What will happen when the world famous 'Justin Bieber' falls for a normal girl, When she wants nothing to do nothing with him?


21. Wanting to die

I woke up, tangled in the sheets with Justin. I was actually getting used to this. I actually loved the feelilng. Waking up with the person you love the most, cuddled together.

I pressed my lips to his cheek as I sat up.

Justin: I don't want you to moveeee.

He whined and pulled me back down with him.

His eyes slowly opened as I stared at him. I brushed his hair from his face as he opened his eyes slowly.

Justin: That's the face I love to wake up to.

He smiled at me with his beautiful teeth. I smiled back.

Justin: To think,this all started because I was supposed to show up at some shitty night club on my night off.Then, I found my princess, even though I acted like an ass when we first met..

I smiled at him and curled closer to him.

Becca: I hated you then.

Justin: What?

Becca: The only thing I ever heard about you was that you were making so much money, and you were out buying eveything expensive, becoming depressed over your ex.

Justin: I was depressed, but that doesn't mean I was stuck up.

Becca: I thought you should've just gotten over her.

Justin: So, what you're saying is that if we broke up, you'd want me to just get over you?

Becca: No-

Justin: So I was stuck up because I was in love?

Becca: I didn-

Justin: It's not my fault that your family left you, that you had no love.

I looked up at him and you could immediately tell he just realized what he had just said. My eyes started to tear up.

Justin: Reb-

Becca: No-

I flew out of the bed, grabbed a shirt and pants and quickly got dressed.

Justin hopped out of the bed following me. MY tears fell to floor fast now.


I was now running down the hallway of his hotel. He was still only in his boxers.

I ran outside and into the snow.My tears started getting colder and colder. I looked back and Justin was running after me, in ONLY his boxers, no shoes or anything, as it was snowing.

Justin: BECCA!

I wiped the tears from my face and stopped a taxi. As I gave the man directions to the airport, Justin started hitting the door.

Taxi Man: SHould I just go?

Becca: Yes..

I let a tear  slip from my eye and the man started driving.


We drove away. As I looked back I heard a teensage girl scream 'Justin Bieber'. I looked back and Justin was still dumbfound and staring at the taxi,driving away.


As I arrived at the airport, I searched the signs for a plane back to Pittsburgh.

I was satisfied as I found one that was leaving in an hour. As I paid for my ticket I looked up at the lady.

Becca: Excuse me?

Desk Lady: Yes? Can I help you?

Becca: Do you know Justin Bieber?

Desk Lady: Yes?

Becca: Well, he's probably gonna come here panicked, asking for me, can you give him this for me, and tell him that nothing's changed; that I couldn't be loved before, and apparently I can't be now.

Desk Lady: Um, yes of coarse...

I put the ring on the counter in front of me and walked away.


By Midnight I was finally back in my old bed. The one where I spent my whole summer curled up with Justin. I checked my phone and I had many text messages from him. All asking where I was.

I logged onto twitter and Justin had tweeted a bunch.

@justinbieber : I'm sorry.

@justinbieber : I love you Rebecca.

@justinbieber : She left me, and now I have nothing.

@justinbieber : I didn't mean it, please come back baby.

@justinbieber : Went to the airport, im broken

That one had a picture of the ring he had given me. It was sitting in his hand, and tears were all over his hand.

I cried into my pillow, heartbroken.

The beliebers were tweeting me. Almost all of them were begging me to get back with Justin because apparently now he wasn't moving. He wouldn't eat. And he wouldn't tell any of them what happened.

Then I read one.

@JustinsRebeccaPlz: @RebeccaElizabe7 @justinbieber is DMing me, he really needs you right now, he is heartbroken.

So I tweeted back.

@RebeccaElizabe7 : @JustinsRebeccaPlz  i'm sorry.

Then I got a new tweet.

@justinbieber : @JustinsRebeccaPlz @RebeccaElizabe7 I'm an ass, I need you right now though.

I just shook my head and closed my eyes as tears fell from my eyes. I fell asleep that night.




and wanting to die.














*AN Short, i'm sorry, i'll probably update again tonight :) ONLY IF I GET TWO COMMENTS. What do you think about all of this? :(*

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