was filled with girls which was to be expected, it was One Direction after all. I called Clara once more and asked for her address, she gave it to me right away and I told the boys that it needed to be our very first stop. Niall looked at me with panic in his eyes. “First stop? But I was kind of hoping for a little bit of Nando’s.” How could I resist his Irish charm? Alright so Nando’s first then Clara’s, surely she’d understand why we were a little late. After a very filling lunch we were off to Clara’s which was quite a trek from downtown. The boys were all singing in the vehicle right up to her front door. I decided that I’d go up to her door first to surprise her, then I’d text Louis once I was inside and they’d all come to the door after. I knocked on the door and almost immediately she was hanging off me. I gave her the biggest hug ever and was so happy to see her. Her home was so nice, kind of made me miss Canada just a little though. We sat down and as soon as my ass hit the couch I whipped out my phone, so excited to just see her reaction when One Direction showed up at her door.

Text to Louis:

Heeeeeeeeeeeey boys! You ready? Let’s goooooooooo, come to the door, we’re in the living room so she’ll answer. Make sure Harry’s front and centre. See you guys soon!

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