His London Eye (Niall Fan Fic)

She was having the time of her life on a class trip to London, when suddenly she's mistaken for a British Superstar, and her life changes forever.

Will Niall ever realize that the love of his life, is only playing the part?

Is she his London Eye,or his London Lie?


3. There He Was


London, that’s where we were I still couldn’t believe we were actually there I mean seriously I’d been waiting years to get the chance to travel to a place such as this and it was finally coming true.


After we boarded the next plane, the one from Beijing to London my excitement completely over took my entire body. Mel couldn’t sit still either, every few minutes she’d excitedly tell me to look at something outside her window which was usually just a bunch of clouds, or something crazy like that. I knew she was excited but really it seemed just so crazy to me. I didn’t want to look at clouds I only wanted to focus on the destination that we were headed toward. London was my dream town, it had everything I was interested to, from the old churches to the language they invented there. It was just incredible to me.


Once we’d landed and collected out luggage all I wanted to do was venture this amazing city, to see what all the fuss was about but of course this was a school trip, not a free for all tourist vacation.


“Girl’s this way!” Our teacher scoffed, and we all followed her straight into the hire bus that was waiting outside for us.


“Miss! I need to go to the bathroom!” Mel whined, because we had a buddy system I was forced to go to the lavatory with her even though I had no interest in doing anything but driving off into the city, even if it was on a bus filled with people from my school.


“Hurry girls!” We were instructed and Mel started running. I tried my hardest to catch up to her, and I’d never known of someone to need to go to the bathroom that badly in an airport before.


“Mel wait up for me!” I called to her as I followed closely behind her.


She stopped suddenly right in front of a whole heap of other people, I stopped to follow her gaze, she was staring at this boy, he had messy blonde hair and was wearing a grey coloured t-shirt, a purple snapback and the coolest shoes I’d ever seen.


“Mel I thought you needed to go to the bathroom?” I asked her, but she ignored me.


“Mel?” I repeated her name stupidly. This time she actually told me to shut up, I didn’t get what the big deal about this boy was, he was just a British boy after all, she’d be able to find plenty of others on this trip anyway so what was so important about this one?


“Kate do you know who that is?” she asked me, and I leaned over to get a closer look, I supposed he did look rather similar but yet that was only from the back view of him. He had two really big guys carrying his luggage I assumed he must be pretty rich seeing as how we never had anyone carrying our things!


“Kate?” my friend repeated my name just as that boy turned to face us.


“Oh my gosh, it’s Niall Horan.” I gasped and he started walking over to me.


“He’s coming over” Mel started to freak out.


“Juliet?” he called out to me, I looked at Mel with confusion. Who’s Juliet and why was he calling me that? I quickly glanced over my shoulder to see if he was talking to someone behind me, but there was nobody there.


“Hi, I’m Niall you probably don’t remember me but we were chatting at Harry’s birthday last month and I didn’t get a chance to take your number.” He gave me one of his adoring smiles. For a second I felt stuck like I had no idea what to do but Mel was onto it, she without thinking recited my number off her heart while I stupidly gazed into his gorgeous eyes.


“Give us your phone and I’ll punch my digits in.” he said to me and I quickly located my phone from out of my pocket.


“Thanks babe.” He winked once he’d returned my phone to me. I smiled greatly at him just before he leaned over to give me a giant bear hug, I couldn’t help but melt into him, I mean he gives the best hugs I’d ever had! Wouldn’t you do the same?


“I have to go now.” I told him and he let me go gently.


“Just give us a call later” he told me and I nodded, it was all I could do.


“Oh and Jules, I like what you’ve done to your hair.” He winked and ran back to his security guys.


“Mel what the hell just happened?” I asked my best friend and all we could do was giggle uncontrollably. 

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