What will happen when the world famous 'Justin Bieber' falls for a normal girl, When she wants nothing to do nothing with him?


26. Promise

Andrew: Hey beautiful, I hope i didn't leave you too lonely.

Rebecca: Andrew, about that-

I heard a female voice in the background.

Rebecca: Who the hell is with you?

Andrew: What do you mean? Nobody's with me.

Rebecca: Yes, there is I heard a female voice.

Justin pulled my body closer into his lap. He knew how this was going to end.

Andrew: baby, it's just a friend.

Rebecca: I thought you went down there to see your mom?

Andrew: Yea well....

Rebecca: You slept with her, didn't you...?

Andrew: Baby, it didn't mean anything, you've never let me love you like that, I just needed to love somebody in that way... I still love you.

Rebecca: No- that's a bunch of bull.

Andrew: No I- I love you.

Justin took the phone from my hand and put it up to his ear.

Justin: She doesn't want to deal with your bull shit, stop making excuses, she's done with you.

He clicked the hang up button and set my phone down. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer.

Justin: You're not even crying, baby.

Rebecca: I don't miss him.

I woke up from my nap, in Justin's arms. I looked at his sleeping face and smiled. I ran my finger across his lips and smiled.

Justin: What're you doing baby.

Rebecca: Nothing.

I smiled and kissed his cheek.

Rebecca: Justin?

Justin: Mhmm?

Rebecca: I did cry when I lost you, I cried every night. I'm realizing that, the only reason I started dating Andrew is because I thought he would fill your space, but he never did, I mean he was sweet, but he wasn't my Justin.. He didn't hold mem like you did, he didn't kiss me like you did.

Justin opened his eyes and looked at me.

Justin: I know this is your way of saying you missed me, I missed you, too.

I pressed my lips against him and he grabbed my hand.

Justin: You're mine, forever. I promise you i'm not gonna screw up this time.

Rebecca: I never said I was giving you another chance.

Justin: Well, now you are because you're in my arms and you're mine.

I smiled again and pressed my lips to him.

Rebecca: You couldn't get rid of me, even if you tried.

Justin: Good cause i'm not trying.

He growled at me and bit my neck. I started laughing as he rolled over on top of me.

Rebecca: You still have Jen.

Justin: No, I don't.

Rebecca: Huh?

Justin: Before I even came over here yesterday I told her I still loved you, that I was in love with you. I broke up with her before you even took me back.

I looked up into his eyes and smiled. I grabbed his face and pulled it to mine.

Justin: Baby?

Rebecca: Huh?

Justin: You have nothing to eat here, i'm going to the grocery store and getting you some good food.

I stopped smiling. I had lied to Justin before, I had stopped eating, and I had been cutting in the past month.

Rebecca: Uhm.

Justin: What's wrong?

He was still hovering over me.

Rebecca: I lied to you.

Justin: What about?

Rebecca: You can't yell at me, or be mad at me... promise?

Justin: I promise, I wouldn't do anything like that to you.

Rebecca: I haven't been eating that  much, and I um.

I lifted my arm to where he could see it. He didn't seem suprised. He took my wrist and kissed it. Then he moved down and kissed my stomach.

Justin: You, are gorgeous you need to eat baby, I need you to do that, for me. Okay?

I nodded and looked back up into his eyes.

Justin: And as far as that

He pointed to my wrist.

Justin: I flushed your blades last night. You're my fighter and you're gonna stay strong for me, no matter what happens, because I don't know what i'd do if I lost you.

Rebecca: You flushed them?

Justin: Yes. You can be mad at me for as long as you want, but I did it for you. But i'm still making you come get food with me, and tonight you are eating a bag of chips with me, I don't care what you say. We can be fatties together.

I smiled up at him and pulled his lips to mine.

Justin: I just want you to love me again, like before, unconditionally, not caring what people thought of you. I just want our love to be the same.

Rebecca: No, now it's just stronger.

I smiled and kissed him once more.


Justin wasn't lying, he made me get up and go to the store with him. The paparazzi was all over us. Asking us if we were now dating. I held onto Justin's arm and hid my face in his shirt when I could. At one point one grabbed my arm and Justin just about flipped.

As we got home, I turned on the tv. The only thing on was news about Justin and I.

Rebecca: We're on tv Justin.

Justin: Go figure.

He smiled over at me as we put all the food away.

Justin: Will you just cuddle with me today?

I smiled and walked over to him. I pressed my lips to his as I snaked my arms around his neck.

Justin: i'm taking that as a yes...

I smiled at him and turned around to walk to the bed. He lifted me off the ground and ran me over to the bed. He laid me down and kissed my cheek.

Justin: I've gotta go to my car to get you something, i'll be right back, promise.

I smiled and pecked his lips before he left and closed the door behind him. I sat up on the edge of our bed, facing the window. I heard the door open.

Rebecca: That was fast, baby.

Andrew: What the  hell? You think you can just dump me over the phone and hook up with another guy?

I looked back at him and rolled my eyes. He came closer and grabbed my arm.

Andrew: And I know you had sex with him, and I don't think that's fair, after eveything i've done for you... so now it's my turn.

Rebecca: No, let go of me.

I started trying to get loose from his grip, but he just forced me to lay on the bed. I started screaming and crying, but he held my mouth shut as he started taking off my shirt. His hand slipped from my mouth for a second and I screamed "Justin" as loud as I could.

I heard footsteps approaching us as Andrew unbuckled my pants.

Justin: baby? What's wrong?

He walked into the bedroom and saw me as tears poured down my face. His eyes got dark and he ripped Andrew off of me without any trouble. Andrew swung a punch at Justin, he hit Justin in the eyes, but he didn't look hurt. He literally got Andrew and picked him up and threw him out of the apartment, after ripping the key out of his hand.

He literally ran back over to me, taking me in my arms and rubbing my back.

Justin: It's okay, I've got you.

I started crying harder, relieved. He kissed my head and held my head in the crook of his neck.

Rebecca: You didn't even fight him...

Justin: I wasn't going to waste my time fighting him when you needed me...

I looked him in the eyes and pressed my lips to his.

Justin: I love you, and fighting him wouldn't prove that.

Rebecca: you don't need to prove anything to me.

I hugged him even tighter and held on to him.

Rebecca: I love you, so much.

Justin: I love you, too. I'm sorry I left you and you had to go through that..

Rebecca: You didn't know it was going to happen,and  I don't want you feeling guilty at all. Promise?

Justin: Babe-

Rebecca: Justin! Promise me!

Justin: Okay, I promise.

He broke down and gave me a kiss. I smiled and squeezed my arms around his neck.

















*AN I know it's not the best, BUT I HAD TO WRITE SOMETHING FOR YOU.


Stay Beautiful Xx*

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