His London Eye (Niall Fan Fic)

She was having the time of her life on a class trip to London, when suddenly she's mistaken for a British Superstar, and her life changes forever.

Will Niall ever realize that the love of his life, is only playing the part?

Is she his London Eye,or his London Lie?


4. Who Am I?


Niall Horan has my phone number! Niall Horan knows I exist. Too bad he thinks I am someone else!


“Snap out of it!” Mel yelled at me. I had been pacing our hotel room since we had arrived an hour ago.


“I can’t help it. He touched my phone Mel! He touched it!” I squealed and she rolled her eyes at me.


“You have his phone number, just call him if you want to” She giggled as she threw her pillow at me.


“I can’t do that! Are you insane?” I jumped onto her bed and buried my head in her sheets.


“Give me your phone then” She demanded and I sat up shaking my head.


“Are you insane?” I asked her. There was no way she was going to call him, no way in hell. She would say something crazy and I would have to try and fix it. It’s not like every day a celebrity gives you his phone number, but its not everyday when he mistakes you for someone else.


“Hand it over” She grabbed it herself, ignoring my protests. This was it, the end of my life. Niall was going to hate me, before he even knew me.


She made a big deal out of pressing the call button and I hid under the blankets, waiting for the end of my life to happen.


“Hello is this Niall?” I heard her say into the phone. She must have pressed speaker phone because I heard his response. It was noisy, he must have been at rehearsals or something.


“Yeah, who is this?” He asked. Oh great, he forgot about me already!


“Oh shoot, it’s Mel, Juliet’s wing girl, you saw us at the airport just now silly” I heard him laugh.


“Oh I remember, where’s Jules though?” He asked about me! Holy hell he asked about me!!


“She is right here, doing her hair though. Say hi” She pulled the blankets off my head and pointed to the phone. I mouthed ‘no!’ but she just shoved it near my head. I was glad there was no video call on, or else he would have seen out silent argument.


“Hello?” I asked with my best English accent.


“Hows your hair stylin?” He asked with a chuckle.


“Oh it’s great!” I acted enthusiastic.


“I’m just chillin with the boys, crazy sh*t ay” His voice sounded incredible, I could just imagine him sitting there shirtless talking to me on the phone. I quickly snapped out of my day dream.


“Oh- errr…did you want me to phone back later?” I asked him and Mel was pretending to kiss him in the air, just to annoy me. Sometimes I hated her.


“How about we meet up for a drink later?” he suggested instead. A drink? I’m not even legal! Wait how old was Juliet?


“Jules?” He asked and I realised I had drifted off in my thoughts again.


“Erm, I would love to. Just send me the details..I must run now” I lied.


“Great. Bye” He ended the call and I fell back into the pillows. “I hate you” I told Mel who was now giggling hysterically.


“You love me though” She insisted.


“No, now we have to spend our first day in London, googling my look alike!” I groaned as I reached for my laptop.


“Oh come on, he will probably be lost in your beauty and forget anything he ever knew about her!”


“Oh shut up and help me research!”

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