What will happen when the world famous 'Justin Bieber' falls for a normal girl, When she wants nothing to do nothing with him?


3. Texting&Calls *VERYSHORT*

Justin: Come on!

Rebecca: No! You're crazy.

Justin: Come on, why not?

Rebecca: Because I dont want to hang out with you!

Justin: Come on! you know you love me.

Rebecca: Wrong, i am not your girlfriend.

Justin: Well, if you would hang out with me, we could maybe change that...

I just laughed.

Justin: Come on! Just meet me at the ice skating rink.

Rebecca: If I go will you leave me alone?

Justin: YES!

Rebecca: Fine, i'll go. I'll call you when I'm leaving.

Justin: WAIT WAIT. Let Me pick you up!

Rebecca: Fine, but let me remind you this is NOT a date.

Justin: Fine, i'll be at your house in a hour.

Rebecca: Bye Bieber.

I hung up the phone and walked into the shower. When I finished my shower I went and picked out some Jeans and a sweater. It was going to be cold, i mean its November so..

*New Text From Justin*

From Justin:


 Im coming SOON be ready!

~New Message~

From: Me

To: Justin

Okay, I'll be out soon.

 I got dressed and fixed me hair. I heard a beep from outside and I looked out my window.



I ran down stairs and grabbed my wallet. When I got outside Justin was waiting for me.

Justin: Hi Rebecca.

Rebecca: Hi Justin.

Justin: LEGGO Girl.

Rebecca: You're so weird.

Justin: Yea, I know, you're going to have to deal with it.






*AN OKAY I  KNOW THAT WAS A HORRIBLE CHAPTER, its all I have time for though cause my other story needs updated or I'll get killed by me readers.. THANKS FOR THE SUPPOST LOVE YALL<3*

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