A New Beginning

A young girl and her mother move away from their Canadian home to live with their new family. With a new step dad came new step siblings, but what Lauren didn't know was that her new step brother was Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. With this new discovery came new adventures with her, the boys and her best friend Clara. Read and find out what happens in the life of this small town Canadian girl making her new beginning in London, England.


7. Mistakes Do Happen

Waking up in Clara’s house was a slight disappointment and a bit weird. The show was amazing though and I do remember seeing the boys afterwards. The disappointing part of waking up in her house was there was no sign of any of the boys, the weird part, and no sign of Jessie or Clara. Fantastic, I lost Clara and Jessie. I didn’t know where Louis was even though I was sure he was wherever Clara was. . I can’t be no superman, but for you I’ll be super human... I had never been so happy to hear my phone go off, I jumped out of bed and grabbed it off the side table.

Text from Niall xx.

Hey babes, we’re on our way to come pick you up. Catching our flight back to London soon, make sure you’ve got everything. Can’t wait to see you xxxx.

Oh how I love texts from Niall, but I hated that I was going to be leaving Clara and Jessie in Ireland. I was a bit confused however on why we were leaving today, we weren’t supposed to leave for another couple days. Oh well, can’t argue with One Direction can you? I called Clara’s cell phone about a billion times before she finally picked up. 


“Hey um so Niall just texted me, we’re flying back to London today. I want to say bye.”

“I know, I’m sorry. It’s kind of entirely my doing.” 

“How so?”

“Well I slept with Louis, and well we didn’t use protection so it’s almost a given that I’m pregnant.”


“I know I’m sorry”.


How could she!? I mean I know she really likes him and he really likes her. But a baby?! That is completely not in his cards right now, he’s so young. So is she, they aren’t ready. How could they have been so careless, so irresponsible? The van pulled up in front of the house and I brought my suitcase downstairs. Niall was already inside the front door waiting for me and carried my suitcase out to the van. I climbed inside and I saw Louis, his head against the window and a look of absolute sadness on his face. I hated seeing him like this, and I knew Clara must look the exact same way. “Liam, I need you to go to Jessie’s, I need to see Clara.” I called up to the front. “Alright, but make it quick, we don’t want to miss our flight.” He replied. Always so on time for everything Liam was. We pulled up in front of Jessie’s house and I climbed out of the van and walked up the drive to the front door. It only took one knock and Jessie answered, immediately ushering me into the house. Clara was lying on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket with a Kleenex box beside her. “He hates me, and he never wants to see me again. I know it!” She cried. Now I knew that wasn’t the case at all, and that’s why I was here to see her. “No, he doesn’t hate you Clara. The boy, who’s practically in tears in the van right now, is absolutely crazy about you. I think he’s just as scared as you are.” I said, trying to console her as much as possible. I took it upon myself to get Louis inside because I knew it was the only way I could cheer her up. 

Text to Louis.

Hey brother, so um Clara is really upset in here and I really need you to come in here and let her know you don’t hate her. I know that this is tough, and it’s only going to get worse, but you need to be here for her. I know you’re better than this Louis.

I was hoping that was going to do it, and that I wasn’t going to have to resort to running out to the van and begging him to come inside. Just as I was planning out my skit that I’d be performing to get Louis inside, Zayn, Louis, Niall, Harry and Liam walked through the door. I was so proud of myself; I just stood up and hugged Louis. He immediately made his way to Clara and sat down on the couch beside her. He looked at her, and brushed a piece of hair from her face and I could tell shit was about to get emotional. 

“Clara, these past few days have been absolutely amazing. You have opened my eyes to so many things and have made fall madly and completely in love with you. I never had intentions on just running out because things are getting tough, I just got scared. I won’t leave you to deal with this alone and I will be there with you every step of the way. I know Lauren and Niall and the rest of the lads will help us and so will Jessie. This is a big step that I wasn’t expecting so early in life, but it happened and I couldn’t have asked for any one better to share this experience with. I love you.” 

Tears were welling up in my eyes and Clara was in hysterics. Louis was just everything sweet mashed together and sculpted into pure perfection, it was no wonder Clara got into bed with him in the first place. I looked over at Niall and I could see his eyes were a bit watery as well. I wiped the corner of his eye with my sleeve and he kissed my cheek.  Jessie and Zayn had decided on only being “together” whenever the boys were in Ireland, and well Clara was coming back to London with us. She of course would be living with Louis and Harry, poor Harry. I on the other hand would have my own little house with Niall, which is of course if my mom would let me stay there instead of back at Marks. We all said our good bye’s and Clara was packed and ready to go. Zayn hugged Jessie one last time and we made our way back down the drive, this time Louis was looking much happier. We had one long journey ahead of us, and we knew it wasn’t going to be easy. 

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