A New Beginning

A young girl and her mother move away from their Canadian home to live with their new family. With a new step dad came new step siblings, but what Lauren didn't know was that her new step brother was Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. With this new discovery came new adventures with her, the boys and her best friend Clara. Read and find out what happens in the life of this small town Canadian girl making her new beginning in London, England.


2. Getting the London Treatment


           The plane landing was the best feeling ever. My mother and I both being scared of heights drew in deep sighs of relief as the wheels touched the ground. Once inside the airport I knew I was pretty much useless, so I just let my music play... Baby you light up my world like nobody else...Oh Harry Styles, his voice so smooth, the words had so much meaning. “AHHH” I heard my mother scream and to be honest it kind of scared me. I looked up only to see her wrapped up in who had to be Mark. He was about 6’1 and was pretty built, I mean for an old guy. Beside him stood a little girl dressed in a pink dress with curly blonde hair. “Hi Lauren, it’s nice to finally meet you, I’m Mark”, I smiled at him and said “It’s nice to meet you too Mark, my mom has told me a lot about you and your family”. My mother looked at me and I knew I was on her good side now. The young girl looked at me and grinned, I remembered that I had brought a few dolls from my childhood that I thought she might like. I pulled out a white teddy bear that had a black nose and a little blue scarf around his neck. I bent down and handed her the bear and as she grabbed it she gave me a hug, I hugged her back and I knew that it was going to be a great trip.

        That airport meet and great was a lot better than I thought it was going to be, now was when I saw where I was going to be living for who knows how long. I walked into the house and it was surprisingly tidy. Mark clearly knows how to keep his house looking in top condition. Mark led me down a hallway to where my room was going to be, as I passed Phoebe’s room I couldn’t help but notice that her walls were covered with One Direction posters. My room was light blue and my bed was dark brown. It was cozy enough and I didn’t mind the colors. “Lauren, can you come here please?” I heard a little voice call, thinking it must be Phoebe. I walked down the hallway towards Phoebe’s room and as I walked in she looked at me a smiled. She pointed to a poster that was lying on her bed along with a roll of tape. I picked it up and put it on the wall where she led me to and began taping it up. As I continued taping it I realized that the post was of Louis Tomlinson and I asked her if she thought he was cute. She stuck her tongue out in that childish disgusted way and shook her head.  I just laughed and thought to myself, how could she not think he was cute, I guess she was too young. “Lauren and Phoebe come to the living room please, Louis’ home!” Alright Lauren, this is it, you finally get to meet your new stepbrother, let’s pray to god he’s at least a bit cool.

         I nearly fainted when I walked into the living room and saw Louis Tomlinson standing in front of me. Phoebe jumped into his arms and he swung her around before giving her a kiss on the forehead. He smiled at me and I could feel my cheeks get all red. He put Phoebe back on the ground and walked towards me, my heart racing. “You must be sister #5, I’m Louis”. I smiled at him and said “I guess I am, I’m Lauren and I know who you are.” As creepy as that sounded it was kind of hard for a 16 year old girl not to know who Louis Tomlinson was or any of One Direction in that case. He just kind of laughed and sat down on the couch and motioned for me to join him. My mom looked at Louis and asked him so many questions about his flourishing career.  He told us that the boys would be coming over in a few hours to pick him up to head to Ireland for a concert and he was wondering if I wanted to join him. “I’m sure it would be a little more amusing than sitting around here with Phoebe and the old ones over there.” I looked at my mom with excitement in my eyes and she knew there was no stopping me from going.  Not only did I just find out that my new step brother was Louis from One Direction, but I was also going to meet Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn.

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