A New Beginning

A young girl and her mother move away from their Canadian home to live with their new family. With a new step dad came new step siblings, but what Lauren didn't know was that her new step brother was Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. With this new discovery came new adventures with her, the boys and her best friend Clara. Read and find out what happens in the life of this small town Canadian girl making her new beginning in London, England.


11. Back To My Roots

     Jessie showed up last night and I filled both her and Clara in on my plan to surprise Niall during breakfast. They both thought it was a fantastic idea and stood behind me 100% although I knew they would. Clara reassured me that her and Jessie would be fine in London with Lydia and that I had no need to worry. With that cleared up I got up from the table and made my way back to my flat to pack. I called my mom and told her my plan and she sound overjoyed that I was going to be going back to Canada for a visit. She gave me the numbers of all the family I could call to pick me up at the airport and I thanked her a million times. We exchanged a quick I love you and I hung up the phone. My next few phone calls were to family members asking if one of them could pick me up when I landed in Toronto. The last phone call was to Zayn the person who I was going to have on the inside to help me out.

"Zayn I need your help! I'm about to hop on the next flight out of London to surprise Niall and Louis at your Toronto show in three days!" it took him a few seconds to respond but before I knew it he was on board with the whole plan. He told when sound check was and when the concert was going to start. There was nothing that could wipe the smile off of my face when I hung up the phone with Zayn. This was going to be an absolutely perfect trip and I could not wait to finally be with Niall again. I picked up my suitcase and locked the flat and decided I'd leave the key with Clara. I stood in the doorway of her flat and she hugged me as did Jessie. I kissed Lydia's forehead and assured the three girls that I'd be home with the boys. After the good bye's were said I made my way to a cab that was waiting for me.


     The trip home was never ending and it seemed as if I was travelling for weeks. When I finally landed at the Pearson Int'l I was ecstatic. My home, my country, it had been almost a year since I had walked on Canadian soil. I called Zayn and told him I landed and they said that they were on their way to E-talk to do another interview. I knew exactly where that was and figured I'd make my way over there to surprise Niall right away. Zayn made sure that someone was at the airport to pick me up and I was on my way to E-talk. Once I was at E-talk the driver told me that he would have my luggage delivered to Mr. Horan's room at the hotel, I thanked him and closed the car door behind me. I fixed my black leggings and knit brown sweater that hung off my shoulder and fixed my loose pony tail. I stepped foot inside the building and headed to a desk where a woman sat. "Hi I'm here for the One Direction interview, Zayn Malik said that he arranged for me to be accompanied to the rest of the boys." I said shyly. She smiled and looked me up and down. "You must be Niall's girlfriend!" I nodded and smiled at her reaching out my hand, "My name's Lauren" I said and she shook my hand. She guided me to an elevator and before I knew it we were on the third floor. "Right down this hall way and your first door on your left, they've already started the interview so you'll have to wait until commercial!" the kind receptionist said and she disappeared back down in the elevator. Well here goes nothing.


   Once I opened the door she told me to I saw the boys sitting each in their own chairs and I saw Tanya Kim sitting across from them. I was greeted by the other staff with kind smiles and quiet hello's. I guess they knew who I was and Zayn had passed the word along. Tanya stopped mid sentence and looked the prompter and her face had a confused look. "Well it appears we have a surprise for you boys today!" she said with excitement. They boys all looked around laughing, unaware that I was the surprise. Zayn jumped off the couch and said "I already know what it is so I'll go get it!" he ran towards me and out of the way of the cameras. He hugged me close and I almost cried hugging him so I couldn't imagine what I'd be like when I could hug Niall. He grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the bright lights and cameras where Tanya looked at me with a huge smile. "And who might this be?" she asked taking my hand in hers. I looked over to the coach and flashed a smile towards Niall and realized his eyes were filled with tears and his face was red. Tanya looked back at me with a concerned look and the boys just giggled as Niall lost all composure. Niall stood up and hugged me tightly, almost taking the breath away from me as he held me close. His hands running all over my back as if he was trying to make sure I was actually there. Everyone in the studio was clapping and the boys all had huge smiles on their faces. My tears hit Niall's neck and he pulled away from me to wipe my cheeks with his thumbs. "My girlfriend" he said looking at Tanya and she smiled "Well we're going to take a little commercial break but we'll be right back!" and the camera's were off.


"What are you doing here babe! How did-" I cut him off by placing a passionate kiss that took not only his breath away but left everyone else unsure of how to react. "I love you so much!" I whispered into his ear as he pulled me closer. "I wanted to surprise you, I didn't want to wait at home for you. This is your busy life but I want to be part of it." I said to him. He looked at me and laughed "You are my busy life babe, you're the reason I cry, the reason I smile. You keep me guessing every day. I never know if you're happy, sad, scared, angry, our relationship is a never ending cycle of busyness. I love you and thank you for doing this." Niall replied in his thick Irish accent. For the rest of the interview I sat next to Niall his hand intertwined with mine. We were now a completely public couple and we were bombarded with questions but it didn't bother me and Niall seemed to be unaffected by it as well.

     The interview finally ended and we all piled into a car that was taking us back to the hotel where the boys could rest. Their show was tomorrow and they needed to sleep and I could honestly use a good rest as well. Niall didn't let go of me since I got to him and it made me feel like everything was finally back to normal. The guys all asked questions about Lydia and Clara and Louis was beaming with pride when they commented on how beautiful Lydia was. When we reached the hotel Liam made sure that everyone made it back to their rooms because he knew they wouldn't listen unless he followed them. Niall and I reached our hotel room and I had never wanted him as badly as I did at that moment.

    My luggage sat in front of the huge bed that was placed in the centre of the wall. A television was mounted across from the bed and a full sized couch and kitchen was on the other side of the room. Niall pulled me into another loving embrace and kissed the top of my head. "I'm so happy you came Lauren." his words were quiet but full of truth. Once again my blue eyes met his and his lips crashed into mine, his tongue begging for entrance. I was left breathless by the kiss and I felt his hands slowly move down my back and land on my backside. His fingers were playing at the bottom of my shirt slowly moving it upwards exposing my skin to his warm touch. Finally he slipped my shirt over my head and leaned my backwards onto the bed never once parting his lips from mine. He quickly took of his shirt exposing his pale but toned body that was soon pressed against mine. His hands fumbled around the hooks for my bra as his kiss moved from my lips down to my neck. I arched my back giving him more room to unhook my bra. Soon my breasts were exposed and I could feel his excitement against my thigh as he leaned over me. I undid his belt while his kisses left small marks across my collarbone and down my neck. Being with Niall had never felt so good.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

      Of course, our heated kisses and passion was interrupted by three knocks on the door. Niall pulled up his boxers and his pants trying to mask the excitement that I had just caused. I grabbed the blankets and pulled them up to cover my exposed body. "Hey buddy do you - uh never mind it looks like you're a bit busy" I heard Harry's familiar voice say. Suddenly three other voices erupted and plowed their way into the room. My clothes including my bra and underwear scattered across the room, condoms placed on the bed side table and the smell of sweat and my perfume filled the room. Liam, Louis and Zayn's eyes widened when they looked at the bed and saw my covered body laying in the bed and they knew exactly what they had interrupted. "Go away!" I yelled trying to make it sound as joking as possible however I was a bit upset that they had barged in like that. One at a time they left the room apologizing to me as Niall closed the door. "Maybe we should wait till we're home and we can be completely alone in our own bed." I suggested. Niall nodded showing that he agreed with what I had said. He kissed my lips again and threw me one of his baggy t-shirts that I could put on to sleep in. Niall curled up in bed next to me and placed his arm across my stomach. I intertwined my fingers with his and lifted his arm up to place a kiss upon it. His chest as against my back and I could feel his heart beat as we lay there, his warm touch keeping me safe from anything the world would throw at us. I had never felt that comfort before until I laid next to Niall for the first time in months.


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