A New Beginning

A young girl and her mother move away from their Canadian home to live with their new family. With a new step dad came new step siblings, but what Lauren didn't know was that her new step brother was Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. With this new discovery came new adventures with her, the boys and her best friend Clara. Read and find out what happens in the life of this small town Canadian girl making her new beginning in London, England.


10. A Mother's Love

     It's been 2 months since the boys have left and it's been two weeks since my beautiful God Daughter Lydia-Marie Tomlinson entered the world. She was born on April 29th and weighed seven pounds eight ounces. She was absolute perfection and brought so much happiness into such a sad time. She's a spitting image of Louis, her small nose and almond shaped eyes, her lips small but beautiful. Every day she surprises us a little bit more with how much personality she already has. Clara has never looked happier as she sits in the rocking chair holding Lydia close to her body. She hums softly and occasionally plants gentle kisses on Lydia's small hands. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the love that a mother has for her child. I decided to take a photo of the moment happening in front of me and sent it to Louis, Jessie and Niall. They all quickly responded, each bringing a smile to my life.

Text from Louis:

I need to get home soon, they are both so incredibly beautiful! My two girls, take care of them Lauren! I'm counting on you! We'll see you all in a few more weeks. Much love xx.


Text from Jessie:

I'm just boarding the plane now! Should be there tonight! Can't wait to see you, Clara and hold baby Lydia! Love all my girls xx.


Text from Niall:

Such a wonderful picture of Clara and Lydia babe! Miss you so much it's crazy, few more weeks and I'll be home. I love you so much xxxxx. tmd.


Niall always put "tmd" at the end of our text messages ever since I told her that "Truly Madly Deeply" was my all time favorite song that he sang to me. A few more weeks, I kept telling myself that, just a few more. Clara had moved chairs and was now laying on the couch asleep with Lydia in her rocker right next to her. I wrote Clara a note telling her that I had gone back to my flat and that I left the key for Jessie in the mail box and she would be arriving later tonight.


     When I get back to my flat I turned on the television and planted myself on the couch with a bag of crisps. It was one of those entertainment news shows on so I figured I'd watch it. A woman's voice came on and said "We sat down with One Direction in our studio today and got up close and personal! Keep watching to find out what shocked all of us!" My heart was racing, so much has happened in the past few months I could only imagine what sort of stories they had for the news. The One Direction segment came on and I watched as my boyfriend and my brother as well as the other three boys who became family sat on a couch across from a stunning interviewer.

"Alright boys, first things first, the number one question that every one is just dying to know is who's single and who's off the market?" she said excitedly.

"I'm taken" Liam started, "As am I" Zayn said next, and it was just left to Louis and Niall because Harry laughed and shook his head saying that he was still looking for that special girl. "I'm in a pretty serious relationship" Louis said with a smile on his face. The interviewer looked intrigued and asked "How serious?" He looked down at his shoes wondering whether he should come clean with the news about Lydia and Clara who were waiting for him back at home. The interviewer came on again and "Find out after the commercial break just how serious Louis is with his mystery girl." I texted him and told him that he had better at least mention Clara, not necessarily Lydia if he didn't want to but Clara deserved to be seen as your girlfriend. He responded quickly agreeing with me and then the show was back on.  

"Well I have a girl I met back at one of our Ireland shows and we've been together for nearly a year. She's a great girl and I couldn't be any happier." Louis said proudly to the interviewer. She smiled at him and then directed her stare to Niall, "Now you Mr. Horan, what about your love life? Is there that special someone?" she said sternly. The boys all laughed and started playfully hitting Niall and his face went a new shade of red. "Yeah there is, her name's Lauren. She's Canadian and Louis' step sister, it'll be a year in two weeks that we've been together. She's a fantastic girlfriend and doesn't mind my busy lifestyle." The boys all coo'ed and awe'd as Niall went on and on about me. I couldn't help but smile and it made me want to be there so badly. I mean there was nothing stopping me from jumping on the next plane out of London and surprising him at this next show in Toronto but all I needed to do was figure out how to get to him.



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