A New Beginning

A young girl and her mother move away from their Canadian home to live with their new family. With a new step dad came new step siblings, but what Lauren didn't know was that her new step brother was Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. With this new discovery came new adventures with her, the boys and her best friend Clara. Read and find out what happens in the life of this small town Canadian girl making her new beginning in London, England.


8. Couldn't be Happier

8 months passed and Niall and I had never been closer. Our flat was not just his place where I’d go once in a while. I had all of my clothing there; my straightener and curling iron were in the bathroom along with my toothbrush. Everything was perfect in our home and we had never been happier. However, in Lou’s flat things weren’t going so well. Clara was 8 months pregnant and life had been an uphill battle for them. Louis was juggling work and a moody girlfriend who had more cravings than a child on Halloween. Harry on the other hand seemed to be doing just fine; the fact that Clara was yelling half the time didn’t faze him. “She yells then she falls asleep, there’s not much time in between” he said with a chuckle. He sure was charming, it’s a pity Clara didn’t stick with him, although I did like her and Louis together. 

We were all eating dinner in mine and Niall’s flat when Zayn asked Louis and Clara what names they had in mind for the baby. Oh dear God, here we go. Niall was screaming out his own name and Harry was doing the same. Liam shouted out Danielle and we all just kind of looked at him and rolled our eyes. Louis looked at Clara with loving eyes and said “If we have a girl we should name her Maia.” I knew Clara liked that name because I remember having a conversation about baby names with her. She smiled and looked at me. “I think you should name her Mackenzie!” They all looked at me with puzzled looks on their faces, clearly not a common name over here.  “I don’t want a girl, I want a baby boy.” Clara said. I knew she really did want a baby boy, and if I were to get pregnant I’d want a boy too. We continued eating and everyone left our flat. Niall helped me clean up the dishes and after that we sat on the couch. He wrapped his arm around me and kissed my cheek. I loved it when he did that, and I turned my head to kiss him. “I’m so happy things are going the way they are, I’m so grateful to have met you Lauren. You have no idea.” His voice was so sweet, his accent almost addicting. I kissed him and I’m pretty sure not only did it surprise him, but it surprised me as well. 

The night fell and as I was going to fall asleep I couldn’t help but think about Clara. What was she thinking, was she scared at all? I had been spending so much time making sure that Niall and I were the happiest couple ever that I had forgot all about Clara and what she’s going through. I rolled out of bed and Niall sat up behind me. I started to cry, I was such a terrible best friend and I didn’t know why she was even still talking to me. “Babe what’s wrong?” his voice was soft. “I need to go see Clara!” I said back, with a little more sass than I anticipated. I walked down the hall of the complex towards Clara, Louis and Harry’s flat. I knocked softly on the door and my best very pregnant friend answered the door. “Hey you” she said, sounding happy to see me. “Hey I’m sorry I haven’t been here for you lately.” I apologized to her. She invited me in and we sat down on the couch. I asked her how she’d been feeling and if she was prepared for the baby. The boys were leaving for their North America tour a week before her due date and there was no way we could make Louis stay. We were both scared for them to leave because we wouldn’t be able to go with them. Well I would be able to, but there was no way in hell I was leaving her alone with a new baby.  A few hours passed and I felt like I was a million times closer to Clara than I’ve ever been. 

I woke up in the best mood ever and decided to make breakfast for Niall. He woke up in the same mood and came out of the bedroom and kissed me good morning. He seemed a lot sweeter after he found out that they’d be going on tour. The thought of Niall leaving me really hurt when it popped into my mind. I was also scared for Louis to leave, in the past 8 months we had become best friends. Finally we were brother and sister for real and it was the best feeling. Niall could tell I was upset and he grabbed my hand and swung me around. I slipped my arms around his neck and his arms wrapped around my waist. He picked me up slightly and put me on the counter, we giggled and it was such an amazing feeling. Just being with him and laughing over absolutely nothing. Those were the times I was going to miss the most when he left. Liam walked through the door of our flat and I jumped off the counter before he could roll his eyes at my “barbaric” ways. He was clearly upset, and Niall went to go sit beside him. This was about to be some serious bro time and I felt like I should’ve left the room. From what I could hear, he and Danielle hit a rough spot in their relationship and he was thinking of calling it quits before he left on tour. I could tell Niall didn’t know what to say because our relationship seemed almost text book. However, Niall seemed to have said the right thing as Liam hugged him and left the room saying “Niall you’ve got yourself a keeper here!” I smiled and looked at Niall puzzled. He smiled at me and said his famous catch line “Yeah Buddy!” and walked back to the bedroom. Everything about him was perfect.

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