His London Eye (Niall Fan Fic)

She was having the time of her life on a class trip to London, when suddenly she's mistaken for a British Superstar, and her life changes forever.

Will Niall ever realize that the love of his life, is only playing the part?

Is she his London Eye,or his London Lie?


2. Half Way There


“Wake up!” Melissa whined, and I sat up completely startled. I had fallen asleep not long after we’d taken off into the air. I wasn’t a fan of the whole flying over the sea thing so sleeping seemed like the ultimate distraction.


“I’m awake.” I murmured angrily turning to face her. She was wide awake –most probably hyped up on coffee, she always scared me when she had caffeine especially in confined spaces such as an aeroplane!


“Good, can you believe it? We’re half way there!” she near but shouted those passengers around us grumbled in annoyance before turning back over to sleep once more.


“Girls, others are trying to sleep please respect that!” Our teacher whispered, her sleeping mask rested upon her head in a mess with her bed hair. I had to stop myself from giggling the sight was just unbearably funny,


“Sorry.” We both whispered back to her. It was an unbreakable habit one where the two of us said the same thing at the same time, I don’t even know how we did it but it seemed to have been happening a hell of a lot lately.


“Hey Kate are you going on the writing tour?” James, who was sitting across the aisle from me, whispered when our teacher turned back to her slumber.


“Yeah, are you?” I asked with a smile. I always had a feeling James liked me, or as they say in the UK he fancied me. Somehow I’d never seen him in that way, I mean he’s really hot and all but we were just mates.


“Course” He smiled once again, my cheeks started to heat up this trip was going to be awfully interesting with him like this.


“Awesome.” Was all I said before putting my headphones back in as a distraction.






We landed in the Beijing airport for our stop over, we were all aching and tired and grumpy. I really needed to stretch my legs, I’d been sitting down for hours and walking was the best feeling ever.


“One more stop till LONDON!” Mel exclaimed right in my ear.


“Bring on the British boys” I cheekily nudged her, and we both started to giggle, ignoring our teacher’s glared.


“Everyone stay together, if you are to go off please tell me where you are going and who you are with. If you get lost remember you have my number, you know what that’s for” I loved our teacher I really did but all this pressure and responsibility had really changed her and it was only the first day!


She ushered us all down to a waiting area, where we all dropped our carry-on bags, and waited for our next flight, I could smell the coffee brewing and the subway sandwich meats from where I sat. Everyone in our class was either yawning or high off the caffeine in their systems. All I wanted was to get to London and sleep in our hotel!


“So James huh, do you think he’s gonna finally ask you out?” Mel nudged me and quietly whispered. He was over the other side of the group of chairs laughing and mucking about with Cameron, he looked absolutely gorgeous in his grey beanie as his chestnut coloured shagging hair hung out from the bottom, his black hoodie wasn’t zipped up completely and he’d rolled up his sleeves to reveal his muscular arms. Why oh why did I not like him like that? He seemed like the perfect guy yet somehow I wasn’t attracted to him. It just didn’t make any sense!


“I don’t know, but I hope not.” I admitted and she rolled her eyes at me.


“He’s so hot.” She groaned, holding her heart to add effect.


“Trust me. I know that.” I informed her sighing as I plopped myself down on a vacant chair.


“Then I don’t see the problem.” Neither did I.

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